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The Nintendo Switch Lacks ‘Aesthetic’

When the Nintendo Switch launched last year, one of the earliest complaints was that its system UI is ?bland? and ?boring.? People were also disappoin...
21-03-2018 16:01

Mark of the Ninja Remastered Coming to Switch

Acclaimed sidescrolling stealth-action game Mark of the Ninja has a remaster coming to Switch this Fall. The news came as the opening announcement at ...
21-03-2018 16:01

February 2018 NPD: ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’ Cracks

NPD released the sales numbers for video games in February 2018. Some notable new games made the top 10, but a few old favorites kept pace. Top 20 Bes...
21-03-2018 16:01

Phil Spencer Still Wants Banjo-Kazooie In ‘Super Smash

Back in 2015, Xbox Head Phil Spencer mentioned that he wanted to see Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. “I think it would be c...
21-03-2018 16:01

The trailer for Garage Nintendo couldn’t show you

The Nindie community continues to grow, announcing a list of titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. One in particular that caught my attention was Gara...
21-03-2018 16:01

February 2018 NPD Report Rumors Place Switch in Third, PS4 T

New rumors surrounding the NPD report (sales in the US) from last month (February 2018) have surfaced. The details come from a user over on ResetEra, ...
21-03-2018 16:01

Here Are the Best Selling Indie Games on Nintendo Switch

We all know the Nintendo Switch is a great platform for indie games, but which titles have sold the best" Nintendo released the list, which includes t...
21-03-2018 16:01

Here’s Why ‘A Way Out’ Isn’t Coming

With local multiplayer such an emphasis of the Nintendo Switch and EA’s upcoming A Way Out, some fans have wondered why the game is not in developme...
20-03-2018 16:02

Goku in Smash Bros, New Sonic Racing, & Suda51 Wants Ki

There’s been a slew of Nintendo news this week. Funimation wants Goku from Dragonball Z in Super Smash Bros for Switch. Sega teases a new racer in t...
20-03-2018 16:02

This is the Final Week to Add Points to the Wii Shop Channel

The end is nigh for the Wii Shop Channel. As of March 26th (at 1 PM Pacific), customers will no longer be able to add Wii Points or use a credit card ...
20-03-2018 16:02

Play Your Switch with an Xbox One S Controller with the 8Bit

The Xbox One S controller is considered by many to be one of the most comfortable controllers out there. If you own one for your Xbox or PC, then you ...
18-03-2018 16:01

Minecraft ‘Better Together’ Update on Switch Del

The situation surrounding the ‘Better Together’ update for the Nintendo Switch Edition of Minecraft has been quite odd, to say the least. This upd...
18-03-2018 16:01

The Switch 5.0 Update is a Reminder that Hacking Only Hurts

Recently, Nintendo rolled out the Switch 5.0 firmware update. The release of this update was met with a lot of criticism from several fans as it didn?...
18-03-2018 16:01

New ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Racing Game In Developm

SEGA unveiled their brand new Sonic the Hedgehog racing game with a cryptic teaser, as seen below. [ TOP SECRET ] — Sonic...
18-03-2018 16:01

‘ARMS’ Producer: “Too Early” To Be D

ARMS Producer Kosuke Yabuki recently talked with Famitsu about many aspects of Nintendo’s latest fighting game. The interview ended with a question ...
18-03-2018 16:01

Nintendo Switch: Nindies Showcase Spring 2018 Taking Place M

Nintendo has revealed their Nindies Showcase Spring 2018, a presentation about indie games in development for Nintendo Switch, will take place on Marc...
17-03-2018 16:02

Nintendo, Please Add an Ethernet Port to the Switch Dock

I love my Nintendo Switch, but I?m not going to pretend it doesn?t have a few flaws. While I don?t think any of its flaws totally ruin the experience,...
17-03-2018 16:02

Could Nintendo & Xbox Team Up for Something Big"

It’s pretty apparent that we are getting a different Nintendo this generation. Between allowing cross-network play and promoting rival company’s c...
17-03-2018 16:02

PSA: Do Not Use a Third-Party Switch Dock After 5.0 Update

This is a pretty scary situation. If you have a third-party dock for your Nintendo Switch, it would be best to ditch it right now if you updated your ...
16-03-2018 16:01

Funimation Wants Goku In ‘Super Smash Bros.’ For

Another Super Smash Bros. game announced, another wave of fans asking for Goku from Dragon Ball to enter the scene as a brand new fighter. This time, ...
16-03-2018 16:01

Tons of Nintendo Switch Games on Sale on eShop

Looking to pick up some games on the Switch eShop, but not trying to spend a lot of coin" There’s a pretty large sale going on with tons of titles i...
16-03-2018 16:01

‘Pokemon GO’ – Lugia Returns To Raid Battl

The Pokemon GO Team has announced Lugia will be returning to the game. The legendary pokemon joins Raid Battles again on March 16 until April 2. The L...
16-03-2018 16:01

Grab NBA 2K18 at a 50% Discount on the Switch eShop

Get ready to shoot some hoops in NBA 2K18. The Switch version of the game has gotten a pretty big discount over on the Nintendo Switch eShop, clocking...
15-03-2018 16:01

‘Splatoon 2’ – Nintendo Releases Minor Upd

Nintendo released an update yesterday for Splatoon 2 that included some tweaks to online multiplayer. While it doesn’t add a whole lot, it has some ...
15-03-2018 16:01

Survey – Lots of Japanese Switch Owners Intend to Pay

We’ve known about Nintendo’s new subscription-based network ‘Switch Online’ for a while now. The service was set to launch late last year, but...
15-03-2018 16:01

V-Rally Returning to Nintendo on Switch with V-Rally 4

It’s been a while since the V-Rally series has been in the public eye. Now, the hit off-road racing simulator is getting a new entry: V-Rally 4. Eve...
14-03-2018 16:02

Germany: Nintendo Switch First Year Sales Top Wii

It’s no secret that Nintendo Switch is selling incredibly well. The system is a success for sure, but its sales in different regions are strikingly ...
14-03-2018 16:02

Downhill Biking ‘Descenders’ will Come to Switch

The folks over at indie studio RageSquid recently launched their procedurally-generated downhill biking game Descenders a few weeks ago on PC. It was ...
14-03-2018 16:02

New Update Available for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Yesterday, Nintendo released a new firmware update for the Switch, bumping up the OS version to 5.0.0. Alongside the system OS update, a new update fo...
14-03-2018 16:02

Kirby: Star Allies Review for Nintendo Switch

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s long-lasting franchises that really enjoys taking the same formula and innovating on it in new and interesting ways. Kirb...
14-03-2018 16:02

Take Our Money Nintendo, Enough With the 3DS-only Games

Andrew and I discuss our disappoint with some of the latest 3DS titles not making their way to Switch. We’ve seen games like Fire Emblem Warriors co...
14-03-2018 16:02

Switch 5.0 Update Includes a Secret Internet Browser via Exp

Yesterday, Nintendo released a new version of the Switch OS: version 5.0. The new update adds a few new features, but not anything major. Well, at lea...
14-03-2018 16:02

Toys For Bob Handling Development On ‘Crash Bandicoot

With Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy heading to Nintendo Switch this summer, many wondered what team would be handling the game’s development. Ninte...
13-03-2018 16:01

Nintendo Switch System Update 5.0 Now Availiable

It’s not a leak or a rumor this time?it’s the real deal. Nintendo has just rolled out version 5.0.0 of the Switch OS firmware. It includes a few n...
13-03-2018 16:01

Nintendo Should Make Its Own Forza/Gran Turismo Experience f

One genre that?s been notably absent on Nintendo platforms for quite some time now is that of racing simulators. We?ve had these types of games for se...
12-03-2018 16:02

‘Outlast’ 1 & 2 – Nintendo Switch Por

We’ve heard how simple it is to develop for Nintendo Switch, and Red Barrels’ work on Outlast and Outlast 2 is further proof of that. Mathieu Gaut...
12-03-2018 16:02

Grab a New Pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con at a Discount

The Joy-Con controllers for the Switch are pretty great, but they’re also rather expensive. If you’ve been wanting to pick up a new pair for multi...
12-03-2018 16:02

2K Games Disables Screenshot Feature in NBA 2K18 on Switch

Well, this is strange. Usually, an update is supposed to add features and fix bugs, but the latest update for NBA 2K18 on Switch has actually removed ...
12-03-2018 16:02

‘ARMS’ Global Testpunch Planned For March 31

Nintendo is planning an ARMS Global Testpunch that will take place on March 31. If you haven’t picked up the fighting game yet, this is a fantastic ...
12-03-2018 16:02

Co-Creator of Original Xbox Compliments Nintendo Switch

All one has to do is take a short browse through any major gaming-website, or gaming-section of a popular website like YouTube in order to find severa...
12-03-2018 16:02

New Switch System Update Appears to be Coming Soon (5.0)

A few weeks ago, there was a ‘leak‘ which turned out to be fake that showed off a mock-up of version 5.0 of the Switch firmware. While that leak w...
12-03-2018 16:02

Check Out This New Trailer For ‘Bayonetta 2’ on

Nintendo dropped a new trailer dor Bayonetta 2 on Nintendo Switch. The new piece of marketing includes quite a lot of details about the title, making ...
10-03-2018 16:01

Super Smash Bros. Switch Reaction/Discussion – Inkling

Our dreams have finally come true! Super Smash Bros. has officially been announced for Nintendo Switch. Andrew and I discuss the trailer, the characte...
10-03-2018 16:01

‘Super Smash Bros’ Coming To Nintendo Switch in

Nintendo just confirmed a Super Smash Bros. title that is set for release in 2018. The game will feature the Inklings from Splatoon as playable charac...
09-03-2018 16:01

New Octopath Traveler Details and Release Date Revealed

During Nintendo’s Direct, Masashi Takahashi from Square Enix revealed some new information regarding Octopath Traveler, including new characters and...
09-03-2018 16:01

Capatain Toad: Treasure Tracker coming to Switch and 3DS

It was exciting enough to see Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker get announced for the Switch, releasing on July 13, 2018.  A 3DS version of the game is c...
09-03-2018 16:01

Sushi Striker: The Way Of Sushido Release Date Announced

Nintendo has announced Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido will be coming to Nintendo Switch on June 8th. It’s an adventure/puzzle game that follows t...
09-03-2018 16:01

Mario Tennis Aces Release Date and New Details Revealed

During the latest Nintendo Direct, a lot of Mario Tennis Aces detailed were revealed, including the release date. On June 22, Switch owners will get t...
09-03-2018 16:01

Dark Souls Remastered Getting Amiibo Support

In anticipation of Dark Souls Remastered, Nintendo revealed a few tidbits about the upcoming video game. First, since the game features heavy online c...
09-03-2018 16:01

‘Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’ Releasing for

Nintendo has officially confirmed that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will be released for Nintendo Switch on July 10. Spin?jump?and wump through rem...
09-03-2018 16:01

Kirby Will Team Up With Some Old Friends In Kirby Star Allie

Kirby Star Allies will be launching on Nintendo Switch next week. During today’s Nintendo Direct revealed that Kirby will have some “Dream Friends...
09-03-2018 16:01

Wario Ware Gold coming to the Nintendo 3DS in August

I for one am a huge fan of the Wario Ware series. I was surprised to see the return of the crooked-mustached man with Wario Ware Gold. There are over ...
09-03-2018 16:01

Luigi’s Mansion remake announced for 3DS

Nintendo announced that a remake of the Gamecube classic, Luigi’s Mansion will be coming to Nintendo 3DS. The console’s second screen will allow p...
09-03-2018 16:01

Nintendo Confirms Direct Coming March 8

Nintendo has officially teased a Direct scheduled for 2 p.m. PST on March 8. The presentation will last roughly 30 minutes, with an emphasis on Switch...
08-03-2018 16:02

New Stand from HORI Turns Nintendo Switch into a Mini Comput

HORI has created a lot of different accessories for the Nintendo Switch, but their newest gadget is rather interesting. Its Japanese name roughly tran...
08-03-2018 16:02

Little Triangle Review for Nintendo Switch

Little Triangle is the latest entry in the Nintendo Switch?s vast platforming catalogue.  The game makes its mark with excellent controls, a mix of pr...
08-03-2018 16:02

Nintendo Switch First Year Sales in Japan are 3.8 Million Un

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you should be aware that the Nintendo Switch has proven to be a massive hit worldwide since it released...
08-03-2018 16:02

Various HORI Switch Accessories Discounted on Amazon

Popular accessory-maker HORI has released quite a number of different products for the Switch so far.  A few of these products have received a discoun...
08-03-2018 16:02

‘Chicken Wiggle Workshop’ Kickstarter Launches T

Update: The Kickstarter is live! Click here to check it out. Atooi’s Jools Watsham has announced that the Chicken Wiggle Workshop Kickstarter will b...
07-03-2018 16:02

New Switch Stand from CyberGadget is Perfect for Tabletop Ch

One of the minor design flaws of the Switch is that it’s impossible to charge the system when using it in tabletop mode. This may not be an issue fo...
07-03-2018 16:02

Switch Time-Played Error Fixed & Mario is a Plumber Aga

Nintendo confirmed that the Switch time-clock escapade was just an error and nothing will be deleted. The Big N also recently changed Mario’s bio on...
07-03-2018 16:02

New ‘ARMS’ Update Goes Live

Nintendo has updated ARMS to version 5.2. The official patch notes can be found below, per Nintendo’s website. Patch Notes The Party Crash mode ?Big...
07-03-2018 16:02

Switch eShop Maintenance Happening on March 8

Nintendo has scheduled some routine network maintenance for this week. This time, it involves maintenance exclusively for the Nintendo Switch eShop an...
07-03-2018 16:02

Guilt Battle Arena Review for Nintendo Switch

Behind an intriguing premise and not much else, Guilt Battle Arena attempts to join the ranks of the many indies behind the local multiplayer resurgen...
06-03-2018 16:02

High Sales of Nintendo Switch Help Boost UK Games Market in

The Nintendo Switch has made quite an impact on the world since it launched last March. The system has been performing well in market after market all...
05-03-2018 16:02

Don’t Worry About Switch Playtime – Nintendo Con

So while everyone was celebrating the birthday of the Nintendo Switch, any gamers noticed something: their playtime for games like the Legend of Zelda...
05-03-2018 16:02

Kirby Star Allies Demo Hits North America

Kirby Star Allies got a demo released on the European eShop late last week, and those in North America sat and wondered if the demo would come to othe...
05-03-2018 16:02

Nintendo Switch Awarded the ‘AMD Excellence Award̵

It’s pretty easy to see that a good chunk of the gaming community has been enjoying the Switch, but even the industry considers it to be a great sys...
05-03-2018 16:02

It’s Time For Super Mario Sunshine 2

I love Super Mario Sunshine. But I’ve noticed over the years that not a lot of people feel the same way. However, I think with the right tinkering, ...
05-03-2018 16:02

Metroid Gets Game Informer Cover for 300th Issue

If you have ever set foot into a GameStop, you are probably well aware of Game Informer. Game Informer has been a video game publication for years, an...
05-03-2018 16:02

Rocket League Getting a New ‘Mini Update’ on Mar

The incredibly-popular Rocket League will be getting a mini-update later today (March 5), bringing the game version up to 1.42. This update will inclu...
05-03-2018 16:02

Switch Glitch Has Reset the Play Time Counters for a Lot of

With today officially being the one-year anniversary of the Nintendo Switch’s launch, a lot of users worldwide are waking up to find that their play...
04-03-2018 16:02

It’s Officially Been One Year Since the Launch of Nint

The Nintendo Switch has officially turned one year old. March 3rd, 2017 marked the day of the hybrid’s system release in several different markets w...
04-03-2018 16:02

The Switch Needs More Dedicated Studios for Third-Party Port

Here?s a fact you already knew: the Switch is a lot different from the other consoles that are currently on the market. In fact, it?s a lot different ...
04-03-2018 16:02

Nintendo Switch – One Year Later – The GOOD and

Today we have a big celebration. The celebration of the Nintendo Switch’s first (of hopefully many) birthdays! It’s been an interesting year for t...
04-03-2018 16:02

GameStop is Running a Nintendo Switch Anniversary Sale

Today is March 3rd, 2018, which means it’s been exactly a year since the Nintendo Switch launched worldwide. In light of this event, GameStop has ki...
04-03-2018 16:02

Happy Birthday Switch!

The post Happy Birthday Switch! appeared first on Nintendo Enthusiast....
04-03-2018 16:02

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Patch 1.3.0 Now Out; Details Inside

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the latest epic RPG from Monolith and Nintendo, and has been getting updates and DLC since the launch of the game. Today, Pa...
03-03-2018 16:01

‘Super Smash Bros.’ for Switch Character Roster

After hearing the rumors of Super Smash Bros coming to Nintendo Switch later this year, Andrew and I couldn’t help but make a roster prediction vide...
02-03-2018 16:02

Is Blizzard Teasing a ‘Diablo’ Game For Nintendo

There have been several rumors stating Diablo 3 will be released on Nintendo Switch, and now Blizzard appears to have jumped in the conversation. The ...
02-03-2018 16:02

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