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Book Review" The Puzzler by A.J. Jacobs

 Last night I attended a Publishing Party for my puzzle friend A.J. Jacobs.  It was attended mostly by people in the publishing industry but a few c ...
29-04-2022 16:05

Linko - Relaxing Loop by Kyung-Hun Kim

Linko - Relaxing Loop comes from Kyung-Hun Kim. It\'s one of those \'rotate all the lines, curves, hooks & nodes within each square and make everythin ...
23-03-2022 16:05

Meridian 157: Chapter 1 $1.99

Meridian 157: Chapter 1 comes from NovaSoft Interactive. The Prologue was free.The mystery continues: you\'re on this abandoned lab on an island off A ...
19-03-2022 16:06

Meridian 157: Prologue FREE

 Meridian 157: Prologue comes from NovaSoft Interactive. It\'s a \'point and click\' Myst-type puzzle.  The basic story is that You get to an islan ...
17-03-2022 16:07

Strange Case: The Alchemist FREE

 I don\'t know who Labeledman is but he\'s made an interesting game called Strange Case: The Alchemist. You are a detective and your mission is to f ...
15-03-2022 16:06

Bikit by Leon Keeley FREE

Bikit is an outstanding puzzle app from Leon Keeley. It\'s minimalist, which means the rules are not explained.The object is to get the blue & green c ...
12-03-2022 16:06

Puzzlums Free

 Puzzlums is not a hard game. The object is to slide the marbles to the correct ring & sector.If a ring is complete, it disappears and then it gets m ...
07-03-2022 16:06

Logic Wiz Sudoku & Variations

 Logic Wiz Sudoku & Variations has a wide variety of sudoku versions.Each version comes with many levels in beginner, easy, moderate, hard mode.My fa ...
04-03-2022 16:05

Milo and the Magpies $1.99

 Milo and the Magpies comes from Second Maze, the makers of Mitoza, which I blogged about this time last year. Here\'s the link.Milo is a cat who has ...
02-03-2022 16:06

Flood It Extreme FREE

Flood It Extreme comes from Nowvista LLC.  It\'s pretty much the same as the original Flood It, which I blogged about way back in 2010.  Here\'s the ...
28-02-2022 16:06

The White Door 12+ A Rusty Lake puzzle adventure

The White Door comes from the Rusty Lake people.  I\'ve played almost all of their games.  This came out in 2019.You wake up as a patient in a psych ...
15-02-2022 16:05

Milo and the Magpies by Second Maze Studio $1.99

The good people at  Rusty Lake have been promoting Milo and the Magpies.  These are the same people who brought us Mitoza which I played last year.I ...
01-02-2022 16:06

Sliding Edge by Haraldur Dadi Thorvaldsson

Happy New Year Puzzle App Players.Sliding Edge: Total Sliding Madness comes from Haraldur Dadi Thorvaldsson.   The object is to get Your Man, the wh ...
19-01-2022 16:06


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News most viewed Today

Hassle - mobile online shooter (Unreleased)

Hassle - mobile online shooter (Unreleased)

Hassle - mobile online shooter with 3x3 - 5x5 PVP & Co-op missions. To kill enemy you can use different guns, special perks like flame thrower, area perks like big explosion, protect your character with armor perks and use continuous jumps to avoid... -
King Cobra Snake Simulator 3D

King Cobra Snake Simulator 3D

Are you ready to become one of the most poisonous snakes ever ? a king cobra" Of course you are! Try our new fantastic King Cobra Snake Simulator 3D game for all the snakes? lovers! Explore the huge wilderness of this beautiful world, fight... -
Infinity Mercs : Nonstop RPG

Infinity Mercs : Nonstop RPG

The Dark Monarch invaded Modoros, where magic was forbidden, through the dimensional gate.Infinity Mercs : Nonstop RPG l Version: 1.1.78 | Size: 62.92MB Developers: Mr.Games ?| Language: English -
Arcane Quest 3

Arcane Quest 3

Once again, the Powers of Darkness have returned to threaten the Realm of Auria.Arcane Quest 3 l Version: 1.0.5 | Size: 96.65MB Developers: Nex Game Studios? | Language: English -
Ferdinand: Unstoppabull

Ferdinand: Unstoppabull

Guide the mighty bull FERDINAND and his friends on an exciting Puzzle Adventure! Solve puzzles and have fun in this fun Match-3 & Idle game combo where you dance through beautiful Spanish landscapes on an epic quest to spread joy and the dancing... -
Multiplayer for Minecraft PE - MCPE Servers

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE - MCPE Servers

You can now invite friends from WORLDWIDE to play Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) online at anytime, anywhere with Multiplayer Master! Let\'s enjoy a new link-up experience with Multiplayer Master for Minecraft PE!Multiplayer for Minecraft PE -... -
Eight-Minute Empire

Eight-Minute Empire

The official version of the board game - Eight-Minute Empire, by Ryan Laukat.Eight-Minute Empire l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 81.18MB Developers: Acram Digital ?| Language: English -
Aero Strike

Aero Strike

Use your Aircraft, Drone, and Equipment to complete your formation according to your strategyAero Strike l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 84.3MB Developers: Joymax Co., Ltd. ?| Language: English -
100% Avoid Corrupted Bellow from Helya in Maw of Souls.

100% Avoid Corrupted Bellow from Helya in Maw...

This is super simple but super effective. In Maw of Souls the last boss during phase 2 breathes a cone of death, Corrupted Bellow, basically on to the deck your fighting. This is kinda of an annoying mechanic because not only are you avoiding the... -
Resort Tycoon

Resort Tycoon

Resort tycoon is a beautiful resort simulation that tests your time and resource management skills. Upgrade your hotel with all the latest amenities, open restaurants, kitchens, sell magazines, serve varieties of drinks and much more because your... -

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