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Visual Out Is A Metroidvania Adventure Through A Dying, Glit

In recently released metroidvania Visual Out, an adventure awaits within the files and code of an rotting mainframe. As a rogue program, you descend ...
21-03-2018 16:00

Armed To The Gears Combines Tower Defense Strategy With Mech

From Brigador to Tesla vs Lovecraft, rumbling through levels within the heavy armor of a mech never ceases to be satisfying. Maybe it\'s the sense of...
20-03-2018 16:00

Neo Impossible Bosses Aims To Capture The Feel Of Challengin

Neo Impossible Bosses pits players against colossal, punishing bosses in matches that might feel a little bit like those MMOs often toss players int...
20-03-2018 16:00

How SYNTHETIK Makes Meaningful Changes To The Roguelite Shoo

SYNTHETIK is a roguelite arcade shooter with randomized levels and fast-paced gameplay. These kinds of games feel awfully familiar by now. And yet, t...
20-03-2018 16:00

The Way Of Life Shines Light On Each Stage Of Life

The Way Of Life highlights moments from childhood, adulthood, and old age, examining moments of existence from perspectives of characters at each of...
18-03-2018 16:00

Football Game Promises An Unsettling Night For A Local High

Football Game is an adventure game about a strange, discomforting night for Tommy, a high school football star who finds himself at the center of so...
18-03-2018 16:00

The Long Reach Lets You Walk Among Your Dreams And Nightmare

Science does a lot of good for humanity. Unfortunately, sometimes experiments can have some hiccups, like, say, having nightmares manifest themselve...
17-03-2018 16:00

Hey, Friendo. Paratopic Is An Eerie Fever Dream Worth Having

There is an air of wrongness to Paratopic, a feeling that reality is just a thin layer and there\'s something underneath, wriggling, trying to break ...
17-03-2018 16:00

Take A Serene Black & White Flight With Bird Game

Bird Game offers a calming flight through pretty black and white woods, having players swoop among the insects and flowers along their way. Not th...
16-03-2018 16:00

Ghost Of A Tale Serves Up A Big, Stealthy Adventure To A Tin

In Ghost Of A Tale, you\'ll be in control of Tilo, a mouse minstrel, on a quest to find their true love, Merra. As such a tiny rodent, your defences...
16-03-2018 16:00

Science Fiction Meets High Fantasy In Azure Saga: Pathfinder

Spacefaring scientist Synch crash lands on an unknown planet with his robot companion Noide. Things are taking an interesting turn when they are draw...
15-03-2018 16:00

Pipe Push Paradise Turns Plumbing Into A Challenging Puzzle

As Mario might attest, it\'s not easy being a video game plumber. But at least he only has to jump over pipes. In Pipe Push Paradise, you need to...p...
15-03-2018 16:00

Bvoid Takes Players To A World Of Distorted PSX-Era Dreams (

Horror title Bvoid looks to take the player on a disjointed, disturbing journey through dreams, having them cross an ever-shifting, broken world bor...
14-03-2018 16:00

Survive Low-Poly Tsunamis In Hectic Arcade FPS Swarmlake

The horde of enemies have always been a staple of the arcade and dual stick shooter, not just for the tense retreat to survive but for the satisfying...
14-03-2018 16:00

Tala Promises A Chaming Adventure Through A Tiny Natural Wor

Out there in the wilderness, among the underbrush and moss, the world of Tala rustles to life. In this in-development point-n-click currently on Kick...
13-03-2018 16:00

Tesla vs Lovecraft Is All Thunderbolts And Lightning, Also V

In Tesla vs Lovecraft, eldritch horrors from beyond threaten the world and only you, Nikola Tesla, can stop them with the power of science. Yay, scie...
13-03-2018 16:00

Play With Gilbert Developer Talks Game Design With His Daugh

The world of game design is tough. You have to keep functionality, integrity, and entertainment value in balance for a great concoction. Now, try mi...
11-03-2018 16:00

Bring Back Music & Color Through 3D Platforming In Newt One

The land has fallen into a dull silence, its colors drained away. This is where the player comes in, helping Newt, a new tone in this musical world,...
10-03-2018 16:00

Break The Fourth Wall And Have A Chat With The Protagonist I

If you were playing a game and the protagonist suddenly started talking to you, how would you react" Would you treat them better" Would you deem it ...
10-03-2018 16:00

Space Shooter Cycle 28 Has You Reliving The Same Day All Ove

"Every time you drop from warp they\'re there. Then you die." Pill Bug Interactive\'s Cycle 28 is a space shooter with a narrative twist. It ...
10-03-2018 16:00

Make Beautiful, Monstrous Friendships With Monster Garden

Monster Garden sets players free in a little world of monster pals and dreamy lands, letting them make whatever friends they choose to across the ga...
09-03-2018 16:00

Woodfarer Challenges Players To Explore While Rescuing Spiri

Woodfarer places players in control of an adventurous bird-like creature tasked with collecting three spirits spread across pretty post-apocalyptic ...
09-03-2018 16:00

Survive Quirky Bullet Hell Combat In Dual-Stick Shooter Kill

Developer Renegade Sector\'s library is one of uniquely low-poly visuals and challenging arcade-style action, and the team\'s latest release Kill Th...
08-03-2018 16:00

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Cherry Bomb! Amanita Design's Chuchel Is Amazing

In Chuchel, Amanita Design\'s latest adventure game, it doesn\'t really take much to make our eponymous hero happy: he just wants to sleep the day aw...
07-03-2018 16:00

Fix Computer Issues Or Blackmail Clients In Puzzle Adventure

From Uplink to Her Story, the concept of a game presenting itself as a computer or console to work interact with has seen numerous variations and ite...
07-03-2018 16:00

Master The Art Of Defensive Brawling In Way Of The Passive F

Picture a brawler and you probably have an image of punches and kicks, weapons and throws, waves of enemies encroaching. But Way of the Passive Fist ...
07-03-2018 16:00

Secret Little Haven Is About Fandom, Gender, And Discovering

Secret Little Haven is a game about self discovery through chat programs, forums, online friendships, fan sites, games, and exploring the internet. ...
06-03-2018 16:00

0°N 0°W Will Leave You Directionless

Colorfiction\'s 0°N 0°W leads you from the safety of normal, everyday life into some weird, barely defined half-world full of strange shapes and sou...
06-03-2018 16:00

Himawari's Garden Mixes Magic And Botany

A green thumb and a little magic is all you\'ll need in Himawari\'s Garden. Take control of Himawari, a gardening witch who\'s in charge of bringing...
04-03-2018 16:00

Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse Is About Battling Vicious Wi

Llama conspiracies and mobile war machines somehow mingle in Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse, a top-down shooter where players will have to fend off...
04-03-2018 16:00

Squidlit Brings Cute Cephalopods & A Classic Gameboy Style

Aiming to replicate an authentic Game Boy experience, Squidlit is a new game that feels like a trip down a pea-green memory lane. An adorable, squid...
03-03-2018 16:00

Bloody With A Chance Of Body Parts: Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 G

The sequel to mafia-themed action game Guns, Gore & Cannoli makes a bold move: it takes all the stale clichés and throws them together. Zombies" Chec...
03-03-2018 16:00

Music Is the Weapon (And More) In Distortions

A violin in one hand, a journal in the other. Distortions is about a girl with no recollection of who she was, one who is journeying through a beaut...
02-03-2018 16:00

Bytepath Is Basically Asteroids With A Ridiculous Amount Of

"Asteroids with RPG elements" sums up Bytepath quite succinctly. At its core, you\'re recognize the formula - your ship besieged by space rocks from ...
01-03-2018 16:00

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Is An Experience In Collect

Some collect coins, others cards, but, in Where The Water Tastes Like Wine, there is no better collection than that of a story full of life. Wander ...
01-03-2018 16:00

Mulaka Is A Tale About Tradition, Gratefulness, And Nature

You could probably mistake Lienzo\'s Mulaka for yet another third person action adventure with a fresh and somewhat exotic coat of paint, but oh, how...
01-03-2018 16:00

Imperishable Memories Is A Narrative Shmup Of Coming To Term

There tends not to be much room for story while players are dodging hails of bullets during shmups, but developer Jennifer Raye is trying to change ...
28-02-2018 16:00

Wage Fleet Warfare On Open Waters In Futuristic Naval RTS Ar

The RTS has waged war in all manner of battlefields, from conflicts throughout history to the void of space, but the upcoming Ardent Seas places its...
28-02-2018 16:00

Road Of Dust And Rust Turns The Auto Wasteland Into A Tactic

The imagery of the vehicle convoy kicking up dust across the apocalyptic wasteland has been a staple of the genre for decades but few games have trie...
27-02-2018 16:00

Twisted Platformer Mike Dies Drifts Through Space, Docks Wit

Poor Mike is in trouble after taking a detour through that asteroid field. Even worse, his spaceship place is a literal death trap and he\'s also bei...
27-02-2018 16:00

Level 99 Axe Rage Is All About Acrobatic Axe Combos & Canine

Level 99 Axe Rage is a mixture of B-Movies and classic sidescrollers, aiming to have players fight against zombie, alien, and machine threats using ...
25-02-2018 16:00

First Episode Of Dystopian Nightmare Orwell: Ignorance Is St

I\'ve got this feeling, somebody\'s watching meee... Maybe that\'s because I\'ve been spending time with dystopian adventure game Orwell: Ignorance i...
24-02-2018 16:00

Gleaner Heights Features Daily Farm Life And Dark Mystery

At a glance, Gleaner Heights showcases peaceful farms and friendly folk to befriend, but there is a darker side to unveil, though. On the one hand, ...
24-02-2018 16:00

Fossil Hunters - Dig Up Bones, Make Your Own Dinosaurs

Fossil Hunters sends players to an abandoned dig site, seeking the dinosaur bones buried deep within its dangerous caves so that they can cobble tog...
24-02-2018 16:00

Scare Your Enemies With Your Own Voice in Boo! Greedy Kid

Help a brat get his favorite soda by using your own real spook-tacular vocals to scare the locals. A successful fright will yield some coins for the...
23-02-2018 16:00

Vagante Gives The Roguelite Platformer A RPG Twist

In the nearly four years that Vagante has expanded and improved within Early Access, the roguelite/roguelike platformer has seen a plethora of entri...
22-02-2018 16:00

Polyventure Asks Us To Walk Among The Animals & Wildlands

Polyventure wants players to consider endangered species and the environment as they wander its low-poly places, letting them take in the majesty of...
22-02-2018 16:00

Art Doesn't Have To Be Hard With Skuiggle

According to its creator Eric Merz, Skuiggle is a thing that "just suddenly happened." It doesn\'t need to wow you with its highbrow concept. It just...
22-02-2018 16:00

The World Begins With You Offers A Sedate Journey Across An

With its gorgeous low-poly atmosphere and mysterious environments, The World Begins With You promises a unique and cryptic experience, one of forgott...
21-02-2018 16:00

Explore A Mysterious Flooded World In Aeronautical Explorati

Submerged worlds have seen more than a few digital portrayals, from Subnautica to the aptly titled Submerged. But Above takes a different approach to...
20-02-2018 16:00

Wishin' I Was Fishin' - Minigames, Sidequests, and Culture I

For many JRPGs, turn-based combat and sweeping stories can make for an excellent game, but sometimes, it\'s the small diversions that add to the exp...
20-02-2018 16:00

Children Of Morta Is All About Family

The Bergson family has been guarding the mystical Mount Morta for generations. When corruption turns the once peaceful mountain into a violent, monst...
19-02-2018 16:00

The Best Postal Service Is A Witch In Mimi's Delivery Dash

Inspired by Studio Ghibli\'s Kiki\'s Delivery Service, Mimi\'s Delivery Dash is all about the life of a witch making timely deliveries. Sail through...
18-02-2018 16:00

SpookyCellar Revels In The (Goofy) Horrors Of A Scary Baseme

SpookyCellar takes players down into a maze-like creepy basement, arming them only with a flashlight, their wits, and a self-abusing sense of humor ...
18-02-2018 16:00

The Islander Features Tropical, Laid-back Farming

Tired of the same old dirt roads and country bumpkin settings for your farm game" Take a vacation from that life and settle into the exotic islands ...
17-02-2018 16:00

QA: Suncrash's Tomer Barkan On Judgment And The Challenges O

Last year, I sat down with Suncrash\'s Tomer Barkan to discuss their early access title Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, the development sce...
16-02-2018 16:00

Dig, Discover, Dodge, Dive, And Dig In Dig Dog

Every dog has his day and this dog loves to dig. Mix in a few cliffs, monsters, and treasures and you have a recipe for Dig Dog, a roguelike platfor...
16-02-2018 16:00

Every Battle Is A Date In Roguemance

Finding out if you\'re compatible with someone COULD be done over a quiet conversation at dinner. However, what if, instead, you found out how well ...
15-02-2018 16:00

Anthropomorphic Animals And Moody Noir Collide In Detective

Animal adventures have been a staple across fiction, from the recent Tooth & Tail, or Fables, or Redwall. But rather than war or urban fantasy or a m...
15-02-2018 16:00

Fimbul Lets You Fight Through Norse Mythology's Apocalyptic

Given a certain movie that released last year, you might be familiar with Ragnarok, the end-times of Norse Mythology, the apocalyptic battle that kil...
14-02-2018 16:00

Crimes For Two: Hacktag Sneaks Out Of Early Access, Steals Y

If you have a special someone in your life, today would be a good day to engage in some... activities together. And if you don\'t, you could try find...
14-02-2018 16:00

Space battles receive the card battler treatment in Cosmos I

The collectible card game / card battle genre has been thriving in recent years, on both mobile and PC thanks to titles like Hearthstone and Duelyst....
13-02-2018 16:00

Build All The Things: Rise Of Industry Is An Extremely Ambit

Tycoon game Rise of Industry has been a sleeper hit on and has recently become available as Early Access title on Steam and GOG. This indust...
13-02-2018 16:00

CROSS POST - Smithsonian American Art Museum Puts Out Call F

The following is a repost from Gamasutra. To see the original post, click here. The Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) Arcade is a yearly event...
13-02-2018 16:00

Run Gun Sports Is Track & Field With Firearm Legs

Run Gun Sports is kinda like your high school track meet, except everyone has guns for legs and no one is there just to flake off. Gun legs might se...
11-02-2018 16:00

A Case Of Distrust Overflows With 1920's Atmosphere & Myster

Take a dive into the not-so-distant past and immerse yourself in the dialect of the 1920\'s with A Case of Distrust. It may not be a walk down easy ...
11-02-2018 16:00

Steal Your Enemies' Beard In A Boy And His Beard

Tired of waiting for that big, luxurious beard to grow to impressive lengths" Why not just kill others, steal theirs and add it to your own" Genius,...
11-02-2018 16:00

Balance Risk, Rewards, And Reckless Driving In Procedural Fr

Newly-released downhill biking game Descenders sends you hurtling down a mountain at breakneck speeds. This is incredibly reckless, highly dangerous,...
10-02-2018 16:00

All Our Asias Explores Race & Identity Through A Dying Fathe

All Our Asias takes players on a journey through a dying man\'s mind, getting to know him and the protagonist, Yuito, through the memories we see, t...
09-02-2018 16:00

Tower Defense Gets A Bit Complicated (And An Action Infusion

Aegis Defenders mashes up two genres and comes out with a new experience that is only further enhanced with gorgeous pixel art scenery. You\'ll be c...
09-02-2018 16:00

In Other Waters Explores The Depths Of An Alien Ocean Throug

From Abzu to Subnautica, the ocean is often a place of vibrant mysteries. In Other Waters is no less mysterious, but takes a far more minimalist appr...
08-02-2018 16:00

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles Offers A Wealth Of Familiar Turn

In less than a year\'s time, the Nintendo Switch has become home to a surprisingly large amount of titles, but for some reason, turn-based tactics g...
07-02-2018 16:00

Test Your Codebreaking Skills In First Person Cryptography P

Puzzles tend to revolve around learning and applying rules, whether those rules are spatial or physics-based or word-based and so on. Learn and under...
07-02-2018 16:00

Arthurian Legends Gives Medieval Action An Old-School Twist

First person melee has gotten its fair share of iterations and styles in games large amd small, from Dead Island to Chivalry. Currently in developmen...
06-02-2018 16:00

Find Beauty, Destruction In The Depths Of The Aquatic Advent

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, a striking, yet endlessly lethal journey into the undersea graveyard of humanity\'s fall, is now out on PS4...
06-02-2018 16:00

Kick Some Goblin Butt And Rebuild A Kingdom In Regions Of Ru

Ah, to be a dwarf. Living underground with your dwarven pals, doing whatever dwarves do, and not caring about those weird people on the surface. And ...
05-02-2018 16:00

Adventure Game Foto Flash Wants Players To Save A Pin-Up Mag

Do you have what it takes to save an ailing magazine" Foto Flash poses this challenge to players and doesn\'t shy away from the comedic value posed ...
04-02-2018 16:00

Explore The Colorful, Open World Of RPG WeakWood Throne

With a wide, open world to discover, WeakWood Throne offers many things for an aspiring wizard, knight, or archer to get up to. Players will be able...
03-02-2018 16:00

Mortal Manor Is A Metroidvania Of Science Gone Bad

A scientist has up and made a ton of monsters AND a fog that is steadily consuming the world, yet somehow doesn\'t seem to see any problems with thi...
03-02-2018 16:00

Artifact Adventure Gaiden Teaches You To Prepare For The Wor

The end is nigh! The cataclysm is almost upon the world, and only you can save us! But you have to venture out into the wilds, become a hero, and hel...
02-02-2018 16:00

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Super easy [Brood of Alysrazor] !!!

Super easy [Brood of Alysrazor] !!!

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A Wii Retrospective Part 1: Platformers

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Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance, Adding Hotfix To Address Iron Banner Access

Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance, Addin...

The Destiny 2 servers are down for scheduled maintenance this morning. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 7 AM Pacific and conclude at 12 PM Pacific. Starting at 7 AM Pacific, players will no longer be able to log in to Destiny 2. At 8 AM... -

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