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God's Orbits by Alexandre La Boissonniere

 God\'s Orbits comes from Alexandre La Boissonniere. It\'s a physics/astronomy puzzle.  The object is to place the orbs so that they will complete 1 ...
19-09-2018 16:03

Five 20 by Mike Lowe

Un-Scramble as many Five Letter words as fast as possible and beat the 20 second clock. Every Completed word resets the 20 second clock. You have 3 op ...
18-09-2018 16:04

Push Blox by Andrew Duff $1.99

This game is a winner.Andrew Duff contacted me 2 months ago about his new game Push Blox.  It\'s a \'stick \'em\' puzzle. The object is to push all t ...
15-09-2018 16:03

1121 by Ming-Shiuan Yu FREE

 1121 comes from Ming-Shiuan Yu.  The object is to slide the tiles until they hit a wall and hopefully end up with a true sentence like 2 > 1. When ...
14-09-2018 16:04

Slide Loop Puzzle by Sergey Kharitonov FREE

Slide Loop Puzzle comes from Sergey Kharitonov.  The object is to slide the rows and columns so that the bulbs will land on their matching energy so ...
12-09-2018 16:04

Number Link - Link number dots by Kyung-Hun Kim FREE

 Number Link - Link number dots comes from Kyung-Hun Kim. He contacted me 3 years ago but I didn\'t see the email until recently. Yes, I feel guilty. ...
08-09-2018 16:04

LVL by Ertan Unver $1.99

 LVL comes from Ertan Unver.  The App Store Gods highlighted it as a great puzzle.  Essentially, LVL is a packing puzzle.Each cube has 6 faces that ...
07-09-2018 16:03

Snake VS Block by Voodoo FREE

 Snake VS Block comes from Voodoo. The object is to get your string of circles to increase while minimizing how many circles you lose as your snake ...
05-09-2018 16:03

Mislead by Anthony Hilkmann $1.99

 Anthony Hilkmann contacted me a couple of months ago about his new game Mislead.  It\'s essentially a maze game. But it\'s deceptively so.The objec ...
05-09-2018 16:03

Favo! by Shumpei Hayashi FREE

  Shumpei Hayashi recently contacted me about his new game Favo!  I liked his two previous games. See links below.  The object is Favo! is to scor ...
30-08-2018 16:04

Balls Love Puzzles by QinYuan Tian FREE

Balls Love Puzzles comes from QinYuan Tian. Balls bounce around the grid and the object is to rearrange the squares in order to restore order.Jiggle ...
08-08-2018 16:03

King Rabbit by RareSloth LLC FREE

 King Rabbit comes from RareSloth LLC. It came out in 2016 and I found it by searching for another game. The object is to push boxes around like in ...
07-08-2018 16:03

ROBOGOYO by Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt Ltd FREE

 ROBOGOYO  comes from Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt Ltd. It\'s a very colorful version of the class Chinese Rings puzzle.The number of moves to fr ...
04-08-2018 16:03

Cool Circuits: Electronic Puzzle $29.95

Cool Circuits is an electronic puzzle developed by Harry Nelson and Hiroshi Yamamoto.  The object is to place the 8 squiggly pieces onto the board to ...
03-08-2018 16:03

Reigns by Devolver Digital $2.99

 Reigns comes from Devolver Digital. The App Store Editors have had it listed in their \'Games We Love\' section for a while. Unquestionably, this ...
02-08-2018 16:04

Kubos. by Abel Galvan FREE

Kubos. comes from Abel Galvan.  It\'s a 3D maze game.  The orange block will travel until it hits a wall. The puzzle is solved when the red button ...
20-07-2018 16:03

supertype by Philipp Stollenmayer $1.99

 supertype comes from Philipp Stollenmayer. All of Philipp\'s games are clever physics puzzles with wondrous charm. The object in this game is to t ...
20-07-2018 16:03
19-07-2018 16:03

Slide Puzzle. NikSan Tech FREE

Slide Puzzle. comes from NikSan Tech. The object is to slide the numbers to their correct spot.Green tiles are good. Red tiles: need to be shunted aro ...
18-07-2018 16:07

Solve - Decrypt Logic Kyung-Hun Kim FREE

Solve - Decrypt Logic comes from Kyung-Hun Kim. It\'s one of those games where each level is a completely different puzzle. Can you figure it out. Hi ...
16-07-2018 16:02

logi. by «?ZG?OF?S? $.99

¬†logi.¬†comes from¬†«?ZG?OF?S?. At first, it seems like another laser/rolling ball,¬†with mirrors/bumpers, maze puzzle. But it\'s much more and very ...
13-07-2018 16:03

Hexa Knot by Michal Gorny FREE

Hexa Knot comes from Michal Gorny.  The object is to swap tiles so that all the edges match and various loops are formed. There are 500 levels broken ...
12-07-2018 16:03

Rolling Bolts - Logic Puzzles by L÷VLUND INNOVATION AB FRE

¬†Rolling Bolts - Logic Puzzles¬†¬†comes from¬†L÷VLUND INNOVATION AB. It\'s a gear puzzle where the object is to rotate the sections to match the rims ...
12-07-2018 16:03

turn, by Adem KAYIRCI FREE

 turn, comes from Adem KAYIRCI. I like this puzzle developer.  See links to his other games below.  The object in this game is to get the arrows ...
09-07-2018 16:03

Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle by Maria Vegas Gallego FREE

 Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle comes from Maria Vegas Gallego. The object is to transport the different colored water faucets to the matching foun ...
07-07-2018 16:03

Real Life Escape Room

We\'ve been traveling in the Lone Star State and pulled out of a Walmart to find a storefront called The Great Escape of Corpus Christie.  We were lu ...
06-07-2018 16:04

Voro! by Abstratum FREE

 Voro! comes from Abstratum. This is the company that produced Voro - 100% unique and addictive from 2013. The original game is a masterpiece in co ...
04-07-2018 16:03

maze cube gravity by Adem KAYIRCI $.99

maze cube gravity comes from Adem KAYIRCI. The object is to get the red cube to the target. Each time the maze is tilted clockwise, the gray segmen ...
02-07-2018 16:03

Up Left Out by Maciej Targoni $.99

 Up Left Out comes from Maciej Targoni. Any time I see his name, I know the game is going to be artistically and intellectually pleasing.There are ...
30-06-2018 16:03

Path to 9 by Halil Ozdemir FREE

Path to 9 comes from Halil Ozdemir.  It\'s a point scoring game.  The object is to place the 3 pieces at the bottom to fit on the grid and score p ...
29-06-2018 16:03

Solitaire Cube, Classic Cards by Tether Studios FREE

When I was a kid, my father mentioned that he had heard it was possible to win money playing the standard Klondike Solitaire game. We were always intr ...
27-06-2018 16:03

The Futoshiki by Aliaksandr Uvarau FREE

Loyal Blog Followers: I\'m back. I wish I could say that I\'ve been swamped with so many great new puzzles. Unfortunately, the hits are harder to find ...
26-06-2018 16:03

Lateral Puzzles : Series #1 by HYBRIONA TECHNOLOGIES LLP FR

I\'ve been a fan of Lateral Thinking Puzzles since I was about 12.  The coining of the phrase Lateral Thinking was done by Edward de Bono.This partic ...
14-06-2018 16:03

Hexologic by MYTHICOWL SP Z O O $.99

 Hexologic comes from MYTHICOWL SP Z O O.  It\'s a math puzzle. The object is to fill each hexagon with either 1, 2 or 3 dots so that the cells, i ...
08-06-2018 16:03

9 Maker by Cho KwangHyeon FREE

 9 Maker comes from Cho KwangHyeon. It\'s a point scoring puzzle game. The object is to place the random numbers into the grid to make sums of 9 or ...
07-06-2018 16:02

Exiled Digits by Jordan Goulet

 Exiled Digits comes from Jordan Goulet.  It\'s a point scoring game.  How fast can you tap the number that is NOT exiled. Look at the first imag ...
04-06-2018 16:03

Scalak by Michal Pawlowski $1.99

 When Michal Pawlowski publishes a puzzle app game, you know it\'s going to be great.  His other games include Zenge and Blue Box X and "Push". Sca ...
02-06-2018 16:03

Slash Pong! by inc FREE

 Slash Pong! comes inc. It\'s a physics puzzle where the object is to slice the various objects/shapes in order to make the red and blue b ...
31-05-2018 16:03

0 -zero- by Simple Numerical Puzzles FREE

I like math puzzles a lot.  0 -zero- comes from Simple Numerical Puzzles.  The object is to slide the row right/left and the column up/down as fa ...
30-05-2018 16:03

Bloki by Maksymilian Michalski $.99

 Bloki comes from Maksymilian Michalski.  Yes it is a cube rolling puzzle. But it is much more.  The object is to roll Your Man so that the color ...
25-05-2018 16:03

Fuse5 by Selin Caliskan FREE

Fuse5 comes from Selin Caliskan.  He mad Omino! about a year ago. I liked that game a lot. The object of the new game is to score points and collect ...
23-05-2018 16:03

Find The Way by Kexin Jin FREE

 Find The Way comes from Kexin Jin. The object is to move Your Men, the ghosts, to the portals.  Both ghosts travel in tandem.  Along the way: pi ...
22-05-2018 16:04

Degboard by Hieu Nguyen FREE

 Degboard come from Hieu Nguyen.  The object is to create loops  so that all the tiles on the board are covered and each numbered square has that ...
18-05-2018 16:04

Unblock lights by Evgenii Polomarchuk FREE

 Unblock lights comes from Evgenii Polomarchuk.  The object is to slide the red tiles right/left and the blue tiles up/down in order to clear a path ...
16-05-2018 16:04

Laurie Brokenshire: puzzler

I first met Laurie Brokenshire when he attended a NY Puzzle Party and gave a presentation about puzzle vessels. He displayed a very impressive collec ...
16-05-2018 16:04

Rotated by Antonis Panoris FREE

Rotated! looks like a lot of other point scoring puzzle apps. Merged comes to mind. The number 1 drops down after every rotation (move) that you make. ...
15-05-2018 16:04

Fire Up! by Voodoo FREE

Fire Up! comes from the good people at Voodoo. It\'s a dexterity/speed game where the object is to move your bucket in front of the smallest tile and ...
12-05-2018 16:03

SiNKR: A minimalist puzzle by Wahler Digital LLC $.99

When I saw SiNKR: A minimalist puzzle from Wahler Digital, I thought to myself: looks like a clone of Maciej Targoni\'s Hook from 2015. Unquestionab ...
11-05-2018 16:03
09-05-2018 16:04

Qroon by Yuuma Sakata FREE

 Qroon comes from Yuuma Sakata. I believe he\'s from Japan.  The object is to use the blue balls to align them to trap the red balls in between the ...
05-05-2018 16:02

Rusty Lake: Roots $2.99

 Last week was Rusty Lake\'s 3rd birthday and they offered Roots for $.99.  Oh yeah. But the price is back to $2.99. I\'ve played almost all of the ...
04-05-2018 16:03

Dragonwood by Gamewright $14.99

  Dragonwood comes from the good people at Gamewright.  Like a lot of games produced these days, the instructions are complicated and require very ...
02-05-2018 16:03

Hexx: Merge by Danny Birch FREE

Hexx: Merge comes from Danny Birch.  It\'s a lot like Kami 2 (see link below).  The object is to tap regions to change colors and eventually get eve ...
30-04-2018 16:04

Save Planet Cube by Marcelo Pars FREE

 Last year I reviewed Marcelo Pars\' game Cube Loop. His new game Save Planet Cube is not just another version with different puzzles.  Oh no.  The ...
28-04-2018 16:03

CONNECTION By WebAvenue Unipessoal Lda FREE

 How many times have we seen a puzzle app game where the object is to trace a path that covers all the squares"  So many times. CONNECTION is anothe ...
27-04-2018 16:03
25-04-2018 16:03

Dir Square by Zhuoliang Fu FREE

 Dir Square comes from Zhuoliang Fu. The object is to slide the tiles up/down & left/right so that all the colors line up either in rows or in colum ...
24-04-2018 16:02

Math Puzzles - IF, THEN... by Viacheslav Komarivskyi FREE

 Math Puzzles - IF, THEN... comes from Viacheslav Komarivskyi. The object is to look at a set of numbers, find the pattern and then prove that you ...
24-04-2018 16:02

Cotrio by Bartosz Bialek FREE

Bartosz Bialek\'s game Cotrio is pure math. The object is to get each of the 6 circles in the big triangle to be colored. To color one circle, it must ...
21-04-2018 16:03

Stack & Crack by Jambav, Inc. $.99

 Stack & Crack comes from Jambav, Inc. The object is to slide the tiles around the grid and stack them into 1 pile on the glowing endpoint.When 2 pie ...
19-04-2018 16:02 by Andre Almeida FREE comes from Andre Almeida. The object is to get your snake to avoid collisions with others while gobbling up the remnants of dead snak ...
18-04-2018 16:03

Erno Rubik Attends Gathering 4 Gardner RIGHT NOW

I\'ve attended the Gathering 4 Gardner 3 times. It\'s a bi-annual event.  The last time in 2012. I stopped going because there wasn\'t enough puzzlin ...
15-04-2018 16:03
13-04-2018 16:03

Mom locked me home by fei li FREE

Mom locked me home comes from fei li. It\'s a series of 50 puzzles that pass as \'escape room\' puzzles.The puzzles are actually okay.  I watched vid ...
11-04-2018 16:03

Flipominos by Ultramegatronic FREE

Flipominos comes from  Ultramegatronic. It\'s a rolling cube maze puzzle with lasers that turn on/off and restrict movement. What\'s different is th ...
09-04-2018 16:04

Huetopia by ZealTopia Interactive $.99

 Huetopia comes from ZealTopia.  It\'s a shunting puzzle.  The object is to pivot the individual pieces so that the circles lie on a matching area. ...
07-04-2018 16:03

Lotus Romance by Boltfish FREE

 Lotus Romance comes from Boltfish. The object is to place the lotus flowers onto the grid to match ones on top and eliminate all of them.  Some lot ...
06-04-2018 16:03

Baba Yaga by Gamewright $11.48

 Baba Yaga comes from Gamewright. It\'s a card game where the object is to get minimize your points to 4 or less. Once you figure out the rules, a ty ...
05-04-2018 16:03


Burn Mind comes from VALENTIN FROLOV.  His description:"Burn Mind Puzzle" is a very difficult puzzle. From the 3rd level of the game, you start prob ...
03-04-2018 16:03
30-03-2018 16:03

WordBrain by MAG Interactive FREE

 WordBrain comes from MAG Interactive. It\'s been around since 2014. It\'s a word search game with great graphics and lots of levels.This game is s ...
29-03-2018 16:03

Eraser. Dotless Puzzle by Ruslan Goncharenko FREE

Eraser. Dotless Puzzle comes from the prolific Ruslan Goncharenko. I can\'t keep up with all his puzzle apps. The object is to get your snails and bir ...
27-03-2018 16:05

Able Black by Scott Leach $1.99

 Able Black comes from Scott Leach. It\'s a cross between a puzzle and a sci-fi short story.Your Man is Able Black, an android with feelings. Reminds ...
27-03-2018 16:05

Algemy by Kenny Young FREE

Algemy comes from Kenny Young. The object is to light up all the squares in the grid while also lighting up the crystals with the matching light beam. ...
24-03-2018 16:03

Golden Sum by Alexander Stewart FREE

 Golden Sum comes from Alexander Stewart. It\'s a pure math puzzle.  The instructions were not written clearly. With trial & error I figured it out. ...
23-03-2018 16:03

Pinball Breaker Forever by XperimentalZ Games Temporarily FR

Pinball Breaker Forever comes from XperimentalZ Games.  It\'s a cross between the old Space Invaders video game and pinball.  The colorful blocks gr ...
22-03-2018 16:03

Colorzzle by JU HWAN KIM FREE

 Colorzzle comes from JU HWAN KIM.  The object is to energize the crystal squares with the appropriate light source. Most of the time, the crystal ...
21-03-2018 16:03

LoKo Puzzle by Kobayaashi Studios $.99

 LoKo Puzzle comes from Kobayaashi Studios.  The object is to create a single path that uses each node once.  The Plus node must have horizontal/ve ...
19-03-2018 16:02

puzzlement by $.99

  puzzlement comes from gamebra.  As soon as I saw the author, I didn\'t even bother looking at the description - I knew this would be wonderful.  ...
17-03-2018 16:03

Unpuzzle by Pavlo Sich FREE

Unpuzzle comes from Pavlo Sich.  The object is to remove dismantle everything piece by piece. Look at the first image.  The top right slides up & ou ...
13-03-2018 16:03

It's a Trap! by ayush singla FREE

 It\'s a Trap comes from Ayush Singla. It\'s a point scoring puzzle app game.  The green square is Your Man. Your Man must score points by attacking ...
13-03-2018 16:03

Levity by Neon Play FREE

Levity comes from Neon Play.  It is quite unusual.  The object is to rotate your perspective on the fragmented lines & curves and somehow align them ...
09-03-2018 16:02

1SlimePlz by Saran Siripuekpong

 1SlimePlz  comes from Saran Siripuekpong.  The object is to tap on an empty square which is adjacent to 2 or more slime objects and watch them mer ...
06-03-2018 16:03

Dissembler by Ian MacLarty $2.99

 Dissembler comes from Ian MacLarty.  It\'s a match 3 game. The objective is to eliminate all the squares. Each move is a vertical or horizontal swa ...
02-03-2018 16:03


01-03-2018 16:03

Memory Line. by Daichi Nagahamaya FREE

Memory Line. comes from Daichi Nagahamaya. The object is to quickly memorize the line path and retrace it.Simple idea, good execution Kind of fun too. ...
28-02-2018 16:02

Rusty Lake Hotel by Rusty Lake $1.99

 I\'m not a big fan of Room Escape apps. But the series produced by the good puzzlers at Rusty Lake keep producing good fun games. The theme in Rust ...
27-02-2018 16:02


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