Far Cry 5 - Character Spotlight: Sharky Boshaw ? Gun For Hire | PS4 - videosen

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Far Cry 5 - Character Spotlight: Sharky Boshaw ? Gun For Hire | PS4

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https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/far-cry-5-ps4/ Defend the land with Sharky Boshaw, the pyromaniac. He?s ready to follow in his older cousin Hurk?s shoes, and clear the Project at Eden?s Gate out of Hope County once and for all. Far Cry 5 will be released on PS4.   Learn more at farcry.com. Available March 27, 2018. #FarCry5  #FarCry   Please SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/UbisoftYouTubeChannel   Visit our official channels for the latest information on all things Far Cry:   https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/ https://www.facebook.com/farcry.usa https://www.instagram.com/farcrygame_us/ https://twitter.com/FarCrygame http://www.youtube.com/UbisoftUS ABOUT FAR CRY 5: Far Cry comes to America in the latest installment of the award-winning franchise. Welcome to Hope County, Montana. When your arrival incites the cult to violently seize control of the region, you must rise up and spark the fires of resistance to liberate a besieged community.   Freely explore Hope County?s rivers, lands, and skies with the largest customizable weapon and vehicle roster ever in a Far Cry game. You are the hero of the story in a thrilling world that hits back with every punch, and where the places you discover and the locals you ally with will shape your story in ways you?ll never see coming.   Key Features: SPARK THE FIRES OF RESISTANCE AGAINST A FANATIC CULT: Stranded in hostile territory, find strength in the community around you to lead a resistance against a cult taking over Hope County, Montana.   CARVE YOUR OWN PATH: The freedom to go in any direction ? you decide the when, the where, and the how. From the moment you enter Hope County you have the freedom to tackle the world in any order you choose.   A WORLD THAT EVOLVES Play your way against Joseph Seed and his fanatical followers in a dynamic open world that adapts and reacts to the choices you make.   DYNAMIC TOYS Tear up the countryside in iconic American vehicles you can make your own; from muscle cars to big rigs, from ATVs to tractors.   Rated Mature: Blood and Gore Intense Violence Sexual Themes Strong Language Use of Drugs and Alcohol © 2018 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Far Cry, Ubisoft, and the Ubisoft logo are registered or unregistered trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the US and/or other countries. Based on Crytek?s original Far Cry directed by Cevat Yerli. © 2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. ?PlayStation? and the ?PS? Family logo are registered trademarks and ?PS4? is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. ?Greatness Awaits? is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

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