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arcade - Videogames

arcade - Videogames

EightyEight Games Reveals Trailer for 'Photographs', Coming

We\'ve blasted through dungeons in 10000000 [$2.99], and taunted other players in Smarter Than You [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel W ...
15-12-2017 16:01

I Can't Believe I'm About to Say This: 'Dead 2048' Is a Clev

Threes! [Free] and the rest is history. 2048 massively surged in popularity because it was way easier than Threes! and, well, it was free. The unbelie ...
15-12-2017 16:01

'WWE Mayhem' is Like the 'Marvel Contest of Champions' of Wr

The WWE has been raking it in on the App Store with their stable of casual, free to play games aimed at wrestling fans. Games like WWE Champions [Free ...
15-12-2017 16:01

'Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis' Review - Square Enix

When Life is Strange [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Outside of the small visual issues, the iOS port has a few problems. For one, ...
15-12-2017 16:01

It's Time to Glove Up as Arcade Boxing Game 'Prizefighters'

As promised yesterday, Koality Games has released their new arcade boxing game Prizefighters [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel As I\'v ...
15-12-2017 16:01

'Hidden Folks' Just Released on Android and the Big Content

Hidden Folks [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Adriaan de Jongh announced an Android release and a big update to the iOS version with ...
15-12-2017 16:01

'Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!' Review - You Are What They Eat

Now this is how you do a remake. Oddworld: New \'n\' Tasty! [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Chanting can also be used to possess cer ...
15-12-2017 16:01

Simogo's Entire Mobile Library Now Supports the iPhone X Scr

This has been a somewhat harrowing saga as we\'ve followed along with Simogo as they\'ve updated their entire mobile games library not once but TWICE ...
15-12-2017 16:01

'Hearthstone' Winter Veil Celebration Begins Dec. 17th

Winter is coming to Hearthstone [ ...
15-12-2017 16:01

'Fez - Pocket Edition' Review - A Great Game, and an Even Be

Originally launched back in April of 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade, Fez is a 2D platformer with puzzle elements that hinge around being able to rotate the ...
14-12-2017 16:01

Out Now: 'Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty', 'Life is Strange', 'FEZ

Welcome to another one of our roundups of all the new games of the past week, and what a strange week it\'s been. Apple introduced the ability to pre- ...
14-12-2017 16:01

Playdead's 'INSIDE' Has Released on the App Store Early and

Playdead?s INSIDE [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel INSIDE is up on the App Store to check out right now. You can download it for fre ...
14-12-2017 16:01

Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: 'Fez', 'Like a Boss', '

Well this is one heck of a weird week, we\'ve already seen a bunch of great games pop up (Fez!!!), but the recent addition of pre-orders to the App St ...
14-12-2017 16:01

Arcade Boxing Game 'Prizefighters' is Launching Tomorrow, Of

Just about a month ago, developer Koality Games revealed their upcoming boxing game Prizefighters, which looked to take the simple and arcadey mechani ...
14-12-2017 16:01

The Fantastic Visual Novel 'Steins;Gate' Is Discounted to $1

While originally released in Japan only on the Xbox 360, Steins;Gate [$11.99 (HD)] was ported to almost everything soon after. English speaking fans ...
14-12-2017 16:01

The Great 'Drag'n'Boom' Just Got More Dragons and a New Mode

Ankama\'s Drag\'n\'Boom [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel The update has also added iPhone X compatibility and improved the controls t ...
14-12-2017 16:01

'Gorogoa' Review - Picture Perfect

Puzzle games are a dime a dozen on the App Store and most offer only slightly different iterations of the same ideas. Once in a while, though, you get ...
14-12-2017 16:01

Promising Team-Based Shooter 'Hero Hunters' Coming in 2018

Shooters on mobile can be hit or miss sometimes given the platform\'s limitations, especially when developers decide to go with first-person. Hero Hun ...
14-12-2017 16:01

'Lineage 2: Revolution' Gets Fortress Siege and Open Siege P

Lineage 2: Revolution [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel The second addition in this update is the Open Siege, held every Tuesday, Thur ...
14-12-2017 16:01

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Opens this Week and 'Star Wars: K

There\'s nothing better than getting into the spirit of the season, and by season of course I\'m talking about new Star Wars movie season. Star Wars: ...
14-12-2017 16:01

'Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth' Review - Out

Being a series that has traded as much on story and dialogue as anything else, Ace Attorney has been able to get impressive mileage out of using the s ...
14-12-2017 16:01

Tin Man Games Announces 'Fighting Fantasy Classics', Due in

For many years, you could set your watch to the output of Tin Man Games on the App Store. Their mission was to deliver gamebooks in the classic style, ...
14-12-2017 16:01

Play Russian Roulette With Friends for Money in 'Blind Luck'

Sometimes silly ideas can make for fun games if you add some kind of competitive element into the mix, and Blind Luck, Subscribe to the TouchArcade Yo ...
14-12-2017 16:01

'Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty' First Impressions - Charge up Your

Along with tonight\'s absolute onslaught of new iOS game releases was a pleasant surprise: An iOS port of Oddworld: New \'n\' Tasty [in our forums, my ...
14-12-2017 16:01

'Inside' Review - Try, Die, and Try Again

For whatever reason, it seems like the fourth quarter of 2017 has been an absolute golden age of ports hitting the App Store. Playdead\'s Inside [$3.9 ...
14-12-2017 16:01

Electro Valley, Hunter, and Zappies Added to 'Clash Royale'

Prepare to get electrified as Supercell\'s Clash Royale [ ...
13-12-2017 16:02

'Layton's Mystery Journey' Is Discounted for the First Time,

Layton\'s Mystery Journey [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Layton?s Mystery Journey is available at a discount right now at $7.99. T ...
13-12-2017 16:02

Holiday Gift Guide: Zippo Traditional and Electronic USB Rec

I grew up in the Chicago area, and our weather can be notoriously extreme. We get some ridiculously hot and humid summers, then winters which are so o ...
13-12-2017 16:02

Ethereum-based Blockchain Game 'CryptoKitties' is Coming to

If you\'ve been even remotely exposed to financial news in the last couple months, you\'ve no doubt heard about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the bigge ...
13-12-2017 16:02
13-12-2017 16:02

Polytron Just Released 'FEZ Pocket Edition' on the App Store

We?ve been teased with FEZ for iOS beginning in 2012 when it was announced that 2013 would see Polytron?s FEZ hit more platforms. After that things w ...
13-12-2017 16:02

'DomiNations' Gets Frosty With the New Cold War Update

Anyone who has been paying attention the last few years will be more than aware of just how jam packed the App Store is with free to play games that h ...
13-12-2017 16:02

Blizzard Announces Big Changes for the 2018 'Hearthstone' Es

Depending on which areas of the Hearthstone-niverse you find yourself wandering in, chances are you\'ve seen some pretty harsh criticisms of the way B ...
13-12-2017 16:02

Both 'Demon's Rise' Games Updated for iPhone X, New Content

Good news, fans of the turn-based strategy RPGs Demon\'s Rise [$7.99]. Both games have been updated for the iPhone X and the infamous notch, so if you ...
13-12-2017 16:02

Best iPhone Game Updates: 'Pokemon Go', 'Hearthstone', 'Demo

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It\'s time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. As we march ever cl ...
12-12-2017 16:03


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Ignore Your Family, The NBA 2K18 Double Rep Weekend is Happening Now

Ignore Your Family, The NBA 2K18 Double Rep W...

NBA 2K18 has begun a weekend promotion, despite it not actually being the weekend yet. Players that play the basketball title’s Road to 99 mode will earn double progression from now until November 26 at 11:59pm (no time zone was given, so I’m... -
Penny Wilson Joins Hootsuite as Chief Marketing Officer

Penny Wilson Joins Hootsuite as Chief Marketi...

Former Juniper Networks chief marketing officer Penny Wilson has stepped into the same role at social media management platform Hootsuite. Hootsuite said in a release announcing her hire that Wilson will lead the company?s global marketing... -
'GRID Autosport' Review - The Best Racing Game on Mobile by a Mile

'GRID Autosport' Review - The Best Racing Gam...

My review of Codemasters and Feral Interactive\'s GRID Autosport [ -
Cyber Optics Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.4

Cyber Optics Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.4

Cyber Optics Texture Pack brings a very sleek and well make gathering of new ideas to the game.  This looks a lot like some recent science fiction movies that have that similar look of planet earth but with colors and artwork that seems like it... -
A browser game of two engines: Happy Fishing (Vandash)

A browser game of two engines: Happy Fishing ...

Happy Fishing is one of the many freeware Ludum Dare 29 games and, to be perfectly frank, it is not a masterpiece. Not on the surface at least, as it essentially is a decently fun offering with a nice theme, interesting visuals and simple gameplay.... -
EA’s E3 2014 Plans Include Unveiling “At Least Six New Projects”

EA’s E3 2014 Plans Include Unveiling &#...

As part of a very busy day yesterday, EA confirmed that their E3 2014 Press Conference will take place on Monday, June 9th from 12:00PM PT to 1:00PM PT. Hosted by CEO Andrew Wilson, EA says “the live event will feature never-before-seen... -
Gameloft Reveals 'Modern Combat 5' in New E3 Trailer

Gameloft Reveals 'Modern Combat 5' in New E3 ...

Hold on a second. I left my notes by the coffee maker. OK, got them. So, Modern Combat 5 is a video game. It features the following: explosions, a red bicycle, explosions, guns, explosions, busted up statues, crows, and standard first-person action.... -
Soartex Invictus Resource Pack 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10

Soartex Invictus Resource Pack 1.9.4, 1.8.9 a...

Soartex Invictus is a HD replacement pack for the standard pack with 64x textures! This pack has an emphasis on clean HD textures with minimum detail to keep everything looking sharp and nice. You might notice that some of the more HD packs tend to... -
Users Report PSN Down Across All Platforms

Users Report PSN Down Across All Platforms

As of 6:00pm ET, many users are going to social media to report that the PlayStation Network service on every platform is currently down and experiencing issues. Reports have come down across Europe that PSN is down, although the Sony site... -

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