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Calculating Nintendo Switch pre-order sales

Videogames News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: Nintendo Enthusiast - View all news from this site
Calculating Nintendo Switch pre-order sales Calculating Nintendo Switch pre-order sales

Calculating Nintendo Switch pre-order sales

At this point, Nintendo Switch pre-orders are sold out virtually everywhere, both in retail stores and online. But, will these pre-order indicators translate to actual sales success" Unfortunately, we don?t really know what early pre-order signs mean for a console. After all, Wii U pre-orders sold out nearly immediately and the console was sold out everywhere for a few weeks after its launch. What can we glean from early Nintendo Switch pre-order information"
The most important figure for us to look at is 2 million. That number is the figure Nintendo estimates for March shipments of the console. So, how many of those units will be ready on day one"
When the Wii U launched, the console sold 400,000 units in its first week in the US, ultimately selling 900,000 units in its first six weeks on sale. With these numbers, I think it is safe to assume that about half of shipped units were available to purchase on the first day or week on sale. Ultimately, it doesn?t matter if we?re talking just a day or an entire week if the pre-orders are immediately sold out and it takes about a week for a new shipment to arrive.

Assuming there are a million units available for the Switch on day one worldwide, how many of those will end up in the US" Nintendo will likely base its shipments on the success of other consoles by territory. Out of all the Wii Us sold, about 48 percent were sold in the US. Meanwhile, about 34 percent of 3DS units were sold in the US. Unfortunately, given that the Switch is somewhat of a hybrid console, we don?t know if shipments to the US will be closer to the one-third figure, or closer to the one-half figure. For argument?s sake, let?s assume that the Switch gets a number right in between, and the US gets 41 percent of the original shipment. Assuming there are 1 million units available at launch, and 41 percent of them come to the US, a sold-out launch would put the console right at 410,000 units – about on par with the launch day sales of the Wii U. That shouldn?t discourage you, however. The Wii U had what was considered a relatively strong launch. The biggest problem for the console was that sales could not sustain at the same rate after launch. If sales continue to be high for the Switch after initial launch, the number sold on day one ultimately won?t really matter.

The other silver lining could be the worldwide sales figures. If the Switch completely sells out on day one worldwide, that would be about a million units sold on the first day. The Xbox One hit one million units sold on its first day as well. Although the Xbox One has not hit the same commercial success as the PS4, the console?s sales have been no slouch. To date, the platform has sold more than 25 million units.
What should we make of this data" A sold-out launch is surely a good thing by any standard, but what will ultimately matter is the continual sales of the console after the initial launch. The other thing to keep in mind is that...

Source of news: Nintendo Enthusiast
Source of publication: 26-01-2017 03:29
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