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minecraft - Videogames

minecraft - Videogames

New map up and running.

The new map is up and running. Those that can\'t connect please email me ([email protected]) or leave a comment. Big thanks to Iced_apple for hel ...
27-02-2019 16:01

New Minecraft 1.2.5 Server Map

We\'ve started a new map! There are plains, jungles, deserts, swamps, and mountains all near the (now moved for no reason but still okay) spawn point ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Moved to Tumblr

As you can see (not see), the log of my Minecraft stuff didn\'t really work. I\'ve decided to post smaller snippets of my Minecraft shenanigans onto T ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Showcase - My Castle

To begin with its just going to be a couple of pictures, but I\'ll update this with more info (possibly a video too) sometime.This is very big, and 10 ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Minecraft Diary - Episode 2 - Hostage sheep

Night 1I run back to the beach as quick as my little squarish legs will carry me, to a nice flat spot I want to build my shelter. I haven\'t got that ...
27-02-2019 16:01

The Server

Update:The current "temporary" map, is now our new permanent map! This changed after hearing that Minecraft 1.9 might not be released for a long time ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Updated Server to 1.2

A new map will be started sometime, somewhen between one and three weeks away probably.I highly recommend using optifine as it\'s been updated too. I\ ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Burntcustard's Log - Entry 1

Get it" Log! I use lots of logs in Minecraft!...This is the first entry in this series, and I have no idea how long it will last. Hopefully I manage t ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Weapon guide. Part 1 - Close combat.

"Monster hunting" Burntcustard does not go \'hunting\' - that would imply failure. Burntcustard goes killing."- Burntcustard talking in 3rd person *Up ...
27-02-2019 16:01

My Texture Pack

I\'ve decided to share my Minecraft texture pack/mods. It requires a half decent computer to pull off, so hold down F3 in Minecraft and if your not ge ...
27-02-2019 16:01

My Old Server

Sorry anyone who\'s been wanting updates to any of this, I started a server a while ago and have been a bit busy!Here\'s a link to burntcustard\'s Tow ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Showcase - My little Minecraft 1.0 House

Most people on my server probably recognise this house, as it\'s er.. my house. It\'s a bit too small for my liking, but now it has a huge maze of bas ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Showcase - Castle Avaris

I actually built this a few months ago on my servers Minecraft 1.0/1.1 map, but only got around to taking pictures of it the other day. It was raining ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Showcase - My modern snow house

Again, this is 100% legit. It\'s made out of snow blocks, which unlike snow that has just settled, is resistant to heat. It took over a hundred stone ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Minecraft Diary - Episode 3 - Animal Encounters

Day 3Determined to go far, far away, I set off. First off in my journey, I see a creeper. "Hello Mr Creeper" I say kindly. He seems saddened by someth ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Yay Minecraft 1.0!

Minecraft 1.0 is here, and I want to start a new map! The "old" MASSIVE map, is available to download here. The server will be offline until further n ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Still mining and crafting.

I haven\'t posted on this blog in a very long time, so this post is to say I\'m still alive and playing Minecraft. I just updated the texture pack pag ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Burntcustard's Log - Entry 2 - High-tech XP farm and extende

The last log ended with a view down to my "extended basement". After walking down a long staircase, you come to a large room:It\'s not that pretty, bu ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Weapon guide. Part 2 - The bow.

"Some monsters think they can outsmart me. Maybe. I have yet to find one who can outsmart stack of arrows."- Burntcustard pretending to be The HeavyPa ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Minecraft Diary - Episode 1

I\'ve been inspired by Tom Francis\' "Minecraft Experiment" on PC Gamer and my new texture pack, to do a sort of "lets play" with pictures. This will ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Burncustard's Automatic Egg Conversion Unit (AECU) (Broken s

Apparently killing baby chickens is inhumane, so this device no longer works :( That being said, some elements of the design can still probably be use ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Sneaky Map Change

The new blogger layout is.. very different. \'Tis one of the reasons nothing has been going on here.. that and Cobalt wooo.. and college.Anyway, I sta ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Still alive and castle building!

It\'s been nearly a year since I posted here, but.. I still play Minecraft, and still have my stuff spreading around the internet with no credit to wh ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Showcase - My Log house and Stone house

As you can probably tell by those lower pictures, I\'ve started using a new texture pack. If anybody wants details on it then just ask, it\'s a bit co ...
27-02-2019 16:01

Minecraft Diary - Episode 4 - Skeletons!

I decide that I should go WEST in my journey, not only because that way I\'m more likely to go in a straight line, but also because walking towards th ...
27-02-2019 16:01


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