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arcade - Videogames

arcade - Videogames

'Catan Universe' Coming November 15th With Various Add-Ons I

Catan Universe is a new digital version of the extremely popular board game, and it\'s about to make its way onto mobile devices November 15th. Catan ...
21-10-2017 16:02

Thanks to Our Sponsors for Supporting TouchArcade: EscPodGam

While we\'re primarily supported by a mixture of Patreon, Twitch subscriptions and Amazon referrals these days, site sponsors go a long way in making ...
21-10-2017 16:02

'Crash of Cars' Spooky Halloween Update Adds a New Map, Car

If the App Store was any indicator, I\'d assume that Halloween is a pretty big deal. However, here in the UK, its very name is laced with contempt, an ...
21-10-2017 16:02

Watch 'Arena of Valor' at TwitchCon This Weekend

The huge MOBA Arena of Valor, aka Honor of Kings in Asia, is picking up steam as it gets ready to release in NA next month, and if you want to see it ...
21-10-2017 16:02

A Mobile Port of Stylish Side-Scrolling Action Game 'ICEY' H

Released on Steam in November of last year and PlayStation 4 this past August, ICEY [$5.99] in that combat is fast and heavily focused on cool combos ...
21-10-2017 16:02

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'Time Recoil'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth gi ...
21-10-2017 16:02

'Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times' Review: Outstanding Follo

What are the best tactical role-playing games for mobile devices" I see that question a lot and, inevitably, somebody mentions Warhammer Quest [$4.99] ...
21-10-2017 16:02

Story-Based Card Game 'Brave Hand' Is In Android Public Beta

The developer behind Hero Generations is working on a single-player card game called Brave Hand, and starting today you can check it out for yourself ...
21-10-2017 16:02

Epic Action-Platformer 'Cally's Caves 4' Release Date Announ

Since I\'ve officially become an adult (at least in the eyes of the state, maybe less so in reality), I like to feel my wiser, calmer and immensely mo ...
21-10-2017 16:02

Conan O'Brien Joins 'Lineage 2: Revolution' Today at TwitchC

If you watch Conan O\'Brien\'s show, you probably know his whole "Clueless Gamer" thing where he plays games he\'s really bad at (or acts as if he is) ...
21-10-2017 16:02

Sauce Drama - The TouchArcade Show #327

We kick off this week\'s show with a rant about Apple, then switch gears into talking about where we\'ve been the last couple weeks between EVE Vegas ...
21-10-2017 16:02

'Pokemon GO' Halloween Event Adds Third-Gen Pokemon Starting

Well, this really isn\'t a Halloween surprise because we already knew that Pokemon GO [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel If you go in y ...
20-10-2017 16:02

This is The Best 'Hearthstone' Video

If you\'re not playing Hearthstone [ If you don\'t play a lot of Hearthstone or don\'t follow the current meta, here\'s what\'s happening: He\'s playi ...
20-10-2017 16:02

50 'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Characters Coming to 'Pocket Mo

Rick and Morty is a huge cultural phenomenon, especially recently with all the talk of the Szechuan sauce "incidents," but it\'s also the source of th ...
20-10-2017 16:02

Will Arnett Will Host 'Minecraft' 'Minecon Earth' on Nov. 18

We\'ve been keeping a close eye on Minecraft\'s [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel MineCon Earth, in case you\'ve missed our earlier st ...
20-10-2017 16:02

'Kick Ass Commandos' Review- A Gloriously Gory Homage to Arc

The late 80\'s and early 90\'s were times when the more gore and shock-value video games had, the better. One of my favorite games of this time was T ...
20-10-2017 16:02

Space Strategy RPG 'Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander' Hits the

While I think everyone was expecting the new Warhammer Quest game to be the one we were all waiting to appear last night, it\'d seem Halcyon 6: Starba ...
20-10-2017 16:02

Megazords Have Formed in 'Power Rangers: Legacy Wars'

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel You can, of course, customize your Megazord using 12 Mega Abilities, incl ...
20-10-2017 16:02

Italian Road Trip Game 'Wheels of Aurelia' Out Now

If you\'re in the mood for a drive down the Italian coast of the 1970s, you should check out the just-released Wheels of Aurelia [Subscribe to the Tou ...
20-10-2017 16:02

Perchang Submitted an Update to Fix for 'Warhammer Quest 2'

Warhammer Quest 2 [our community immediately jumped on the game. The original was fantastic, and aside from some quibbles surrounding the UI of the se ...
20-10-2017 16:02

Brilliant Space Shooter 'Starborn Anarkist' Updated with 64-

It\'s always a happy day when one of my favorite older games gets a 64-bit update and is saved from the doom of the Appocalypse. Today\'s example of t ...
20-10-2017 16:02

The Best Action RPGs for iPhone and iPad - An RPG Reload Ran

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the regular feature where our battles to the death sometimes involve QTEs. In each of these colu ...
20-10-2017 16:02

'Game of War'-Like 'Game of Thrones: Conquest' Launches Worl

Back in August we posted about pre-registrations going live for Game of Thrones: Conquest [brief first impressions of the soft launch. Well, it turns ...
20-10-2017 16:02

'Afghanistan '11', from 'Vietnam '65' Dev, Coming to iOS Oct

If you\'ve been craving a good strategy game for your iOS device, I have some very good news for you today. Afghanistan \'11, from the developer behin ...
20-10-2017 16:02

Mobile 'PUBG' 'Guns Royale' Has Launched

Guns Royale [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Guns Royale is launching with 3 maps, plenty of weapons and items to choose from (while ...
20-10-2017 16:02

'Warhammer' 'World of Tanks' Crossover Is Live

World of Tanks Blitz [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel The Vindicator is a heavy tank with a huge gun and a dozer blade in the front t ...
19-10-2017 16:02

Out Now: 'Warhammer Quest 2', 'Time Recoil', 'Game of Throne

It\'s once again that time of week where we round up all the new iOS game releases of the past 7 days, and what a week we\'ve got folks. The long awai ...
19-10-2017 16:02

'Time Recoil', the Latest Slow Motion Shooter From 10tons, I

Wednesday is easily one of the best days of the week, and not simply because it follows the dreary, soul-destroying humdrum that Monday and Tuesday in ...
19-10-2017 16:02

Developer Spotlight: Layton Hawkes and 'Campfire Cooking'

It feels like we\'ve been following the development of Campfire Cooking [quite a splash on our forums. We sat down with the game\'s developer, Layton ...
19-10-2017 16:02

'Monument Valley 2' Coming to Android November 6th

The Monument Valley games have managed to break out of the gaming world and into mainstream conversations, partly because of Monument Valley\'s appear ...
19-10-2017 16:02

'Magic: The Gathering Arena' Trump Stream Shows a Promising

Magic: the Gathering Arena is still a ways off, with the PC beta starting next month and a release date not for some time. So, I appreciate any opport ...
19-10-2017 16:02

'Campfire Cooking', a Captivating Culinary Puzzle Game From

The app description for Campfire Cooking [$0.99] was, it\'s no exaggeration to say that Campfire Cooking has been in the very upper echelons of my mos ...
19-10-2017 16:02

Tank MOBA 'Panzer League' Launching Next Year

Mobile MOBAs are definitely in right now, and while everyone is waiting for Tencent\'s Arena of Valor to hit next month, there\'s another interesting ...
19-10-2017 16:02

'Street Fighter IV Champion Edition' Gets 3 New Characters,

When Capcom launched Street Fighter IV Champion Edition [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Street Fighter IV CE is a bit of an odd duck ...
19-10-2017 16:02

'Minecraft' 1.2.3 Update Fixes Render Distance Bug for Some,

Many Minecraft [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel In more cheery news, the Minecraft Marketplace has received more content. There\'s th ...
19-10-2017 16:02

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