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UK: Survey Shows Interest In Nintendo Switch Is High But Price Is Apparently Too Expensive

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UK: Survey Shows Interest In Nintendo Switch Is High But Price Is Apparently Too Expensive UK: Survey Shows Interest In Nintendo Switch Is High But Price Is Apparently Too Expensive

UK: Survey Shows Interest In Nintendo Switch Is High But Price Is Apparently Too Expensive

The UK public has been surveyed about the Nintendo Switch and the results are promising. Interest in the device is high with about half the UK population aware of the Nintendo Switch prior to its launch, however just under a third are interested in making a purchase within the next three months. Pricing has been noted as the biggest barrier.
“It?s encouraging for Nintendo to see high awareness levels and propensity to buy the console, in a market where mobile gaming continues to increase in popularity,? Harris Interactive research manager for media and entertainment Riccardo Imbriano told MCV.
?However, cost and quality are the key barriers for Nintendo to overcome, as some gamers have said they can?t afford the Switch or are already happy with another console. It will be a challenge for Nintendo to compete for both living room space and spending, especially when both PlayStation and Xbox are aiming to release smaller, cheaper, or more powerful devices aimed at giving core gamers an enhanced gaming experience.? He continued: ?Nintendo?s success depends on its ability to appeal to gamers in the same way the Wii did by displaying innovative and fun ways to play the games and franchises they love on a new console. The Wii?s strength grew from its appeal to playing with family and friends, and Nintendo must build on the same experiences to drive adoption in homes. 
“To persuade gamers, Nintendo must prove the Switch is as enjoyable to use as the Wii, release quality games at the correct times, and take advantage of the console?s ability to support play on the move like the 3DS, which will appeal to a wide range of gamers.?
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Source of news: My Nintendo News
Source of publication: 17-03-2017 16:00
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