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'Escape From the Pyramid' Review - Run Anubis, Run

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'Escape From the Pyramid' Review - Run Anubis, Run 'Escape From the Pyramid' Review - Run Anubis, Run

'Escape From the Pyramid' Review - Run Anubis, Run

Not all runners are created equal. Some are endless, others are finite, but for the most part, we can agree that they fit the mobile platform due to their simplistic controls. Escape from the Pyramid [$1.99] is another game that both benefits and suffers from its simplicity.
One of the coolest aspects about Escape from the Pyramid is that it actually isn't an endless runner, and is more akin to a platformer that just happens to have auto-running. Levels are structured with a beginning and an end, and often times you'll be tasked with locating said destination on your own, free from giant arrows and for the most part, help. Spikes, traps, and pitfalls block your path, often countered by deliberate taps to avoid both ground and ceiling-based quagmires.

Escape is content to teach you pretty much everything in the form of a scrolling tutorial screen, and it's actually one of my favorite things about the game. Most core concepts can be gleaned by a quick glance at the instructions, like wall-jumping and quick-turning, and you're left to figure them all out on your own as the game drops you into the fray.
You don't need to learn much on paper either, as the bulk of the game is controlled by a left screen sprint and a right screen jump (with an automatic brisk jog, naturally), hosting a few extra abilities like turning plastered on the screen. While I appreciate the challenge, the scheme is a bit cumbersome, especially when you're trying to rapidly run, jump, and turn on a dime. I end up constantly pressing the turn button instead of leaping, while often spells my doom. Sprinting and jump also feels off sometimes due to the screen ratio.
Unfortunately, glitches marred my experience. On one of the first levels and some subsequent challenges, I glitched through walls and missed crucial paths that were needed to obtain some objectives, forcing me to repeat them until the glitch didn't occur. I also encountered some crashing on an iPhone 6. The good news is that there are are 45 stages and most of them didn't feature bugs -- or pushy IAP of any kind.
While some may point out that it's similar to the PC and PS4 hosted Apotheon, it actually looks a tad different due to the fact that it centers on an Egyptian aesthetic.  Escape forges its own identity, most notably with the power-ups that are scattered about each level and the character models themselves.
Escape From the Pyramid will scratch your itch if you're looking for another challenging runner that actually has an end. It could use a few tweaks control-wise and maybe a bit more content down the line, but for now it's a great way to unwind and watch all of the IAP-heavy runners pass you by.

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'Escape From the Pyramid' Review - Run Anubis, Run 'Escape From the Pyramid' Review - Run Anubis, Run


Source of news: Touch Arcade
Source of publication: 31-03-2015 16:01
visto: 2

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