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Quick Impressions Of Kairosoft's Latest Releases, 'Pocket City Railway' And 'Game Center Club'

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Quick Impressions Of Kairosoft's Latest Releases, 'Pocket City Railway' And 'Game Center Club' Quick Impressions Of Kairosoft's Latest Releases, 'Pocket City Railway' And 'Game Center Club'

Quick Impressions Of Kairosoft's Latest Releases, 'Pocket City Railway' And 'Game Center Club'

Prolific simulation developer Kairosoft, of Game Dev Story [$4.99] fame, has been releasing the Japanese versions of their latest iOS games in App Stores worldwide recently. The English versions of the games typically follow anywhere from two weeks to a few months later, but always as separate apps from the Japanese versions. Thus, it doesn't make a lot of sense for English gamers to jump the gun and pick up the Japanese releases, even if they do look pretty interesting. Worry not, friends! TouchArcade is willing to jump in on such occasions and let you know whether or not you should keep your eye out for the English release. Today, we're looking at two Kairosoft releases that hit the App Store on the same day. As the games don't have English titles yet, I'm just taking a stab at their possible translations, so don't be surprised if these titles end up being called something else.

First up is Pocket City Railway [$6.99] (Hakoniwa City Tetsudou), a railway company simulator. You're in charge of the types of trains that run and the layouts of the stations, as well as advertising and other such business aspects. The game starts with a very small platform in a little countryside station. You can decorate it with benches, schedule boards, payphones, and so on. When customers use these facilities, you'll earn some money and research points that can be rolled into opening up new customers and items. You're soon able to lengthen the platform and add cars to your trains, with different car types that appeal to different passengers. After a while, you'll be able to open up more stations in other towns, making this fairly similar to other larger scale Kairosoft sims like Biz Builder Delux [$4.99]. It's a fun enough sim if a little bit familiar, but what really makes it interesting for me is the presentation. Pocket City Railway is using the same old Kairosoft art style, but the engine feels like it's been upgraded. It doesn't feel like a game built for mouse controls on PC squashed into touch controls. The UI is clearly designed for smartphones, and it's a lot easier to use as a result. You won't need to do nearly as much sub-menu diving here, either. As for the graphics, though the characters are familiar, the attention to detail on the unique objects made for this game is wonderful. They've done a great job of capturing the look and feel of Japanese train stations and trains. The music is also quite nice, eschewing the typical house sound of Kairosoft's other fare. If you're interested at all in the concept, I'd recommend keeping watching out for Pocket City Railway's English release.

The other release has a theme that is likely more immediately enticing to anyone reading this site. Game Center Club [$5.99] (Game Center Kurabu) allows you to run your own arcade, but you're also developing the players themselves so that they can join in tournaments and take home prizes. The trick here is to balance the economic needs of your business with trying to j...

Source of news: Touch Arcade
Source of publication: 31-03-2016 03:28
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