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Here is 10 glorious minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 gameplay footage. This video showcases the single player portion of the game and looks down...
21-10-2017 16:02

Batman The Telltale Series Coming to Switch Next Month

Next month is going to be a very busy month for the Nintendo Switch. Not only does Skyrim, LA Noire and Skyrim come out for the system, but Batman Th...
20-10-2017 16:02


Hello everyone. In my latest YouTube video, I discuss special editions for games and wonder; WHERE IS MY SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY SPECIAL EDITION"! Chec...
20-10-2017 16:02

Nintendo Switch Can Now Capture Video

If you own a Switch, your hybrid console can now record 30 second video via capture button. That’s right my friends, the Nintendo Switch can now c...
19-10-2017 16:02
18-10-2017 16:02

Nintendo Shows Upcoming Games For 2017 With This Nifty Chart

Nintendo has uploaded a nifty little image showcasing all their offerings for the rest of 2017. Their lineup is pretty stellar if you ask me and I c...
18-10-2017 16:02

Here is E3 2018’s New Logo

E3 will have a new logo come 2018 so be sure to check it out above. The more modern looking logo features the familiar colors of yellow and red and ...
17-10-2017 16:02

Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition and amiibo Unboxing

The lucky stiffs over with Nintendo Minute got a chance to unbox the special edition for Fire Emblem Warriors, so check it out above. Fire Emblem Wa...
15-10-2017 16:02

RIME For Nintendo Switch Will Utilize HD Rumble

It has been revealed that RIME for Nintendo Switch will indeed utilize the HD rumble feature found in the system. The developer behind the upcoming t...
13-10-2017 16:01

Super Mario Odyssey Switch Home Menu Icon Revealed

Here is the Super Mario Odyssey Switch Home Menu Icon for your viewing pleasure. Apparently there are a number of people who are making a big fuss ...
12-10-2017 16:01
11-10-2017 16:02


It's true! The October 9, 2017 It has been announced that the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta has been extended by two days! Players will be ab...
10-10-2017 16:03
10-10-2017 16:03
06-10-2017 16:01
05-10-2017 16:04
05-10-2017 16:04

Nintendo Switch Outsells Every Other Console COMBINED in Jap

The latest Japanese hardware sales are in and the Nintendo Switch outsold everything other system COMBINED. The hybrid console from Nintendo shifted...
05-10-2017 16:04
03-10-2017 16:04

Stardew Valley Releases on Nintendo Switch October 5th

If you’re looking to get into the cult hit Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch, you won’t have to wait much longer. Stared Valley is officially set...
03-10-2017 16:04
03-10-2017 16:04

Pokémon GO Halloween Event Incoming

An upcoming Pokémon GO Halloween event has been confirmed by the Pokemon Company. Players who take part in the popular mobile game are ready to get ...
03-10-2017 16:04

More SNES Mini Systems Will Be Coming ?Very Soon? to Gamesto

According to Gamestop, more SNES Mini systems will be available “very soon”. As expected, the SNES Mini sold out rather quickly however people wh...
02-10-2017 16:04

When Will Nintendo Switch Outsell The Wii U"

Thanks to Nintendo?s STRONG support for the Nintendo Switch, the system is still a hot item (some 6 months AFTER its release). The system has already...
02-10-2017 16:04
30-09-2017 16:04
29-09-2017 16:04
29-09-2017 16:04

Nintendo Switch Continues its Dominance in Japan

The latest Japanese hardware sales are in and the Nintendo Switch is once again, king of the hill. Check out the full breakdown below to see where al...
28-09-2017 16:05

Here is The October Lineup For PS Plus

The October lineup for PS Plus has been revealed, so check it out below. Looks like a little bit for everyone and I have to say, I am pretty impresse...
28-09-2017 16:05
27-09-2017 16:04
26-09-2017 16:05

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Surpasses 2 Million Units So

Great news for Crash Bandicoot; the new N. Sane Trilogy game that was released for the PS4 has already moved over 2 million units sold at retail. Thi...
26-09-2017 16:05

SteamWorld Dig 2 Off to a Tremendous Start For Switch

According to a new tweet, the recently released release SteamWorld Dig 2 for Nintendo Switch is off to a tremendous start in terms of sales. Accordi...
25-09-2017 16:03

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 – Launch Trailer Nintendo Swit

AVAILABLE NOW for the Nintendo Switch, join Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo and the rest of the Z Fighters as they fight to protect the Earth and the Un...
23-09-2017 16:04
22-09-2017 16:01

Celebrate the Equinox With The New Pokemon GO Update

Trainers, With cool autumn nights quickly approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and sunny spring days arriving in the Southern Hemisphere, we though...
21-09-2017 16:06

New Nintendo Direct… The Good…The Bad… The

Here is my analysis on the all new Nintendo Direct that aired last week. It was an existing show to say the least, so check out my breakdown above. ...
21-09-2017 16:06
20-09-2017 16:03


A number of all new Call of Duty: WWII trailers have hit, so be sure to watch them below. These quick trailers outline the squad members of the FPS a...
20-09-2017 16:03

Take a Look At The SteamWorld Dig 2 Official Launch Trailer

Dig deep, gain riches and unearth trembling terrors in SteamWorld Dig 2! Out this week on Nintendo Switch (Sept. 21) and PC (Sept. 22). The PS4/Vita ...
20-09-2017 16:03
19-09-2017 16:04

Netflix Headed to Switch

A Netflix customer service rep has told GoNintendo user KamehamehaX that Netflix is ?locked and loaded? for the Nintendo Switch. The app has suppose...
19-09-2017 16:04

Nintendo Spends $4.5m On TV Ads In August

It has been revealed that Nintendo has spent an estimated $4.5 Million dollars on advertising for the month of August. If this turns out to be true, ...
19-09-2017 16:04

Destiny 2 Trials of The Nine Now Live

Yesterday the good people from Bungie teased trials of the nine for its recently released FPS Destiny 2 and today it is Live! Exciting times for Des...
16-09-2017 16:02

Doom For Nintendo Switch is Custom Built For The System

It has been revealed that Doom for the Nintendo Switch has been custom built for Nintendo’s hybrid home console. Bethesda had the following to say ...
16-09-2017 16:02


Enter the Trials of the Nine to face your fellow Guardians in high intensity Crucible combat. Stand together and be judged. Succeed and be rewarded! ...
15-09-2017 16:03
15-09-2017 16:03

Meowth Coming to Build a Bear Workshop

The latest Pokémon to come to Build a Bear Workshop is the one and only Pokémon, Meowth. Meowth is headed to the popular retailer and will run you $...
15-09-2017 16:03


If you want to watch today’s Nintendo Direct Live, here is the place! We will be tweeting our reactions and covering all the news after the show. ...
14-09-2017 16:04

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Bundle Coming in October

As if the system wasn’t hard to get enough, Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing a Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Bundle next mo...
14-09-2017 16:04

Take a look at the new Nintendo 2DS XL – Poké Ball Edi

Here is the first look at the new Nintendo 2DS XL – Poké Ball Edition. This all new edition was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct. New Ni...
14-09-2017 16:04

Japan Getting Two More New 2DS XL Colors

Nintendo has just shared that Japan will be getting two more New 2DS XL colors for customers to choose from. Players in Japan will be able to pick fr...
14-09-2017 16:04

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Release Date Announced

During today’s EPIC Nintendo Direct, the release date for the hotly anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was announced. The promising RPG for the Ni...
14-09-2017 16:04
12-09-2017 16:04

New Nintendo Direct Will NOT Show Mobile Games

The upcoming Nintendo Direct, that is due this Wednesday, will focus solely on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has stated that the compan...
12-09-2017 16:04
12-09-2017 16:04

Are Achievements Headed to Switch"

Are Achievements Headed to the Nintendo Switch" Well according to an indie developer, they just may! The developer behind the upcoming Nintendo Switc...
11-09-2017 16:04

New Nintendo Direct Incoming"

According to a brand new rumor floating around, Nintendo will be set to announce an all new Nintendo Direct for Wednesday, September 13th. This rumor...
10-09-2017 16:04
10-09-2017 16:04

Customizable Controls Headed to ARMS

Good news for fans of the standout Switch title ARMS; Nintendo has revealed that you?ll soon be able to customise the controls for the game. This new...
09-09-2017 16:04
06-09-2017 16:03


The latest firmware for the Nintendo Switch is out and you can check out the list of improvements below. Not too much has changed but, here are the i...
06-09-2017 16:03

Rocket League – Nintendo Battle Cars Trailer

Mario, Luigi, and Metroid-themed Battle-Cars are coming to Rocket League on Nintendo Switch in winter 2017. The new Nintendo Battle Cars trailer sho...
06-09-2017 16:03
02-09-2017 16:04

Stardew Valley Has Officially Been Submitted To Nintendo For

If you’re looking to play Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch, you may be playing the game sooner than you think. The news came today via Twitter...
02-09-2017 16:04
01-09-2017 16:04

Sonic Forces Release Date Announced

The release date for the upcoming Sonic Forces game has been announced along with some goodies for the title. Sonic Forces is set to release on Novem...
01-09-2017 16:04

Is Sony Going to Drop a BOMB on The Nintendo Switch"!

Hello again everyone. My latest subscribe to my channel....
31-08-2017 16:05

Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2017 VIDEO

Did you miss the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2017 video" Well give it a watch above and let us know which Nindies excited you. I actual...
31-08-2017 16:05

Here?s The Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Launch Trailer

The launch of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is upon us, so check out the launch trailer for the game above. Reviews have been overall pretty good a...
30-08-2017 16:04
30-08-2017 16:04


So you?re new to Destiny 2" Get a quick overview of the action shooter franchise coming September 6. Play solo or with friends as you fight back agai...
29-08-2017 16:06

Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition Is Coming October 20th

Nintendo has just announced that they will be releasing a special edition for Fire Emblem Warriors on Nintendo Switch. The Fire Emblem Warriors Spec...
29-08-2017 16:06
29-08-2017 16:06

Secret Of Mana Remake Announcement Trailer

The memorable adventure of Randi, Primm and Popoi is reborn in the new “Secret of Mana”! Embark on an action-packed, worldwide adventure in this ...
27-08-2017 16:04
27-08-2017 16:04
27-08-2017 16:04

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Civilization IV designer Soren Johnson starts new indie studio Mohawk Games

Civilization IV designer Soren Johnson starts...

Mohawk Games, a new independent studio, has been formed under the leadership of Civilization IV lead designer Soren Johnson. Based in Baltimore, the studio is already hard at work on a new real-time strategy game code named “Mars.”... -
Prey Glitch Allows Players to Duplicate Materials, Create Unlimited Resources

Prey Glitch Allows Players to Duplicate Mater...

Prey has only just released but people have already discovered a major glitch that allows them to duplicate materials and create unlimited resources. According to YouTube user Captain Eggcellent (whose video we’ve embedded above), you can use... -
Disguised Toast Responds, Best Wild and Standard Decks, Best Legendaries to Craft, and More 'Hearthstone' Weekly News on 'Touchstone' #102

Disguised Toast Responds, Best Wild and Stand...

Hello everyone and welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our roundup of the best Hearthstone [Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Bugs and WTF Moments #9 Subscribe to the TouchArcade YouTube channel Trump\'s Wild... -
Full Version Of Jump Up, Superstar! From Super Mario Odyssey Up On iTunes

Full Version Of Jump Up, Superstar! From Supe...

You can now purchase the full version of the delightful Jump Up, Super Star! from Super Mario Odyssey from iTunes. Nintendo of America has confirmed that it is available now for download. If you want it then click the link here to be taken to... -
Nintendo Designer Has Explained Why Salmon Run Isn’t Always Available

Nintendo Designer Has Explained Why Salmon Ru...

One of the slightly frustrating things about Splatoon 2 is that the popular Salmon Run mode isn’t always available for play. One of the two western developers who work at Nintendo, Jordan Amaro, has recently participated in an interview with... -
Portfolio-Level Optimization: the Next Step in Social?s Ad Evolution

Portfolio-Level Optimization: the Next Step i...

Social ad spend is on the rise, driven by successful performance, including positively impacting paid search campaigns when paired. Even as successful as social ads have been, to get the most, marketers need to optimize their portfolio of campaigns... -
'Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times' Review: Outstanding Follow Up to One of the Best Tactical Combat Games Ever

'Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times' Review: Ou...

What are the best tactical role-playing games for mobile devices" I see that question a lot and, inevitably, somebody mentions Warhammer Quest [$4.99] was just released by Perchang, but can it clear the high bar set by its predecessor" -
3 Ways to Target Millennial, Gen-Z Customers on Snapchat

3 Ways to Target Millennial, Gen-Z Customers ...

Snapchat first gained notoriety as the ?Food Doodle,? users had the opportunity to win $50 in free takeout. These types of campaigns not only enable GrubHub to reach younger demographics, but also to build loyalty and increase the lifetime value of... -
Metareview: Call of Duty - Ghosts

Metareview: Call of Duty - Ghosts

It\'s seriously lacking in Swayze, but Call of Duty: Ghosts still notches three and a half stars in our review. According to Xav, the latest entry in Activision\'s flagship shooter series "is a solid installment, but it lacks creativity... -
BioShock Creator?s Next Game Will Be ?More Challenging? than BioShock, Feature ?Narrative Legos?

BioShock Creator?s Next Game Will Be ?More Ch...

At this week?s EGX Rezzed, BioShock creater and current president of Ghost Story Games, Ken Levine, talked about how his studio?s upcoming game will feature ?narrative LEGOS,? how he?s less concerned with making the game a smooth experience, and... -

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