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  It\'s been a while since we\'ve played a new chess app game. Knights comes fromHikari Sasu. The object is to move all the knights from the bottom...
15-12-2017 16:02

Waltzing Tiles by Boris Sokolsky FREE

  Waltzing Tiles comes from Boris Sokolsky. The object is to slide the rows/columns back/forth and up/down to un-mix the colors.The easy mode is way...
13-12-2017 16:04

DropPocket FV by miho ito FREE

DropPocket FV comes from miho ito. The object is to fill up all the spaces with tiles from the piles that have numbers on them. Slide them vertically/...
12-12-2017 16:03

Disjoint by 2056516 Alberta Limited $2.99

  I started Disjoint about a month ago. The object is to swivel triangles around each other on various pivot points so that all the triangles will f...
09-12-2017 16:04

Joint Number Place by Yuki Fujimoto FREE

  Joint Number Place comes from Yuki Fujimoto. The object is to form a Latin Square such that: each row and column has numbers 1-n. Also, each color...
07-12-2017 16:02
07-12-2017 16:02

Flat Cubes: a 2D Rubik's Cube by Christophe Scholly FREE

 Flat Cubes: a 2D Rubik\'s Cube comes from Christophe Scholly. How many times have we seen puzzles described as a 2-dimensional Rubik\'s Cube"  The...
06-12-2017 16:04

Cube Escape: The Cave FREE

I\'ve been a fan of the Rusty Lake people for a while now.  See the list below of their games that I\'ve played. The artwork is good. The puzzles are...
05-12-2017 16:03

Cool visuals & 1 Mechanical puzzle

Puzzlers: I\'m way behind in posting about good puzzle apps. Sorry.  Check out these cool things. Back on Monday....
02-12-2017 16:04

Flow Free: Warps by Big Duck Games LLC FREE

  Loyal Blog Followers Robert Dancer & Marcelo Pars have convinced me to give the folks at Big Duck Games another chance with their Flow games. I wa...
30-11-2017 16:04

Strimko Book 1 $2.57

Did you download Strimko Gold when I told you" It\'s no longer available. However, you can now buy this very cool, colorful version of Sudoku from the...
30-11-2017 16:04

Tangram Curved Puzzle Game by Harikrushna parmar FREE

  Tangram Curved Puzzle Game comes from Harikrushna parmar. The object is to fill the grid with the curved pieces.  This is, quite possibly, one o...
29-11-2017 16:03

Sudoku Sweeper by Edward Biden

  Loyal Blog Follower David Cole alerted me to Sudoku Sweeper by Edward Biden.  The concept is very similar to Squiggly Sudoku where non-rectangula...
27-11-2017 16:03

One Way Puzzle by Glopa Inc. FREE

 One Way Puzzle is one of those puzzles where the object is to cover all the squares with a single path.I used to love this genre. But I\'ve done too...
22-11-2017 16:03

WordBubbles! by Apprope FREE

  WordBubbles! comes from Apprope and is very popular. The object is to find words, use up all the letters and then move on.  The concept borrows f...
17-11-2017 16:03

Ten monkey challenge by Miroslaw Zielinski

  Ten monkey challenge comes from Miroslaw Zielinski. He\'s been publishing a lot of puzzle app the past couple of years.  See list below.The objec...
16-11-2017 16:03

La Palette Color Ballz by Nadezhda Sidorova

  La Palette Color Ballz comes from Nadezhda Sidorova. (I\'ve always liked the name Nadezhda.) It\'s a \'match-3\' game.  There are hundreds of mat...
14-11-2017 16:03

Campfire Cooking by Layton Hawkes $3.99

2017 has been somewhat disappointing in terms of puzzle app games.  There seems to have been a drop off in the number of innovative & high quality ga...
12-11-2017 16:02

New web page to explore new puzzles

My old friend Rod Kimball has a new web page: ...
10-11-2017 16:03

Joints Puzzle Game by EggShellGames FREE

  Joints Puzzle Game comes from EggShellGames.  It\'s a lot like Lights Out.  The object is to get all the nodes green.  Tap on any node and it w...
09-11-2017 16:05

Nodulus by Dan Kondratyuk FREE

Have you ever played ThinkFun\'s River Crossing Puzzles" It started a new genre of puzzles known as Plank Puzzles. The object is to pick up logs and u...
08-11-2017 16:05

it's red by Jakub Szolomicki FREE

  it\'s red comes from Jakub Szolomicki.  His description:Try your best in the hardest game ever released.Solve 45 unique riddles and prove your ge...
07-11-2017 16:05

The Gold Coin Puzzle

My grandfather\'s hobby was collecting clocks and repairing them.  He was completely self taught. Other clock repairmen would bring their problems to...
03-11-2017 16:02

Typeshift by Zach Gage FREE

  Typeshift is a word puzze from Zach Gage.  The idea is to slide each column up and down and utilize every single letter.  It\'s been a while sin...
03-11-2017 16:02

Octopuz by gary gogis FREE

  Octopuz come from Gary Gogis. It\'s a game that tests your memory & your quickness.  The object is to memorize the image, then rebuild it with t...
02-11-2017 16:04

Cube Escape: Theater by Rusty Lake B.V. FREE

It\'s been a while since I played a Rusty Lake game. I\'ve been saving Cube Escape: Theater for a miserable rainy day. Sunday was it.The premise: you ...
01-11-2017 16:03

Boo! (factory balls halloween) by Bart Bonte FREE

Loyal Blog Followers know how much I liked Bart Bonte\'s Factory Balls.   Boo! is Bart\'s latest and it\'s a stencil puzzle, just like Factory Balls...
31-10-2017 16:03

Cubesc by Cagri Gecin $.99

 Cubesc comes from Cagri Gecin. It\'s been on my mind for a few weeks. That first image! It\'s haunting. Look at the Teddy Bear! The object is to ge...
28-10-2017 16:02

CraCol by Nguyen Truong FREE

  CraCol comes from Nguyen Truong. The object is to score points by creating rows, columns & diagonals of the same color.There have been some other ...
27-10-2017 16:03

Number Array by an zhuona FREE

  Number Array comes from an zhuona.His description: The goal of number array is to arrange the numbers into four rows ordered from top to bottom, ...
26-10-2017 16:03

Divisor by G vector FREE

  Divisor by G vector is a reverse-point scoring puzzle game. The object is to place the numbered tiles at the bottom onto the grid so that 2 or mor...
24-10-2017 16:03

Color 6 by Tigrido FREE

  This past weekend I saw the image of Color 6 and just passed it by. Seemed like another \'packing puzzle\' and I didn\'t scrutinize this properly....
20-10-2017 16:03

Cubiques 2 by Dilmer Valecillos $.99

  Not long ago I reviewed Dilmer Valecillos\'s game Cubiques.  Cubiques 2 is even better.  The object is to get Your Men - the white cubes - to ro...
20-10-2017 16:03

Cube Loop by Marcelo Pars

  Cube Loop comes from Marcelo Pars. The object is to form paths that connect the start and end points of each color.  I played a game almost ident...
19-10-2017 16:03

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Users Report PSN Down Across All Platforms

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