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Cost of For Honor’s New Emotes Has Upset Some Players

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Cost of For Honor’s New Emotes Has Upset Some Players Cost of For Honor’s New Emotes Has Upset Some Players

Cost of For Honor’s New Emotes Has Upset Some Players

Ubisoft has released new emotes for its hack and slash title, For Honor, the cost of which has made some fans really, really unhappy. As Eurogamer first noted, the emotes cost 7,000 Steel each and those who’ve been playing the game know that earning that amount is one hell of a grind. Unlocking aesthetics for just one hero can easily take over a month but if you simply want the emote, that’ll be around 400-500 matches.
So what if people want to pay for them" That’s another story. 5,000 Steel is $4.99. Since the emotes are 7,000 each, you’ll need to buy a pack of 11,000 Steel (you apparently can’t buy exact 7,000). Kotaku went a step further to compare For Honor‘s emote prices with that of Destiny‘s (which came under fire for the same reason) and has found that Ubisoft has topped Bungie’s prices. You can buy two rare Destiny emotes for $9.99 whereas you can only buy one For Honor emote for the same amount (with some Steel left over).
Understandably, players are unhappy. Reddit is inundated with complaints from players who’ve actually worked out how much it ends up costing to unlock heroes and their aesthetics, and let’s just say, either you pay a ton or you’ll be grinding for years on end. “It doesn’t help that they are making the whole steel income system rely on these ‘daily contracts’ which are unbearable to do and most of them have special requirements and winning conditions on specific classes you don’t even play,” wrote Jindouz. “Exorbitant prices are a fucking slap in my face,” added VforVitor. “We need Steel to level up gear, leveling other characters against high-geared opponents is a pain in the ass alone, and then we have to invest about 10k Steel to get around 90ish gear level.”
What do our readers think of this" We’d be particularly interested in hearing from those who have played or are currently playing For Honor.
[Source: Reddit(1)(2) via Eurogamer, Kotaku]
The post Cost of For Honor’s New Emotes Has Upset Some Players appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.


Source of news: PlayStation LifeStyle
Source of publication: 20-03-2017 16:00
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