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Soap Dodgem: Bubble Puzzle

Slide the soap squad and clear your enemies through the mazes of a bathroom!Soap Dodgem: Bubble Puzzle l Version: 0.1.1 | Size: 70.6MB Dev...
15-02-2018 16:02


Gather Heroes from around the world! Legends like Theseus, Cleopatra, and Robin Hood fight alongside Aladdin, Hercules, Mozart, and more!Returners l V...
15-02-2018 16:02

Warbands: Bushido - Tactical Miniatures Board Game

Warbands:Bushido is a miniatures board game arena with cards, miniatures, dice (i.e. dice random involved) and beautiful terrains to fight on, with bo...
15-02-2018 16:02

Farabel (Unreleased)

Farabel is a turn-based strategy game where you start at the end of the story; but that?s not all. In Farabel, the whole gaming experience is turned u...
15-02-2018 16:02

Doom of Aliens (Unreleased)

Falls on lv438 Planet?Breed?We need to breed?Queen Code: REPRODUCTION...Doom of Aliens (Unreleased) l Version: 1.2.04 | Size: 72.3MB Developer...
15-02-2018 16:02

Arcade Mayhem Juanito

Arcade Mayhem Juanito is a new arcade adventure full of fun and crazy challenges, frenzy action and retro love.Arcade Mayhem Juanito l Version: 2....
15-02-2018 16:02

Car Mechanic Simulator 18

Find classic cars inside old barns.Car Mechanic Simulator 18 l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 31.27MB Developers: PlayWay SA | Language: Engli...
15-02-2018 16:02

Star Wars?: Rise to Power - Closed Pre-Alpha (Unreleased)

Star Wars?: Rise to Power is early in development and is not representative of the final game. Star Wars?: Rise to Power - Closed Pre-Alpha (Unrel...
15-02-2018 16:02

Nostradamus - The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

Michel de Nostradamus, Europe\'s most famous prophet, receives a strange letter wrapped in mystery from his old friend, Gregory. The latter begs him t...
15-02-2018 16:02

Simon's Cat Dash

Simon?s Cat is dreaming of a date with his love interest Chloe, but he needs butterflies to impress her. Set out on an adventure & explore this endles...
15-02-2018 16:02

Zombie Dead Set

Compete with the players from all over the world within this Zombie shooting game!Zombie Dead Set l Version: 6.1 | Size: 74.02MB Developers...
14-02-2018 16:02

Swarm Simulator (Unreleased)

Swarm Simulator brings the strategic incremental idle clicker gameplay of the wildly successful desktop game to mobile.Swarm Simulator (Unreleased) l ...
14-02-2018 16:02

SPACE - Create your own universe

Build asteroids, nebula, comets, planets, moons, stars, pulsars and even blackholes at your fingertips. Experiment with gravity, supernova, planetary ...
14-02-2018 16:02 (Unreleased)

Hop and stomp! is an addictive real-time multiplayer online game with AR Party mode. In the game, you can jump to crush enemies, conquer t...
14-02-2018 16:02

Interstellar Brawl - Human fight Zerg

Games to Star Fighting as the background, the first pile soldiers combat mode, so the game is full of fun and challenges.Interstellar Brawl - Human fi...
14-02-2018 16:02

Dream Walker (Unreleased)

Dream Walker is a surreal, slow paced puzzle runner game where you explore a fantastic world of subconscious dreams and nightmares full of unbelievabl...
14-02-2018 16:02

Super Crossbar Challenge (Unreleased)

Super Crossbar Challenge is the best new arcade sports game that is originated from the popular challenge among footballers and fans alike. The idea i...
13-02-2018 16:01

Levity (Unreleased)

Levity is a beautiful, minimalist game with mindfulness at its core. With simple gameplay, compelling visual puzzles and a relaxing ambient soundtrack...
13-02-2018 16:01

Royal Cats

Manage to get the King\'s dinner jumping with three cats avoiding all kind of obstacles.Royal Cats l Version: 1.0 | Size: 32.25MB Developers&#...
13-02-2018 16:01

Drag Sim 2018

Drag Sim 2018 is the latest race simulator that will immerse you in the drag racing world!Drag Sim 2018 l Version: 1.0.6 | Size: 30.05MB Devel...
13-02-2018 16:01

Fifth Dimension "Destiny" (Unreleased)

Kyle is worried about his wife, Anna, who is pregnant and showing signs of stillbirth. One day, a mysterious portal opens and forcefully teleports him...
13-02-2018 16:01

Birdy McFly : Run And Fly Over It!

Challenge yourself in a randomly generated world full of obstacles.Birdy McFly : Run And Fly Over It! l Version: 1.03 | Size: 23.96MB Deve...
13-02-2018 16:01

Crime Revolt - 3D Online Shooter

Do you like to participate in the epic battle with brave teammates, fight with opponents and make cool new friends all around the world" Download...
13-02-2018 16:01


In "Snowblind", you play as a young boy losing his way in a cold, snow-filled forest, while running after his girlfriend.Snowblind l Version...
12-02-2018 16:03

Just Slide

You can\'t run, can\'t flip, can\'t even jump, all you can do is Just Slide!Just Slide l Version: 2.8 | Size: 27.56MB Developers: FunnySto...
12-02-2018 16:03

Color Defense - Tower Defense TD (Unreleased)

"Color Defense" has been optimized for all Android devices, supports the latest operating system as different screen solutions and HD graphi...
12-02-2018 16:03

Professor Madhouse

Professor Madhouse is an adventurous game of logic for young children. By controlling a small elf, the player explores various rooms of a nutty profes...
12-02-2018 16:03

Dere .exe - Please Do Not Play This Game

Full version available now! Please don\'t download this game. This game is nothing. This app is nothing. Just a blank screen. Just a normal lost phone...
12-02-2018 16:03

Light a Way

Darkness has enveloped the sun and from within it, emerge the dark beings with a sole purpose to consume all beings of Light. It is now up to you, the...
11-02-2018 16:02

125 Balls

"125 Balls" is a 3D arcade and puzzle game.125 Balls l Version: 1.0 | Size: 31.27MB Developers: YINJIAN LI | Language: Engli...
11-02-2018 16:02

SuperStar BTS

Worldwide SuperStar BTS Rhythm Game \'SuperStar BTS\'SuperStar BTS l Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 47.06MB Developers: Dalcomsoft, Inc. | Languag...
11-02-2018 16:02

Climby Hammer

Craft, share, and compete in Climby Hammer! Design your own treacherous terrain, then compete online for the fastest times. Can you handle this mounta...
09-02-2018 16:02

Kingroute Origin

Unique mix of three genres - three in a row, clicker and time management! All your favorite games fit in one!Kingroute Origin l Version: 0.9522 | ...
09-02-2018 16:02

Bluebird of Happiness

Your brother finds a stuffed bluebird while the two of you visit a festival. Later that night you have a dream that takes place inside of a strange fo...
09-02-2018 16:02

Hello Hero: Epic Battle

From the makers of Hello Hero, a game that has topped the charts in 49 countries and is played by over 20 million people around the globe, comes its n...
09-02-2018 16:02


Explore the world of the fifteenth FINAL FANTASY in the palm of your hand.FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION l Version: | Size: 48.46MB...
09-02-2018 16:02


SPILLZ is a hilarious and outrageously fun puzzle game!SPILLZ l Version: 1.0.6 | Size: 59.51MB Developers: Kwalee Ltd | Language: Engl...
09-02-2018 16:02

Tales Of Neto

Help save Neto from corruption\'s iron grip through a fun-filled adventure packed with puzzles, quests in a world full of turning twists, and twisting...
08-02-2018 16:02

Nekra Psaria

Enter the unique world of Nekra Psaria. But be careful, this weird puzzler might make you go insane! Your generator is dead, so no electricity, so NO ...
08-02-2018 16:02

Flick Champions Winter Sports

Take to the slopes, ice-rinks, and snow in this winter sports-themed edition of Flick Champions. Choose a nation to represent in seven winter sports i...
08-02-2018 16:02

Bouncy Bob

Become a funny gnome named Bouncy Bob and defeat an army of the undead in single player mode.Bouncy Bob l Version: 1.42 | Size: 55.83MB Develo...
08-02-2018 16:02

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past

Go back to the 19th century and solve a series of murders in this captivating hidden object adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring ...
08-02-2018 16:02

Johnny Bonasera 2

This is the episode two of "The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera". Following the abduction of Johnny\'s mother by aliens, Johnny is questioned at ...
08-02-2018 16:02

Dungeon Survivor II (Unreleased)

Dungeon Survivor II ? Dark Tide is a simulation and dungeon adventure game.Dungeon Survivor II (Unreleased) l Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 78.06MB D...
07-02-2018 16:02

Tales of Gaia (Unreleased)

Long before Gaia was shattered by the invasion of darkness, its people were drawn into a fierce war along faction lines. As humans, elves, and dwarves...
07-02-2018 16:02

Escape Logan Estate

A visit to the Logan Estate leaves a family in pieces. Play as three different family members to explore and solve puzzles to reveal the mystery surro...
07-02-2018 16:02

Panda Power (Unreleased)

Panda Power is an innovative platform game that combines Story Mode with Edit Mode. Jump and run with Panda Man Four in the various mysterious lands t...
07-02-2018 16:02

PC Architect (PC building simulator)

PC Architect is not just a simple ?assemble your PC? simulator. This game is more in-depth than that.PC Architect (PC building simulator) l Version...
07-02-2018 16:02


An Alien invasion has been detected and the space station patrolling Earth has been attacked, all the astronauts have been dislodged into space. It is...
07-02-2018 16:02

The Last Green Piece (Beta)

TLGP is an online third person shooter game where you fight for the planets. Engage yourself into the online warfare that have a different perspective...
06-02-2018 16:02

The Fishercat

Become a cat and hunt down fish with harpoons.Play with various harpoons and items as you enjoy fishing.The Fishercat l Version: 1.0.6 | Size:...
06-02-2018 16:02

Reporter 2

The continuation of the popular action-horror game - "Reporter" from "AGaming +" studio, will shock you to the core! Turn off the ...
06-02-2018 16:02

SuperCar City

3...2...1...Go! Hold on tight to your cap as the SuperCar City World Tour is about to hit the road. This racing adventure will take you from the massi...
06-02-2018 16:02

Dots Sync - Symmetric brain game

Dots Sync is a modern transport-puzzle. Move a synchronized Dots sliding in various directions with a levels of progressive difficulty that will make ...
06-02-2018 16:02

Balls of the Dead

Tilt the device to roll the human balls to the exit while avoiding the zombie balls and traps in this free to play skill/puzzle game.Balls of the Dead...
06-02-2018 16:02

7 Legends (Unreleased)

Build a prospering town with your friends and play fun MMO mini-games in common town.7 Legends (Unreleased) l Version: 0.21.2 | Size: 28.95MB ...
06-02-2018 16:02

SWITCH or NOT" ? logic puzzles & logic problems

A game of logic with the most unusual & tricky questions that require creative approach.SWITCH or NOT" ? logic puzzles & logic problems l Ver...
06-02-2018 16:02

Lunch Knight - Knight's Love

"Lunch Knight - Knight\'s Love" is a RPG puzzle elimination games, "Knight\'s love" is the version of the piece of information, ma...
06-02-2018 16:02

Sonic CD Classic

Time travel to save the world in SEGA\'s highly acclaimed Sonic platformer that introduced Amy Rose and Metal Sonic!Sonic CD Classic l Version: 1....
05-02-2018 16:02

Match Dice

2018 Best New Original Puzzle!Match Dice l Version: 1.0 | Size: 29.61MB Developers: Xi You Di Wang ?| Language: English ...
05-02-2018 16:02

Egyptian Museum Adventure 3D

Classic 3D game "Escape Room: Egyptian Museum Adventure" is coming ...Egyptian Museum Adventure 3D l Version: 1.0 | Size: 24.31MB De...
05-02-2018 16:02

Tank Shock

Tanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon from a simple missile to an atomic bomb and shoot with the right angle to destroy your opponents. Tank Shock...
04-02-2018 16:02

Avicii Gravity HD

There?s a party in space - and you?re invited! In collaboration with award-winning Hello There Games, Avicii proudly presents hit music game AVICII GR...
04-02-2018 16:02


Become an awesome giant planet destroying Space Caterpillar by eating everything that crosses your path!Caterpillage l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: ...
04-02-2018 16:02

LOL Headshot Beta

All the features below combine a RAD game that gives you endless and random experience during each battle.LOL Headshot Beta l Version:
04-02-2018 16:02

BIGFISH KING (Unreleased)

Meet the best freshwater fishing game BIGFISH KING right now!BIGFISH KING (Unreleased) l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 83.16MB Developers: BlackC...
04-02-2018 16:02

Super Nano Jumpers (Unreleased)

Super Nano Jumpers is a retro hard as nails platformer with tight control mechanics, This semi autorunner\'s controls are simple enough - tap the left...
04-02-2018 16:02


World War II theme team wartime strategy game, real war, according to the war, to return to World War II when the war of flames ...DUTY OF HEROES:...
03-02-2018 16:02

Armored Warfare: Assault

Armored Warfare: Assault is a brand new tank shooter that brings relentless PvP-action to mobile! The mayhem never stops, respawn onto the modern batt...
03-02-2018 16:02


Legendary heroes and villains from across the FINAL FANTASY series come together in a compelling story of powerful deities and a world in peril. DISSI...
03-02-2018 16:02

Noir Chronicles: City of Crime

03-02-2018 16:02

Last Fire Survival: Battleground

Last Fire Survival: Battleground is a global online real-time showdown shooter made for mobile. The game simulates a real free-for-all battle environm...
03-02-2018 16:02

Perspective puzzle game (beta)

A level-based puzzle game, to identify objects and place them correctlyPerspective puzzle game (beta) l Version: 1.7 | Size: 38.22MB Developer...
03-02-2018 16:02

The Long Journey - Point & Click Adventure Games

Do you love Adventure Games" Do you love Escape Games & Intriguing Puzzles" Do you love solving Mystery Games" Play \'The Long Journey\...
03-02-2018 16:02


When your family is thrown into debtor?s prison on the infamously fatal asteroid mine known as HARD, you must set out to rescue them before the worst ...
03-02-2018 16:02

Factory Hiro

Hiro Kikuchi (age 42) oversees an assembly line at the factory. Each day is a new puzzle that will test his reflexes, patience and quick thinking righ...
03-02-2018 16:02


Welcome to Delos. As a Trainee at Westworld, you?ve been granted access to the official Delos Park Training Simulation (DPTS), developed to help you l...
03-02-2018 16:02

Free Fire - Battlegrounds

Free Fire - Battlegrounds is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are p...
02-02-2018 16:02

Maze Tunnel Rush & Dash

Race at break-neck speeds through an ever-changing tunnel packed with all kinds of obstacles in Tunnel Rush speed race.Maze Tunnel Rush & Dash l V...
01-02-2018 16:02

Ayo: A Rain Tale

Embark on a dangerous journey to help Ayo fetch water for her family. Overcome challenges and enemies as you explore Sub-Saharan Africa ? gaining skil...
01-02-2018 16:02

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Finding Love: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

Finding Love: free puzzle app game for iphone...

Finding Love is a free puzzle app game from Zhongsong Chen. It is not a dating site. The object is to connect the rabbit to the other rabbit and do the same with the other creatures without crossing lines. I did Chapter One, called 'I... -
Security Craft Mod 1.8.9, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2

Security Craft Mod 1.8.9, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2

Have you enjoy securing your homes and making hard to crack codes" What if you could have more advanced security systems in Minecraft with many traps, tricks and even espionage based items" If you like playing spy and similar, this is the mod for... -
The Nintendo Switch Has No Competition

The Nintendo Switch Has No Competition

? Read this article on ENTHUSIAST! ? As more details slowly leak out pertaining to the incoming Nintendo Switch, the number of comparisons to existing systems continue to grow. The gaming community seems to be split at this point, with a... -
Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy

One of the most popular and highest rated web games of all time now comes to mobile!Stick War: Legacy l Version: 1.0.7 | Size: 62.6MB Developers: Max Games Studios | Language: English -
ARK: Survival Evolved Updates 1.12 & 1.13 Yesterday on PS4 Fixed Some Crashing Issues

ARK: Survival Evolved Updates 1.12 & 1.1...

Following the release of update 1.11 yesterday, Studio Wildcard and Abstraction Games brought out two more ARK: Survival Evolved updates on PlayStation 4 – 1.12 and 1.13. 1.12 was a small patch designed to fix the imprinting crash, while 1.13... -
Farming Simulator 2017 Also Coming to 3DS, Switch Version Will Be More PC-Like

Farming Simulator 2017 Also Coming to 3DS, Sw...

GIANT Software and Focus Home Interactive’s Farming Simulator series has been running for a few years now and it has happened to become quite popular. The latest entry, Farming Simulator 17, sold over a million copies in just a few weeks after it... -
Some 3DS Modders Are Claiming That Nintendo Have Banned Them

Some 3DS Modders Are Claiming That Nintendo H...

It would seem that Nintendo have very recently banned some users in the 3DS modding community. Multiple reports on sites such as Reddit and have cropped up with modders stating that they’re receiving an Error Code 002-0102 ? that says... -
[Review Revisited] VVVVVV

[Review Revisited] VVVVVV

Flip your way to freedom as you search for your crew members who have been scattered all over the place. Can you get your crew back together in VVVVVV" VVVVVV – Random Encounter A few months ago VVVVVV was included in PS+. Like a lot of... -
Freeware Pick: pointing-and-clicking The Long Rain (Joe McRichardson)

Freeware Pick: pointing-and-clicking The Long...

Set on Ray Bradbury\'s inaccurately imagined Venus and featuring at least one portable gas-powered sun The Long Rain is a freeware adventure that\'s definitely worth your time. If not for the lovingly inconsistent writing bordering on the... -
PSLS Live: Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept DLC Live Stream

PSLS Live: Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept DLC...

Welcome to PSLS Live, where we will be live streaming different PlayStation titles every Thursday (except when E3 comes to town and your hosts are away or busy) night at 6:30 pm PST (9:30 pm EST). Tonight we are bringing you the recently released... -

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