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The Growing Indie Game Development Scene of South Africa

South Africa\'s video game development scene has been through a lot of ups and downs since it got started in the mid-90s. The indie scene in particula...
26-03-2017 16:00

Dude, Where's My Ear" Battle Brothers Leaves Early Acce

Battle Brothers is like a turn-based Mount & Blade, except someone ate all the horses and now everyone hates everyone else. Cue lots of hacking and ...
25-03-2017 16:00

Cheap Golf Is Golf That's Not Afraid To Get A Bit Weird

Cheap Golf. The mind simply races with possibilities with a title like that. Still, Pixeljam, makers of Potatoman Seeks the Troof (otherwise known a...
24-03-2017 16:00

Trailer Roundup - March 22, 2017

Welcome to yet another Trailer Roundup, featuring whistleblowing journalists, deep sea survival horror, pulpy cartoon adventures, and unexpected ele...
23-03-2017 16:00

Friends And Foes Unite In Upcoming Strategy Game Warhammer Q

Three years ago, developer Rodeo Games translated classic board game Warhammer Quest to a challenging turn-based RPG, a party-based adventure through...
23-03-2017 16:00

Zombie Society - Dead Detective: Fighting Crime In An Undead

Even with undead having taken over the world, apparently there is still crime. I\'m not sure what a zombie crime would entail (stealing brains"), bu...
22-03-2017 16:00

Become A Super Cool Secret Agent Dog With Agent B0rk

Your life as an undercover dog secret agent (undercover secret agent dog" dog undercover secret agent" undercover secret dog agent") is about to beg...
21-03-2017 16:00

Moribund - Post Apocalyptic Multiplayer Friend Killing Fun!

After the apocalypse takes out most of the planet\'s population, you would think that people would find something else to do besides kill each other...
20-03-2017 16:00

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - March 18th, 2017

From the rocky peaks of treacherous mountains to the hectic seas of a naval battle, you\'ll find a diverse array of games featured this weekend. ...
20-03-2017 16:00

Flippity-Flappity Fun With Macbat 64

Depending on your age, Nintendo\'s N64 is either a clunky piece of plastic with some rather ugly games or childhood nostalgia, consolified. Either w...
18-03-2017 16:00

Morning Post's Mail Delivery Just Feels Good

In the world of Morning Post, everyone is smiling, and everyone is thrilled you\'re bringing them the mail. In this bright land of non-stop cheer, i...
16-03-2017 16:00

Indie Game Developer Program - Helping Devs From Southeast A

"There are several thousand indie game developers in Southeast Asia, who are creating new and innovative games. The growth is astounding and we want...
14-03-2017 16:00

Fight For Flat Sea Supremacy In Multiplayer Ship Battling Ga

The Earth is flat, and you\'re not tolerating any other boats sailing about your high seas in Torn Sails, a multiplayer ship battling game where you...
14-03-2017 16:00

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - March 11th, 2017

This Screenshot Saturday selection takes you on a journey to mystical islands, stop-motion cities, and otherworldly train rides. Vokabulantis...
14-03-2017 16:00

Shred The Skies In Frantic Aerial Shooter Furious Angels

Furious Angels doesn\'t waste any time dropping you into its intense dogfights. The main menu itself looks out over the low-poly desert wastes, rugge...
12-03-2017 16:00

Saving The Galaxy In Style With Super Galaxy Squadron EX Tur

Super Galaxy Squadron has come a long way ever since we first wrote about it in 2014. From humble beginnings, it had two substantial free content up...
10-03-2017 16:00

Shift Happens Features Cooperative, Power-Swapping Platformi

A pair of jelly creatures, Bismo and Plom, can swap sizes and abilities at will, making for some cooperative puzzle platforming fun in Shift Happens...
09-03-2017 16:00

RaGaBa Involves Hurling Your Body Parts To Keep Monsters Awa

You\'re kind of lost and monsters are being kind of difficult in RaGaBa, an infinite arcade game where you throw your body parts at jerk creatures t...
08-03-2017 16:00

Trailer Roundup - March 7, 2017

Back from a short break, here are 10 lovely new trailers to feast your eyes on! AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS...
08-03-2017 16:00

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - March 4th, 2017

This weekend\'s selection will appeal to a broad spectrum of players, covering genres ranging from explosive action to narrative driven adventures ...
07-03-2017 16:00

Manage Magic Schools & Students With Valthirian Arc: Red Cov

Fighting monsters with magic seems like a good idea, but people need to learn how to do that somehow. That\'s where your management skills will come...
07-03-2017 16:00

The Curious Expedition Explores Arctic Expanses, Hints At A

A lot of incredibly clever things could be said about Maschinen-Mensch\'s first title, The Curious Expedition: how it successfully blends roguelike ...
06-03-2017 16:00

Build Your Arsenal With Every Turn In Minimalist Roguelike M

Premiering with Humble Monthly\'s latest bundle, Morphblade is the newest game from Gunpoint developer Tom Francis. But while Gunpoint was all about ...
05-03-2017 16:00

Quadrilateral Cowboy takes Grand Prize at the 2017 IGF Award

Quadrilateral Cowboy from developer Blendo Games was awarded with the $30,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Best Independent Game at the 19th annual ...
03-03-2017 16:00

Guts And Glory - A Father/Son Bike Ride Filled With Mayhem

Simple family outings seem to get a bit out of hand in Guts and Glory, a game where ordinary families find themselves trying to navigate fields fill...
02-03-2017 16:00

Shoot With Style In Adult Swim's Frantic FPS Desync

Skillful shooters are quite varied nowadays, from the relentless combat of Doom and Devil\'s Daggers to SuperHOT\'s slow-motion precision. Adult Swi...
01-03-2017 16:00

Dad Quest Perfects Parenting Through Child Hurling

A child longs to be airborne, hurled through the air by a dad of strong moral fiber and powerful of arm. They wish to be weaponized in the battle ag...
01-03-2017 16:00

Celebrating Innovation & Art With The International Mobile G

The International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) looks for the best and brightest mobile games from around the world, seeking new, innovative experienc...
01-03-2017 16:00

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - February 25th, 2017

Demons, robotic police, and alien life forms are only some of the dangers present in this weekend\'s selection of Screenshot Saturday highlights. ...
27-02-2017 16:00

Indie Game Development in the Czech Republic

The Czech game industry has a long history, though it wasn\'t until fairly recently that their indie scene began to blossom. Matej Jariabka of Gamifi....
26-02-2017 16:00

A World Of Dragons, Ghosts, Magic, & Quiet Introspection Awa

Soul Searching has you leaving your home island on a small raft, taking yourself in whatever direction you so choose. Will you seek the magical crea...
24-02-2017 16:00

Build Really Big Guns In Frenetic First-Person Bullet Hell M

Terrible Posture Games\' Tower of Guns had quite an apt name, given that it pitted your and many large powerful guns against enemies that were quite ...
24-02-2017 16:00

Become An AI And Explore The Low-Poly Landscapes Of Fumiko!

Fumiko is an AI, one who has escaped her boundaries to find herself in the digital world of a network in Fumiko!. Now freed, she\'ll platform, dash,...
24-02-2017 16:00

Trailer Roundup - February 22, 2017

Today\'s Trailer Roundup features candy-colored dance-offs, fwooshy flying action, open-world pinball, and some rather silly caveman antics. ...
23-02-2017 16:00

Finish A Novel By Helping A Cult In Bucket Detective

You\'re kind of a terrible writer in Bucket Detective, and on the advice of a friend, you go to a strange address, following the steps laid out ther...
22-02-2017 16:00

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - February 18th, 2017

This weekend highlights covers a varied spectrum of genres and styles, from 3D platformer to puzzle/RPG hybrid. Firstborn ElstonStudios | PC ...
21-02-2017 16:00

Drifting Lands Seeks Joy In Repetition

It takes a very specific mindset to fully enjoy the genre mix that Alkemi\'s Drifting Lands brings to the table, but if you can stand the repetition...
21-02-2017 16:00

Postknight Is Designed For The RPG Lover On The Go

In Postknight, you\'ve got important deliveries to make, but naturally, monsters and evil knights don\'t want to make that easy. There\'s just somet...
17-02-2017 16:00

Shoot, Swap, Shoot: How Dimension Drive Is Shaking Up Early

To call Dimension Drive\'s development history turbulent would be quite the understatement. Raising enough money on Kickstarter, just to have a very...
17-02-2017 16:00

Herald Deals With Prejudice & Inequality Aboard A 19th Centu

Devan Rensburg, "a man of mixed heritage" in the 19th century, finds himself dealing with the squabbles, prejudices, and hatred aboard the clipper H...
16-02-2017 16:00

Trailer Roundup - February 14, 2017

Flowers, cooperation, giant alien bugs, and potatoes in space - this Trailer Roundup has all of that. And bunnies. Into The Breach Windows, O...
15-02-2017 16:00

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - February 11th, 2017

From fierce Viking skirmishes to acrobatic combat against eldritch evils, you\'ll find a diverse selection of battles among the games in this weekend...
14-02-2017 16:00

She Remembered Caterpillars - Dealing With Grief With Cute C

She Remembered Caterpillars is a game about handling grief. Not solely, and not aggressively, but through the player\'s work in helping tiny, adorab...
13-02-2017 16:00

Break Time To Solve Mind-Bending Puzzles In Induction

You\'ve time traveled before in games. You\'ve rewind, paused, and slowed time. You\'ve made time move when you move. You\'ve jumped between past, pr...
11-02-2017 16:00

The Frostrune: Come To Medieval Norway, Meet Some Ghosts

Norway, in the year 965. Shipwrecked on an island after a summer storm, you need to find out what happened to the abandoned village nearby. Its inha...
10-02-2017 16:00

Q&A: Bootdisk Revolution On The Making Of Bleed 2

Wryn, the best hero of them all*, is back! Bleed 2 has you dodging and reflecting bullets, slowing down time, dashing around, and saving the day in ...
09-02-2017 16:00

Hauling A Glutonous Galactic Prince Has Surprising Benefits

Star Saver will have you dragging the ravenous Prince of the Galaxy around, having him devour enemies, items, and anything else that gets in the way...
08-02-2017 16:00

The Old West Gets A Bit More Explode-y In High Noon Revolver

Cowpokes, chicken lawmen, and robot desperadoes are all out and ready for work cleaning up a slightly more explosive old West in ...
08-02-2017 16:00

Trailer Roundup - February 7, 2017

From lovestruck octopi to barbecue-loving bees and lost bunnies, this collection of the week\'s finest trailers has all the weird animals you need, ...
08-02-2017 16:00

Maul Your Way Through Early Access With The Bear-Men Of Wita

If you\'ve dreamed of customizing a bear for third person, action RPG combat, taking your own striking ursine warrior out into the fields for glory ...
07-02-2017 16:00

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - February 4th, 2017

Hell, alien planets, and steampunk Victorian England are all well represented in these Screenshot Saturday Highlights. ...
06-02-2017 16:00

Q&A: Steven Peeler On Action RPG Design And The Perfect Sold

Steven Peeler has been developing RPGs as Soldak Entertainment for 13 years now. From his first title Depths of Peril up to last year\'s Zombasite, ...
04-02-2017 16:00

imprint-X Is A Puzzler About Hacking Brains To Free People F

imprint-X is in love with buttons. It features 700 of them, after all, spread out over 100 puzzles you\'ll have to solve to free people from nanobot...
03-02-2017 16:00

Choo-Choo Train To The Stars: Sunless Skies Now On Kickstart

Failbetter Games have apparently taken a shine to all things cold and dark. Their upcoming game, Sunless Skies , leaves the weird and dangerous under...
02-02-2017 16:00

1979 Revoluton: Black Friday Sales To Be Donated To ACLU

In the wake of the recent immigration ban, iNK STORIES have decided to donate all of the proceeds from 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, their game tha...
02-02-2017 16:00

In Action-RPG Quote, Knowledge Is The Ultimate Danger

The world of Vindit\'s Quote is one defined by ignorance. Knowledge has been purged, the population lives in blind bliss. But some dare to keep their...
01-02-2017 16:00

Trailer Roundup - January 31, 2017

Another week, another round of trailers. This time, we have procedural mummies, one-minute-adventuring, really bad novels, and educational adventuri...
01-02-2017 16:00

Tread Lightly In The Warlock's Tower

Mailman Tim might just have the most important job of all: delivering a letter to the evil warlock, letting him know that the people actually like h...
31-01-2017 16:00

Rugged Roosters Wield Guns Galore In Rocketbirds 2 Evolution

Rocketbirds 2 Evolution has a lot of high-firepower, grizzled bird-based gameplay on offer, promising two modes: one that tells a story of evil peng...
31-01-2017 16:00

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - January 28th, 2017

From a steampunk journey towards Mars to the crowded streets of a cyberpunk city, you\'ll find a varied spectrum of interesting locations and concept...
30-01-2017 16:00

Hellenica Offers Steampunk-Infused Greek History Lessons

Forget everything you knew about ancient Greece. Hellenica\'s alternate history take adds Steampunk and magic into the mix. After an industrial revo...
28-01-2017 16:00

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News most viewed Today

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Is Getting A Blu-Ray Release

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Is Getting A Blu-...

1993’s Super Mario Bros. The Movie is infamous for many reasons. However, it’s still a piece of Nintendo’s history and should be remembered. Luckily, the film is being re-released on Blu-Ray in February 2017. Preorders for a Limited Edition... -
Forbidden Castle: Mahjong Tale

Forbidden Castle: Mahjong Tale

The greatest mobile multiplayer Mahjong with exciting game modes. Beside classic gameplay Mahjong Tale implement unique features such as weather effects and special powers which affect the tiles on the board. All this in beautiful jaw-dropping... -
Destiny Beta Launches ‘The Iron Banner’ Event Today, Sony Sending Out Free Codes (Update)

Destiny Beta Launches ‘The Iron Banner&...

Update: Bungie has extended The Iron Banner event. It is scheduled go live again at 2pm PDT and 7pm PDT today, Sunday July 20. Original Story: Today, at 5pm EST, Guardians playing Destiny beta will be able to partake in ‘The Iron... -
Lyn And Ike Win The Fire Emblem Heroes Character Poll

Lyn And Ike Win The Fire Emblem Heroes Charac...

Just like a great battle in the games, the competition in the Fire Emblem Heroes character poll was fierce. Nintendo have now revealed the final character rankings. While Ike from Path of Radiance won the male rankings, it was Lyn from The Blazing... -
Naruto Jump

Naruto Jump

Jump from platform to platform, collect coins, dodge and defeat the enemies and play with different characters in this new game to jump based on the ninja world of Naruto.Naruto Jump l Version: 1.0 | Size: 23.33MB Developers: Alado... -
Yoshinori Ono: Capcom Discussing Possible Onimusha Revival

Yoshinori Ono: Capcom Discussing Possible Oni...

While doing the press rounds in anticipation of Street Fighter V, Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed that the company is hosting talks “at high levels” regarding a possible Onimusha revival. Word comes by way of UK tabloid newspaper... -
Battlefield 4: DICE tease future update, invite player feedback

Battlefield 4: DICE tease future update, invi...

One day, DICE will emerge from their bunker, happy that Battlefield 4 is in an acceptable state. Today is not that day. In a post to their forum “control room”, DICE’s Tommy Rydling announced a new all platform update... -
The Board Game 'Tokaido' Is Coming to Mobile Soon

The Board Game 'Tokaido' Is Coming to Mobile ...

Tokaido, the very popular board game about traveling across Japan, is coming to mobile very soon, and from what I\'ve seen so far, it looks really nice. The game will be available for both smartphones and tablets and on both iOS and Android. The... -
Stop Begging Your Instagram Followers to Turn on Notifications

Stop Begging Your Instagram Followers to Turn...

Instagram is moving to an algorithm-filtered image feed, showing users the images most interesting to them?similar to Facebook’s Top Stories feature. Quick reaction was negative, from both users (who didn’t want Instagram and Facebook meddling... -

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