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iphone-games - Videogames

iphone-games - Videogames

The Mind by Wolfgang Warsch $13

There\'s a new trend in the gaming industry: cooperating so that everybody either wins or loses.The rules of The Mind are very simple: each player has ...
08-04-2021 16:04

Squares - impossible puzzl?e by Christopher Hermann

Squares - impossible puzzl?e comes from Christopher Hermann. This game is GREAT.The object is for the Pink Man to pick up the pink stars and the Gree ...
08-04-2021 16:04

Threes - Update

Alan Hazelden recently tweeted about his old game Threes! It\'s now on Apple\'s \'Arcade\'.  That\'s quite an honor.Threes! truly is an exceptional p ...
07-04-2021 16:04

Hexa Slitherlin?k by FTSix Studios

Hexa Slitherlink is the hexagonal version of Slitherlink. The object is to create one closed loop so that each number indicates how many links are adj ...
06-04-2021 16:05

Slitherlink - Classi?c by FTSix Studios

FTSix Studios has produced a slew of puzzle apps recently.  Slitherlink - Classic is an old game. The concept is at least 20 years old.  The object ...
03-04-2021 16:04

Mitoza FREE

 Mitoza is an old game that expired.  The folks at Rusty Lake have partnered with Gal Mamalya to bring it back.\'It\'s not a game. It\'s a toy It al ...
09-03-2021 16:05

MultiTarget by IBA Puzzles FR

My Puzzle friend Glenn Iba has been a regular attendee of the annual New York Puzzle Party.  The last couple of years, he has shown everybody his pro ...
13-02-2021 16:05

GAN Robot solves your Rubik's Cube $55

 This robot will scramble and solve your Rubik\'s Cube. $55. But you must have a \'GAN\' model Rubik\'s Cube with holes around the center squares. I ...
16-01-2021 16:04

Pushing Machine 3D (Original) by Rafal Roszak

Rafal Roszak came out with an amazing game in 2017. See link below.  The new game is a 3D version of the same game. There are10,800 levels spread ov ...
06-01-2021 16:04

Arrower Puzzle - Brain Game FREE

Arrower Puzzle - Brain Game comes from Shanghai Youyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  The object is to get the arrows to the yellow targets.The arr ...
05-01-2021 16:04

Snavi by Billy Clack FREE

Snavi comes from Billy and Mary Clack. The object is to get Your Man, the snail, to pick up the stars and keys and get to the exit.After playing the f ...
23-12-2020 16:04

Unit 404 by Maxim Urusov $2.99

Unit 404 comes from Maxim Urusov. Whenever Maxim publishes a game - you know it\'s going to be hard. Scroll to the bottom to see his other games.   ...
16-12-2020 16:04

Straight Lines 3D by Omer Faruk Hilal

Straight Lines 3D is a \'minimalist\' puzzle from Omer Faruk Hilal. The object is to  swap the lines to make connections.I\'m not sure how many leve ...
04-12-2020 16:04

Ball Slider: Fill Box Puzzle by XINGMING HUANG

Ball Slider: Fill Box Puzzle comes from Xingming Huang.  The object is to slide all the balls until they hit a wall or into an empty space.I solved a ...
02-12-2020 16:04

hocus 2 by $2.99

Whenever Yunus Ayyildiz publishes a puzzle game, it\'s time to celebrate. Scroll to the bottom to see his previous games. hocus 2 picks up from the o ...
30-11-2020 16:04

Logic Flow by Armen Grigoryan FREE

 Logic Flow comes from Armen Grigoryan.  The object is to slide the rhombi to their targets.We\'ve seen many many games just like this.  At least ...
26-11-2020 16:04

Symmetrica: Minimalistic arcade game Sem

Symmetrica: Minimalistic arcade game is fun! There are 16 free levels. 36 extra levels cost $.99.  Each level has multiple guns that must shoot targ ...
20-11-2020 16:05

Jelly Merge - Puzzle Game by Xin Peng

 The object of Jelly Merge is to swipe in all directions until all the greens merge and all the blues merge etc.We\'ve seen this type of game many ti ...
16-11-2020 16:05

Really Bad Chess by Zach Gage FREE

 Tired of regular chess"  Really Bad Chess truly shakes things up.  Imagine starting with 3 queens or with 7 knights.  I\'m not sure I understand ...
11-11-2020 16:04

Drop Drop! by Adem Kayirci FREE

 Adem Kayirci has a long history of producing good games.  Scroll to the bottom to see his other games that I\'ve reviewed. My favorite is cohex Dr ...
10-11-2020 16:05

New Point Scoring Game from Michal Gorny 'Mergetin'

Michal Gorny recently contacted me about his point scoring puzzle app game. The object is to score points by exchanging tiles vertically/horizontally ...
24-10-2020 16:04


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