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Ubisoft Confirms Zombi for PS4 in August, Is an Upgraded Version of ZombiU

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Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: PlayStation LifeStyle - View all news from this site
Ubisoft Confirms Zombi for PS4 in August, Is an Upgraded Version of ZombiU Ubisoft Confirms Zombi for PS4 in August, Is an Upgraded Version of ZombiU

Ubisoft Confirms Zombi for PS4 in August, Is an Upgraded Version of ZombiU

Taking to the Ubi Blog, Ubisoft confirmed that the minimap – which was on the Wii U gamepad – has been moved onto the main screen. As Producer Hélène Henry explained:

We maintain a minimal HUD as much as possible. It disappears when not required, giving the game a very lonely feeling. If you have surround sound, the awesome sound mix from the original still stands and greatly helps immersion. As much as possible, we?ve tried to keep those key elements.

You’ll also find a slight increase in the field of view (it can be increased and decreased slightly if you choose) and faster load times, while the control mapping and response was worked on to improve the look and feel of first-person movement.
Addressing some complaints of having a cricket bat as your only melee weapon, Zombi adds the shovel and nail bat. The shovel is longer range and can hit multiple zombies at a time, while the nail bat hits for more damage and can also hit multiple zombies. Additionally, the new flashlight will allow you to switch to a wider, further-reaching beam at the cost of battery life and the risk of alerting zombies, needing 30 seconds to recharge once you’re done. Since the PS4, Xbox One, and PC can’t replicate looking at another screen while managing your inventory, Henry says, “Rummaging in the backpack still doesn?t pause the game. We?ve added a dedicated button to access the backpack, which lets players see their full inventory and assign shortcut keys.” While doing this, you won’t be able to see approaching zombies unless they’re coming from the sides of the screen.
Finally, because they decided to focus on the solo mode, ZombiU’s single-system multiplayer that utilized the Wii U gamepad won’t be in Zombi.
Original Story:
Putting an end to all the rumors, Ubisoft has confirmed that Wii U launch title ZombiU is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 18 in North America and Europe, simply ...

Source of news: PlayStation LifeStyle
Source of publication: 31-07-2015 03:28
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