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SEGA and Nintendo Execs Talk About Sonic’s Transition to Nintendo Platforms

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SEGA and Nintendo Execs Talk About Sonic’s Transition to Nintendo Platforms SEGA and Nintendo Execs Talk About Sonic’s Transition to Nintendo Platforms

SEGA and Nintendo Execs Talk About Sonic’s Transition to Nintendo Platforms

The first ‘great console war’ was fought during the 90s: SEGA versus Nintendo. It was a pretty epic battle between two titans, both of which had incredibly popular franchises leading the charge. Many gamers who weren’t around at that time have heard about the iconic phrases that defined that period, such as “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t”, and “Now You’re Playing With Power!”. Fun times, don’t you agree"
Since it was such a huge battle between these two companies, many people were absolutely shocked in 2001 when Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was released on the GameCube. Having only been a few months since the game’s release on the failed Dreamcast, it was a surprise to see the first console Sonic crossover to ending up being a Nintendo system after SEGA had to shutdown its hardware business.
The years since then have been pretty calm for both companies. Sonic has now become a mainstay in the Nintendo family; like an adopted of cousin of sorts. There have been many exclusive Sonic titles released on the Wii and DS and even a collection of games from a three-year contract with Nintendo which brought titles exclusively to the Wii U and 3DS. Of course, Sonic has also come in contact with Mario directly in the Mario & Sonic at the Olymic Games series, which has been in existence for nearly a decade now, and also the latest two entries in the Super Smash Bros. series. So, how did this all come about" Former SEGA-executive and of Sonic’s creators Yuji Naka, along with current Sonic Team lead Takashi Iizuka and Nintendo’s legendary Shigeru Miyamoto recently had an interview with Game Informer where they discussed the two companies volatile history and recent partnership. ? SOURCE: GAME INFORMER ?

Naka discusses SEGA’s transition to a third-party company after DreamCast’s demise:

?It?s very sad that Sega?s hardware business was canceled, but this allowed Sonic to run over a variety of different platforms. This made it so more people were able to play and enjoy Sonic games than ever.?
The article notes that Takashi Iizuka spoke to SEGA of America soon after he had heard of Sonic going multiplatform to urge them to get the series on Nintendo’s systems. Going by this, apparently the ‘taboo’ was in the works almost immediately after the DreamCast was terminated. History shows that this process was rapidly carried out as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle was released on the GC just six months after the game’s original DC release.

Iizuka comments on how Sonic fans were upset with the move to Nintendo platforms:

?From my perspective, yeah, the companies may have been at war from a promotional standpoint ? there was a lot of rivalry being created. As hardware manufacturers, you?re always out there competing against everyone else in the marketplace, but for me, I was just out there to make the greatest games possible, and bring them to a...
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SEGA and Nintendo Execs Talk About Sonic’s Transition to Nintendo Platforms SEGA and Nintendo Execs Talk About Sonic’s Transition to Nintendo Platforms


Source of news: Nintendo Enthusiast
Source of publication: 30-09-2016 03:29
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