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iphone-games - Videogames

iphone-games - Videogames

Trinagon 3D Intuitive Logic by lucas pradlwarter $4.99

Trinagon 3D Intuitive Logic comes from Lucas Pradlwarter. The object is to swivel/rotate circles of triangles to create specific patterns. Longtime ...
04-06-2020 16:03

Pentacle Pentagram Puzzle by Yukang Wu $15

Pentacle Pentagram Puzzle comes from Yukang Wu.  The internal mechanism is a 3x3. However, there are no edges.Also, in order to turn the puzzle, the ...
21-05-2020 16:03

Balls by Gamezaur: an update

About a month ago I was playing Balls by Gamezaur.  It\'s a point scoring game.When my high score was 1800, I couldn\'t believe that anybody could do ...
21-05-2020 16:03

Kickstarter Project of an acquaintance

Jordan Gold is a magician whom I know from attending the Gathering 4 Gardner conferences.  He\'s got an interesting new product. ...
09-05-2020 16:03

Shape Fold by Domas Kazragis FREE

Shape Fold comes from Domas Kazragis. The object is to create/discover the hidden images by revolving parts along the curved orbits. The first two im ...
06-05-2020 16:03

Push It! FREE

 Push It! is extremely popular at the App Store.  The object is to fill all the spots with balls. The sequence of sending the balls is all important ...
30-04-2020 16:04

100◊3 Logic Games by Andrea Sabbatini FREE

100◊3 Logic Games¬†comes from Andrea Sabbatini.¬†¬†Once again produced a puzzle app that contains multiple puzzle genres.¬† This one has 14 games.¬† A ...
29-04-2020 16:03

Six Match by Aaron Steed FREE

Six Match comes from Aaron Steed. The graphics are very \'old school\'.  But the concept is very interesting.  Your Man is the #6 tile. You have 6 ...
28-04-2020 16:02

Cube Escape: Paradox Rusty Lake FREE

 Cube Escape: Paradox is the 10th Cube Escape game from Rusty Lake.   This game came out in 2018, but I\'m only now getting around to it, because, ...
23-04-2020 16:03

Cubether Lead the cubes to solution by Michal Barszczewski

 Cubether Lead the cubes to solution comes from Michal Barszczewski.  I stumbled on his game on twitter:  ...
18-04-2020 16:02

Balls. by Gamezaur FREE

 Balls. comes from Gamezaur. It\'s a point scoring game.  It reminds me of Bee Cells Lite from 2012.The object is to score points by aligning the co ...
15-04-2020 16:02

green (game) by Bart Bonte FREE

green (game) comes from Bart Bonte. I\'m a big fan of his games.  They\'re fun, fast and free.If you\'ve been a Loyal Blog Follower, then you\'ve pl ...
10-04-2020 16:02

Shape And Hue by Michal Gorny FREE

Michal Gorny recently contacted me about his new game Shape And Hue. It\'s a lovely visual jigsaw puzzle.   Your task is to swap individual tiles ...
08-04-2020 16:02

Sudoku Evolved by Max Q Software LLC $.99

Daniel Greenheck recently contacted me about his game Sudoku Evolved. It\'s a 3-D version.  Each puzzle has 5 sudokus: front, back, right, left & top ...
06-04-2020 16:02

Room Escape: 50 rooms I by S.henzhen Zhonglian Hudong FREE

Room Escape: 50 rooms I comes from S.henzhen Zhonglian Hudong.   It\'s very typical of the 100s of other room escape games published on the App St ...
31-03-2020 16:03

Zip Chip Sports

 Back in February I attended Toy Fair 2020 at the Javits Center in NY.  The guys who invented the ZipChip were kind enough to give me a sample. They ...
29-03-2020 16:02

The New York Puzzle Party 2020

The Zen Puzzler has a great blog. ...
28-03-2020 16:03

Color Crush Puzzle by Ola Nilsson

Color Crush Puzzle comes from Ola Nilsson. The object is to tap on 1 or 2 of the circles, which will then fire bullets at the other circles, with the ...
27-03-2020 16:02

RECIPRO Sliding Box Puzzle by Masahiro Nakahashi FREE

RECIPRO Sliding Box Puzzle by Masahiro Nakahashi.  The object is to organize the numbers in order by swapping the circled number with an adjacent num ...
26-03-2020 16:03

Untie the knots - Art of ropes by kun feng FREE

Untie the knots - Art of ropes comes from kun feng.  The object is to swap tiles in order to create loops among the colors.This game is very similar ...
25-03-2020 16:02

Road Puzzles by Mark Currie FREE

Road Puzzles comes from Mark Currie. The object is to move the cars to their parking spaces.Along the way, cars must go to the car wash, pick up gold ...
24-03-2020 16:03

Grids of Thermometers by Frozax Games

Grids of Thermometers comes from Frozax Games.  I reviewed this game about 4 years ago.  It\'s been updated and is much better.The object is to fil ...
24-03-2020 16:03

Woody 99 - Sudoku Block Puzzle by Athena Studio FREE

Hello Fellow Puzzlers!It\'s time that I got back into writing this blog. At this very difficult time in the world: we should at least find some time t ...
17-03-2020 16:03

TRUEChallenge - new mechanical puzzle

I just got this new mechanical puzzle at the NY Toy Fair.  The object is to spin the top hemisphere and the bottom in order to get all the magnets to ...
26-02-2020 16:02

SwipeTrix by Rakshak Kalwani FREE

SwipeTrix comes from Rakshak Kalwani. The object is to move Your Man, the rainbow square, to pick up the jewels without crashing into the death square ...
12-02-2020 16:03

Shapecraft by Gamezaur $1.99

 Shapecraft comes from Gamezaur. It\'s a minimalist puzzle. Which means that the rules are never explained. Essentially, it\'s a packing puzzle and ...
31-01-2020 16:03

Bubbles Pop 3D by Anatoly Maximov FREE

Bubbles Pop 3D comes from Anatoly Maximov. The object is to tap out all the balls connected by color.  Reminds me of Flood-It, from long ago.This ga ...
30-01-2020 16:04

Destroy Blocks by KAYAC Inc.

Destroy Blocks comes from KAYAC Inc. The object is to fire the torpedoes in the correct sequence to destroy all the blocks.Love this concept.  But I ...
28-01-2020 16:03

Cup Puzzle 3D by bugra bayrak FREE

Cup Puzzle 3D comes from bugra bayrak.  The object is to stack all the cups.1. The Red Cup is Your Man.  As Your Man travels from space to space, h ...
28-01-2020 16:03

Sort It 3D by Oz Maharshak FREE

Sort It 3D comes from Oz Maharshak. The object is to sort the balls by color into the cans.I\'ve done about 10 levels. This game is too easy.  Stric ...
07-01-2020 16:04

2048 Stack by RedLine Games FREE

2048 Stack comes from RedLine Games. The object is to place the random cubic numbers at the bottom of the screen onto the 4 stacks.  Hopefully, you\ ...
07-01-2020 16:04

Orixo Wormhole by Logisk Studio Inc. FREE

 Remember Orixo from last year" The Logisk Studio has a sequel called Orixo Wormhole.  The object is to fill the entire grid by sliding the numbered ...
03-01-2020 16:04

WoBoRoW Rock-paper-scissors puzzle

 Mikko Hannikainen recently contacted me about his new puzzle game WoBoRoW.  Essentially, it is a \'Rock-Paper-Scissors puzzle on a grid.I was not ...
02-01-2020 16:04

2019 PAGY Award Winners

The PAGY Awards were established in 2011 to honor the best Puzzle Apps Games of the Year.The 2019 Award Winners: Simply GREATReMazeSNIKSEMBERGRAMMini ...
31-12-2019 16:04

ColorFold 2 by Martin Pluisch $.99

ColorFold 2 comes from Martin Pluisch. Last year he published the first version ColorFold.  I really liked it.  There are 150 levels.  They are ...
28-12-2019 16:04

Solitaire Logic by Mark Mainwood FREE

Solitaire Logic comes from Mark Mainwood,  The object is to place the 9 cards in the grid above by using the clues at the bottom.  It\'s very simil ...
28-12-2019 16:04

Parks Landscapes - Logic Game by Andrea Sabbatini FREE

Parks Landscapes - Logic Game comes from Andrea Sabbatini. Andrea has a long history of publishing very good puzzle apps.In this game, the object is ...
27-12-2019 16:04

Frog Tactics by Guillaume Danel

Frog Tactics comes from Guillaume Danel. The object is to place arrows and jumping points to make the frog hit every square and then land on the red s ...
26-12-2019 16:03

inbento by Lukasz Spierewka $2.99

inbento comes from by Lukasz Spierewka. It\'s a food puzzle. I believe that every mother has said to every young child: Don\'t Play With Your Food!Th ...
25-12-2019 16:03

SNIKS by Shelly Alon $2.99

SNIKS comes from Shelly Alon. It\'s another snake game.  It\'s fantastic.  The object is to wriggle the snakes around until their body rests on the ...
24-12-2019 16:03

Bloku by Abdullah Firat FREE

Loyal Blog Follower David Cole sent me an alert about Bloku.  The object is to swipe rows piece by piece off the screen.  This brings stray cubes do ...
24-12-2019 16:03


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