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arcade - Videogames

arcade - Videogames

'Burly Men at Sea' Will Now Look Even Burlier on Your Apple

The lovely, minimalist folktale adventure Burly Men at Sea [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel This is definitely the kind of game that ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Missile Cards' is Like a Solitaire Card Game Take on 'Missi

Recently, Nathan Meunier released Missile Cards on PC. This game is a combination of a singleplayer solitaire card game with Missile Command, essentia ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Robot Unicorn Attack 3' Triumphantly Strides onto the App S

Folks in the forums (and front page comments) have been endlessly asking where the heck the new Robot Unicorn Attack 3 [Subscribe to the TouchArcade Y ...
28-04-2017 16:01

Fantastic Arena Platformer 'Penarium' Arrives on Mobile

Team17 is on a roll with bringing their desktop and console published titles over to mobile, with Mouldy Toof\'s The Escapists [$1.99] surprise launch ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Duelyst' Adds New Temporary Mode on First Anniversary, iOS

Duelyst is continuing its slow march to mobile asthe PC version of the game continues to get new features. The game is celebrating its first anniversa ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Vainglory' Gets a New Hero and Double Glory Weekends With 2

Another Vainglory [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Accompanying the Version 2.4 update are a bevy of new skins for existing character ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Hoggy 2' Out Now on Mac and Windows, Mobile Versions Still

It feels like it\'s been ages since we\'ve seen a new release from Raptisoft, and that\'s because it has been ages! Back in January of last year, Rapt ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Final Fantasy 6' On Sale for its Lowest Price Ever to Celeb

Were you aware that there\'s currnently a Final Fantasy VI [Free], Square Enix\'s popular social RPG" Well, even if you don\'t play that game and are ...
28-04-2017 16:01

Pre-Register for 'Injustice 2' and Get Catwoman as an Exclus

Injustice 2\'s launch is getting closer (no date yet), and if you\'re one of the many who want to get in on the action once the game releases, you sho ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Sandbox Evolution' Is Adding Some Crazy Vehicles in its Nex

Sandbox Evolution [our forum thread for more on the vehicles. ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Phoenix II' 2.3 Update Adds Revives and New Mission Content

We first reviewed Phoenix II [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Phoenix II has had a ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Lowlander II: Lowerlander' Promises More 'Ultima II' RPG Ho

There are two great sequel naming conventions. There\'s the 2 Fast 2 Furious sequel naming convention that I love and desire that more developers use ...
28-04-2017 16:01

You Can Apply to Test Wadjet Eye Games' 'Technobabylon' on i

Wadjet Eye Games continues to make great adventure games, and now that Shardlight has released on iOS, the developer is moving to bring Technobabylon ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Star Cat Adventure' Review - Galactic Psychedelic Kitten

Sometimes it\'s nice to just relax and play a game with a weird creature at the helm. Maybe Bubsy isn\'t the best example, but cats are relaxing and s ...
28-04-2017 16:01

Classic 'Osmos' Looking for Beta Testers for 32-bit Appocaly

While mobile ports of hit PC and console games are pretty common nowadays, back in 2010 it was a pretty big deal that Hemisphere Games\' critically ac ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Fire Emblem Heroes' Out-Earns 'Super Mario Run'; Freemium U

Freemium unlocks are dead. Dead dead dead. Nintendo just proved why they do not work, in one stunning example. The Wall Street Journal\'s Takashi Moch ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'Miles and Kilo', the 'Kid Tripp' Sequel, Releases on May 11

Mike Burns, the developer of Kid Tripp [$2.99]. ...
28-04-2017 16:01

RPG Reload File 102 - 'Dragon Quest 3'

Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the regular feature where it was Earth all along. In each file, we take a look at an RPG from th ...
28-04-2017 16:01

'No-Stick Shooter' Is Inspired by 'Geometry Wars' and 'Super

If you had to guess what No-Stick Shooter is all about, I\'m pretty sure most of you would guess that it\'s a shooter that throws away the twin-stick ...
28-04-2017 16:01

Endless Whipper 'Jack B. Nimble' Gets Massive Update

Sean Noonan\'s Jack B. Nimble [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Now, you may be confused as to what\'s going on, as this is kind of be ...
27-04-2017 16:00

Adorable Arcade Roller 'DROP NOT!' Receiving New Theme, Leve

It was always a matter of when, and not if, the first update for Oddrok\'s latest release DROP NOT! [$3.99] coupled with early indications of addition ...
27-04-2017 16:00

Foursaken Media's 'Noblemen: 1896' to Open Beta Sign Ups Soo

Foursaken Media is famous for mixing up genres in all kinds of entertaining ways, and the upcoming Noblemen 1896 seems to be another good example of t ...
27-04-2017 16:00

'Fast and Furious' Coming to 'Anki Overdrive' in September

Anki makes toy car kits where you can build a course and race your cars with your smartphone. It\'s real cool stuff. But is it family" Soon it will be ...
27-04-2017 16:00

'Modern Combat Versus' Soft Launch Is Getting Some Balance T

Excitement surrounding Gameloft\'s upcoming Overwatch-like, Modern Combat Versus is pretty high in our community. We\'ve got a pretty vibrant forum th ...
27-04-2017 16:00

Making the Visuals of 'Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf'

If you\'re a Warhammer 40,000 fan, this story is definitely for you. Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Th ...
27-04-2017 16:00

Out Now: 'Super Senso', 'Die With Glory', 'Match Land', 'Nin

Hello and welcome to the most exciting time of the week, the time when new iOS games flood the App Store! Unless of course you have a huge backlog lik ...
27-04-2017 16:00

New Games on Our Forums: 'NASCAR Heat Mobile', 'Suck It Up',

GooooOoOoOoOod morning everyone, or afternoon, or evening, I guess, depending on what time zone you\'re in. Today is World Intellectual Property Day, ...
27-04-2017 16:00

Mobile Gaming to Represent More than Half of Total Game Reve

The constant growth of mobile gaming isn\'t really news to most people, but it\'s always interesting to put numbers to impressions, and the latest Glo ...
27-04-2017 16:00

The Minimalist 'Dropper' Will Have You Dropping Through Doze

Sometimes a game is all about a simple idea executed well, and the upcoming Dropper is trying to use that exact formula. As the name of the game very ...
27-04-2017 16:00

This Week's 'Hearthstone' Tavern Brawl Makes You a Servant o

If you don\'t like Yogg-Saron\'s spell shenanigans, you might want to keep away from Hearthstone\'s [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel ...
27-04-2017 16:00

'Elder Scrolls: Legends' Reveals Chaurus Breeding Pit Card,

If you manage to reach Rank 9 in the Elder Scrolls: Legends [ ...
27-04-2017 16:00

PikPok's 'Dungeon, Inc.' Soft Launches in New Zealand, Austr

I\'m really digging the way clickers and similar idle games are evolving on the App Store lately. They started off as simple games, where all you real ...
27-04-2017 16:00

'Toppulva' Promises Impressive Skiing Controls, and Needs Be

Developer PapaQuark has claimed that they\'ve spent three years working on finding the perfect algorithm for ski turning on mobile. Based on the devel ...
27-04-2017 16:00

The Awesome RPGs 'Siralim' and 'Siralim 2' are Getting their

Regular readers know that I have been doing a weekly column on Mondays for the last few years collecting the best game updates I can find from that we ...
26-04-2017 16:00

'Super Crossbar Challenge' Is Out on the App Store, Go Kick

If you\'ve missed playing a bit of soccer on your mobile device (the options are quite limited), Super Crossbar Challenge [Subscribe to the TouchArcad ...
26-04-2017 16:00

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PSA World Tour Squash 2015 is Coming to the W...

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oCd Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 ...

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LEGO Worlds Trophy List Unveiled, DLC Release Date Announced

LEGO Worlds Trophy List Unveiled, DLC Release...

LEGO Worlds, the latest LEGO game from developer Traveller?s Tales and publisher WB Games, comes out today and the game?s complete trophy list has been published on Exophase and the release date for the title?s first PlayStation 4 exclusive DLC,... -

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