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Mass Effect Andromeda Review – Finding Paths (PS4)

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Mass Effect Andromeda Review – Finding Paths (PS4) Mass Effect Andromeda Review – Finding Paths (PS4)

Mass Effect Andromeda Review – Finding Paths (PS4)

After the credits rolled at the end of Mass Effect 3, no one expected the franchise to really return outside of a port to the current generation of consoles. EA’s announcement of Mass Effect Andromeda at E3 2015 both surprised and elated fans. We had a long time to wait, but oh, it would be worth it. Mass Effect addicts love the franchise so much, we don’t care how long we have to wait for a new installment. We will happily wait a few years for a polished experience filled with a space opera and those BioWare character development and interactions that made the original trilogy so remarkable. It’s unfortunate that Andromeda stumbles more than it sprints in most cases.
Ineffective Storyline
The Andromeda Initiative is a plan the Council cooked up to send tens of thousands of eager participants from most species (human, asari, turian, krogran, and salarian) to the Andromeda galaxy to settle. The Andromeda galaxy is two million light years away, effectively making this a one way trip. They leave in the year 2185, the year Mass Effect 2 began. There are no Mass Relays in Andromeda, which seems to be just fine as everyone has ships that fly faster than light (FTL). I’m not sure why this technology existed in 2185 but was only given to the Initiative; if they had shared it then perhaps they could have deactivated the Mass Relays and stopped the Reapers from coming at all.
But I’m digressing; the tale of Andromeda takes place 634 years after the start of the second Mass Effect game where these species from the Milky Way opt to settle in a brand new galaxy. Your mission as one of the Ryder twins is to pick up the Pathfinder role your father left behind and help all of these colonists settle in this strange new world. All they know about the galaxy is that there are potentially “seven golden worlds” they could possibly inhabit, all based upon data over 600 years ago at a two-million light year delay. Things have changed, and not for the better. The Heleus cluster they chose for settlement is plagued with dark energy webbings around the systems and very hostile aliens who want to shoot first and not ask any questions. If that wasn’t bad enough, all of the planets in the cluster are inhospitable, contrary to the outdated data they gathered 600 years ago. Of course things weren’t going to go smoothly, because it would be another Sim game without some conflict. It would be nice, though, if the conflict wasn’t so similar to one of another space opera: Halo. The planets are not viable due to ancient yet advanced alien technology left behind in Andromeda. There are vaults on each planet with the Remnant tech, and by unlocking each vault, Ryder can stop whatever atmospheric calamity is causing the un-viability. Each vault and site of this tech is also guarded by machines made from the same technology. The hostile aliens on a Milky Way murder spree are after this tech. Halo fans are probably already ro...

Source of news: PlayStation LifeStyle
Source of publication: 20-03-2017 16:00
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