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'Carcassonne' Expansion Mega-Pack Guide

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'Carcassonne' Expansion Mega-Pack Guide 'Carcassonne' Expansion Mega-Pack Guide

'Carcassonne' Expansion Mega-Pack Guide

We announced early last week that Carcassonne [$9.99] has released a mega pack of it's expansions on the cheap. After playing around with the various new rules, it's safe to say that your gameplay experience can vary pretty wildly depending on which expansion you use. If you are an avid board gamer, you know that there are certain games you just cannot play with someone who takes an attack personally. If Carcassonne was not one of these games for you before, it probably is now. Some of these sets of rules are potent enough to end friendships and cause permanent rifts between spouses and significant others. So with that in mind I want to dive into each of the new rulesets to help you separate out the benign from the potentially malignant (but still fun with the right people).
I picked up this super expansion pack combo when it went on sale and have played a number of games including a crazy "anything goes" mish mash of every expansion. If you are looking for a complete flurry of randomness, tossing all the expansions together isn't that bad of an idea. I, however, much prefer utilizing one or two expansions at a time to keep some semblance of strategy intact. So lets get into the sets and what each one offers.


Inns and Cathedrals

What it is:

This is the all or nothing version of Carcassonne. Any city with a Catheral tile in it is worth 50% more than usual, but it isn't worth anything if you cannot complete it. A road with an Inn on it's tile works similarly except the roads count for double points if completed and 0 if unfinished. This pack encourages blocking people aggressively and large scoring spikes which intensifies the random nature of the game. One way it reigns in the RNG is the 'Double Follower' game piece. This piece counts as two pieces when figuring out ownership during scoring. More control in your hand and less in the deck is always a bonus for me.
When to play it:

When you know everyone playing to going to be aggressive anyway, or if you want to give people more reason to be aggressive. Outside of the Double Follower there isn't much strategy, just randomly stronger versions of cards that already exist.

The River

What it is:

The river introduces... a river... to the board. This is basically a road that cannot be scored or played upon. With several new tiles, this thing functions as a field breaker primarily so farming may not be as profitable. The River also combines with the expansion 'Traders and Builders' to create more effects seen in that expansion, but they do nothing otherwise so I will cover that later.

When to play it:

Pretty much whenever unless you are playing with a friend who specifically loves fighting over a single huge farm area. This one is very safe and you won't end up ripping people's hair out more than normal with this expansion. The most impact this one has is that farmers will generally be worth a little less.


Traders and Builders

What it is:

This exp...


Source of news: Touch Arcade
Source of publication: 29-04-2015 16:05
visto: 3

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