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iphone-games - Videogames

iphone-games - Videogames

Polygon Flips by Leonel R Robert

Leonel R Robert recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game: Polygon Flips. The object is to tap the space in between 2 polygons - make them ...
16-07-2019 16:04

100≤ Logic Games-More puzzles by Andrea Sabbatini

¬†If you only had time to download and play 1 game this year,¬†100≤ Logic Games-More puzzles¬† by Andrea Sabbatini ¬†would probably be it. There are 5 ...
15-07-2019 16:03

25 game by Bart Bonte FREE

25 game comes from Bart Bonte. I\'m a big fan of his games.  This particular game is a point scoring game that is very similar to some other, more f ...
03-07-2019 16:03

Tap Low by Technossion FREE

Tap Low comes from Technossion. It\'s a \'think-fast\' game.  The object is to tap on the lowest number within 3 seconds.  Keep doing it.Obviously t ...
01-07-2019 16:04

blue (game) by Bart Bonte FREE

 Bart Bonte is back with another puzzle app game.  That\'s always a cause to celebrate.  blue (game) follows his theme of color games. See links be ...
28-06-2019 16:03

Non Puzzle

Puzzlers: I gave another speech at my school recently, about being a Peace Corps Volunteer. ...
24-06-2019 16:04

Number Chain - Logic Puzzle by Ecapyc Inc. FREE

Number Chain - Logic Puzzle comes from Ecapyc Inc. It\'s the same game as Numbrix, popularized by Marilyn vos Savant in her column in Parade Magazine ...
22-06-2019 16:03

Netting - puzzle about Dots by Oleksii Kudriashov FREE

Netting - puzzle about Dots comes from Oleksii Kudriashov.  The object is pretty clear from the images: find a connection between the start/end poin ...
21-06-2019 16:03

Magnet Brick by zhan lian FREE

This Puzzle App Blogger is back at work (play).Magnet Brick comes from zhan lian.  The object is to tap on the correct sequence of blocks to attract ...
20-06-2019 16:03

Magnet Balls by Gennadii Umanets FREE

Magnet Balls comes from Gennadii Umanets.  The object is to drag the blue and green magnetic balls onto the red spots below.There balls definitely ha ...
22-05-2019 16:04

Duo Maze by seifeddine bouhlel FREE

 Duo Maze comes from seifeddine bouhlel.  The object is to merge the blue and red balls. Focus on the red ball.  As you move the red ball, the bl ...
20-05-2019 16:03

Line Master Puzzle by KAU, Inc FREE

 Line Master Puzzle comes from KAU, Inc.  The object is to fill the grid from start to finish. We\'ve seen this type of game many times.I did the 9 ...
18-05-2019 16:03
16-05-2019 16:03

Trinagon Sample by lucas pradlwarter FREE

Trinagon Sample comes from Lucas Pradlwarter.  The object is to rotate sets of 6 triangles in order to rearrange the dark purple triangles to match ...
15-05-2019 16:04

Button ON! by 2 Star Games FREE

Button ON! comes from 2 Star Games.  It\'s a dexterity rolling ball game.I solved about 20 levels.  Then deleted it. ...
14-05-2019 16:05

Merge into One by Jose Varela FREE

Merge into One comes from Jose Varela. The object is to combine the elements until only 1 remains.  Look at the second image to see the rules.This g ...
14-05-2019 16:05

Unfoldit by Clifford Panos FREE

Unfoldit comes from Clifford Panos.  Imagine a square piece of paper has been folded and some holes have been punched.  Can you determine where the ...
11-05-2019 16:04

eceo by Adem KAYIRCI FREE

eceo comes from Adem KAYIRCI.  The object is to get all the switches to be either on or off.  Each individual switch has its own controls.  Look a ...
07-05-2019 16:03

Folding Blocks by Popcore GmbH FREE

Folding Blocks comes from Popcore GmbH. The object is to unfold individual squares to form rectangles to eventually completely cover the grid.  It\' ...
01-05-2019 16:03

Flow Fit - Word Puzzle by Big Duck Games LLC FREE

Flow Fit - Word Puzzle comes from Big Duck Games LLC, the makers of the famous Flow series.Their new game is fitting word fragments together.The grap ...
29-04-2019 16:03

Ten Buttons by Gamezaur Free

 Ten Buttons comes from Gamezaur.  It\'s a point-scoring puzzle app game.  Do you know the game Othello" White pieces are flipped to black if a new ...
27-04-2019 16:03

Sync Maze by Hangzhou Qingguang Network Co., Ltd. FREE

Sync Maze comes from Hangzhou Qingguang Network Co., Ltd. The object is to get Your Man/Men to their targets.  All tiles slide together as far as pos ...
26-04-2019 16:04

Topsoil by Nico Prins FREE

 Topsoil comes from Nico Prins. Technically, it\'s another \'match-3\' puzzle.  But it\'s far more sophisticated.  Your task is to place 3 plants o ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Hexagon Line by xiaolie ren FREE

Hexagon Line comes from xiaolie ren.  The object is to stretch the black lines to create new nodules and match the image above.It\'s a fun little gam ...
25-04-2019 03:21

SudoCubed by Highway North Interactive Inc. FREE/$.99

SudoCubed comes from Highway North Interactive Inc.Edges are matched from adjacent faces.I only did the 1 free level.  What I like: there\'s a butto ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Loop Loop Puzzle by Marcelo Pars

Loop Loop Puzzle comes from Marcelo Pars. The object is to rotate the individual curved pipes to form closed loops. The images tell the whole story ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Across: Word Puzzle Game by Victor Grachev

 Across: Word Puzzle Game comes from Victor Grachev. The objective is to connect the fragments to form words that fit together. The words are tied t ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Orixo by Logisk Studio Inc. FREE

Orixo comes from Logisk Studio Inc.  The object is to cover the entire grid by swiping the numbered tiles in any direction.Do you remember Zhed from ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Cubesc: Dream of Mira by Cagri Gecin $.99

Cagri Gecin recently contacted me about his newest game  Cubesc: Dream of Mira. This is the second game in this type. (Read my review of his first ga ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Knight's Tour Puzzle by Carlos Magan FREE

Knight\'s Tour Puzzle comes from Carlos Magan.  The object is to place your knight on the board and move to all the squares exactly once.  Carlos h ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Red Ball Out by Abdulrahman Alharbi FREE

 Red Ball Out comes from Abdulrahman Alharbi. The object is to slide the red ball until it hits a wall and eventually reach the exit.There are 132 le ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Math | Riddles and Puzzles by Saltuk Emre Gul

Math | Riddles and Puzzles comes from Saltuk Emre Gul. There are 60 levels of finding math patterns and sequences.  At the moment, I\'m stuck on lev ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Split Puzzle by Feng Gao FREE

Split Puzzle comes from Feng Gao. The object is to split the yellow shape into 2 or 3 pieces that will then fit perfectly onto the dark shape above.Ru ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Pinball Color by Spaceloom Studios AB FREE

Pinball Color comes from Spaceloom Studios AB.  There are some 50 levels with all sorts of objectives.I spent forever on level 23 and watched in disb ...
25-04-2019 03:21

boul:karť by Studio Laganne FREE

boul:karť¬†comes from Studio Laganne.¬† The object is to get the blue circle and blue square to gobble up the diamonds.¬†Tap once to activate the blue ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Colour Chess by Mipmap FREE

Colour Chess comes from Mipmap.  From the App Store: A colourful reimagining of traditional Chess, this is the mobile version of the award-winning ...
25-04-2019 03:21

Hatch..! by Abhishek Malpani FREE

 Hatch..! comes from Abhishek Malpani. The object is to slide the colored eggs to their nests.  Moving an egg to the wrong color: game over.I\'ve s ...
19-03-2019 16:03

Kube Keeper by Jeffrey Supit FREE

 Kube Keeper comes from Jeffrey Supit. It\'s a sokoban puzzle.  The object is to push the blocks one-at-a-time onto the spots.  Then pick up some s ...
18-03-2019 16:03

Gorogoa by Annapurna Interactive $4.99

Gorogoa has been on my radar for a while. It\'s  hard to describe.  The object is to get Your Man, the boy/young man/old man to gather 5 pieces of f ...
16-03-2019 16:03

Dotstep Minimal Puzzle by Joao Trintin FREE

Dotstep Minimal Puzzle comes from Joao Trintin.  The object is to trace a path from the start point, through all of the other points and then to the ...
14-03-2019 16:03

Word Plus + by Hien Mai FREE

Word Plus + comes from Hien Mai. The object is to make 2 words that go together.  Letters can swap across and up/down.  The blue letters cannot mov ...
11-03-2019 16:02

Cube Planet by NaraENC FREE

Cube Planet comes from NaraENC.  The object is to rotate the cubes and spot the differences, while also collecting gold coins. The game starts with ...
08-03-2019 16:05

CMYK. by Seth S. Scott FREE

CMYK. comes from Seth S. Scott. It\'s a speed/dexterity point scoring game.  Horizontal lines stream downwards. Your task is to shoot them off the s ...
07-03-2019 16:04

Zero21 Solitaire by CoPilot Games FREE

Zero21 Solitaire comes from CoPilot Games. It\'s a solitaire game where the objective is to get through the entire deck without Your Green Pile going ...
07-03-2019 16:04

Fill In by GalacticThumb FREE

Fill In comes from GalacticThumb.  The object is to get Your Man to traverse over all of the squares.  It\'s okay to backtrack many times.A much b ...
06-03-2019 16:04

Mosaico: the new tangram by Hideki Matsui FREE

Mosaico: the new tangram comes from Hideki Matsui.  This game came out 2 years ago, and I missed it.  The object is to fill the grid with rectangle ...
02-03-2019 16:03

ReMaze by Bolton Winpenny FREE

 Bolton Winpenny recently contacted me about his puzzle app ReMaze.  It\'s not a traditional maze game.  The object is to move the balls to their c ...
26-02-2019 16:03

The Birdcage by Kaarel Kirsipuu Partly FREE

 The Birdcage comes from Kaarel Kirsipuu. If you\'re a fan of The Room, then you\'ll like this game. This game is much the same.  I downloaded the ...
26-02-2019 16:03

Quantum 3 by Michigan State University GEL Lab

   Quantum 3  by Michigan State University GEL Lab. Description from the App Store:Quantum 3 is an educational match-3 game for all ages where fun ...
23-02-2019 16:04

Best Fiends by Seriously FREE

 I saw Best Fiends via a tv commercial.  I love the fact that a puzzle app game can make so much money and become popular.Best Fiends starts out as ...
20-02-2019 16:04

Cage It by Marcelo Pars FREE

Marcelo Pars recently contacted me about his newest puzzle game Cage It.  It\'s a pipe game where the object is to swivel each pipe within its loca ...
15-02-2019 16:03

Isoland by COTTONGAME Network Technology Co., Ltd. $.99

Isoland comes from COTTONGAME Network Technology Co., Ltd. It\'s an adventure/puzzle game. The premise: you\'re on an island and must solve random p ...
09-02-2019 16:03

Look over the Edge by Yury Koshechkin FREE

Yury Koshechkin recently contacted me about his game Look over the Edge. The object is to get Your Man, the little cube, to the house.Tap on Your Man ...
06-02-2019 16:03

1234 Number logic puzzle game by MagicAnt,Inc

 1234 Number logic puzzle game comes from MagicAnt,Inc. The object is to connect all the numbers, while figuring out where the missing numbers go.Th ...
29-01-2019 16:02

Thinking Putty Puzzles from ThinkFun

 ThinkFun is one of the best puzzle companies in the world.  I was honored to be asked to create the challenge puzzles for their new game Thinking P ...
29-01-2019 16:02

Spectre Mind: Rotating Cube by Spectre Limited FREE

Spectre Mind: Rotating Cube by Spectre Limited. It\'s a game that tests your memory and your spatial reasoning.  The game flashes 2 or more ghost ti ...
23-01-2019 16:02

Smack - The Puzzle Game by Ai Ayatsuji FREE

Smack - The Puzzle Game comes from Ai Ayatsuji. The object is to slide the balls along the grid to knock out other balls. If you can end up with onl ...
18-01-2019 16:02

Color Rings! by Sphere Game Studios

 Color Rings! comes from Sphere Game Studios. We\'ve seen this type of game in the past several times, but not in a while.  The object is to tap on ...
17-01-2019 16:03

Algemy 2: All Gemmy by Kenny Young

 Algemy 2: All Gemmy comes from Kenny Young. He produced another version of this early last year and I liked it. See my review.The new game is much t ...
16-01-2019 16:03

Tangled Networks by Timothy Dayman FREE

Tangled Networks comes from Timothy Dayman. When I saw the images, I thought it might be similar to Subway Shuffle. It\'s not.  Tangled Networks is a ...
16-01-2019 16:03

Glowing Balls - a ripoff

Do you remember the game Leapin\' Lizards from Binary Arts (now known as ThinkFun)"Glowing Balls by Saud Ahmed is an exact copy of this game.  Not su ...
15-01-2019 16:02

Kakuro++ Cross Sums by Chaviro Software FREE

 Kakuro++ Cross Sums comes from Chaviro Software.  I\'ve been a fan of Kakuro since 1989 when it was called Cross Sums.This particular game has 143 ...
11-01-2019 16:02

Block Slide - Puzzle Game by Hubert Jolly FREE

Block Slide - Puzzle Game comes from Hubert Jolly. It\'s a point scoring puzzle app game. His description: Slide the red box and push the other blo ...
11-01-2019 16:02

Bits & Pieces - Word Puzzle by Matthew Wood FREE

Bits & Pieces - Word Puzzle comes from Matthew Wood. The idea is to find 2 letters that slot into the 2 partial words.  Do that 5 times and discover ...
09-01-2019 16:02

Untangle ? by Aman Kapoor FREE

Untangle comes from Aman Kapoor.  It\'s a \'minimalist\' game of puzzles where the object is to send diamonds along paths to their final destinations ...
07-01-2019 16:04
03-01-2019 16:03

2018 PAGY Award Winners

The PAGY Awards were established in 2011 to honor the best Puzzle Apps Games of the Year.The 2018 Award Winners: Must Solve All the Levels* Humbug* ...
03-01-2019 16:03


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Orixo by Logisk Studio Inc.  FREE

Orixo by Logisk Studio Inc. FREE

Orixo comes from Logisk Studio Inc.  The object is to cover the entire grid by swiping the numbered tiles in any direction.Do you remember Zhed from 2 years ago" It\'s similar, but not quite the same thing.There are 160 levels and at the moment,... -
Square Enix Is Back with iPhone X Screen Size Updates and Today Sees ‘Dragon Quest V’ Get Support for Larger Screen Sizes and More

Square Enix Is Back with iPhone X Screen Size...

Before I even joined TouchArcade, I knew of the Dragon Quest mobile ports thanks to Shaun‚Äôs reviews of them. I‚Äôm definitely a part of the group who has spent a fair amount of money on premium mobile ports thanks to his reviews. Dragon Quest V† -
Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Felt ‘Uneasy’ About Releasing Footage

Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Felt ‘Uneasy&#...

Cyberpunk 2077‚Ä≤s†gameplay reveal†became a hot topic the moment it made its public debut. Even with the fanfare, developer CD Projekt RED still felt ‚Äúuneasy‚ÄĚ about making this footage public. Ultimately, it‚Äôs a game that that still has a... -
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'FortCraft' is NetEase's Shameless 'Fortnite'...

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Netflix’s The Witcher Series’ Fir...

It appears production is beginning to wrap for the pilot season of Netflix?s The Witcher series. This is according to website Redanian Intelligence, which serves as a hub for information related to the upcoming show. For this particular bit of news,... -
'Incidence' Review - Follow the Bouncing Ball

'Incidence' Review - Follow the Bouncing Ball

I must have played billiards a hundred times as a kid before I truly understood what it was about. The mathematical calculations that go into each shot, the finesse and nuance involved, it blew past me while I was hitting a fun looking ball with a... -
Sea of Solitude Review – Dark but Easy (PS4)

Sea of Solitude Review – Dark but Easy ...

Sea of Solitude was revealed during EA PLAY 2018, perhaps as a reminder of EA?s small but seemingly persistent devotion to publisher smaller, indie titles. Developer Jo-Mei has finally released their stylized adventure game which deals with... -
Brave Train

Brave Train

An unusual combination of genres "Snake", "Three in a row" and "Puzzles".Brave Train l Version: 1.4 | Size: 42.18MB Developers: Artwork Games ?| Language: English -
Chinese Final Fantasy XIV Fans Are Trading Heart Disease for Chocobos at KFC

Chinese Final Fantasy XIV Fans Are Trading He...

As my adventures in†Final Fantasy XIV continue, I have been happily bumbling about the Eorzean countryside on my Fat Black Chocobo mount. He?s a real chonkster, as the kids like to say, and is ludicrously adorable with his little crown, hopping ever... -
Shenmue I & II Director Returns for Shenmue III

Shenmue I & II Director Returns for Shen...

Shenmue III developer, Ys Net, announced that†Keiji Okayasu has joined the development team for the upcoming title.†Okayasu served as Sub-Director for the first game in the series and also played ‚Äúa big role through most of Shenmue II,‚ÄĚ... -

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