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nintendo - Videogames

nintendo - Videogames

Here is The First Paper Mario: The Origami King Commercial

Get ready my friends, Paper Mario: The Origami King is headed to retail in a mere 10 days!!! and Nintendo has uploaded the first commercial for the Ni ...
08-07-2020 16:03

Windbound – Gameplay First Look Video

Here is an impressive, 20 minute look, at Windbound. Check it out and let me know what you think. ...
06-07-2020 16:03

PlayStation Indies Montage

Here is an all new video Debuting nine imaginative and exciting titles coming to PS4 and PS5. It seems like Sony is taking a bigger stance with its i ...
02-07-2020 16:03

PlayStation Plus July Games Lineup

The lineup for July’s PS Plus has been announced and it looks as though we will be getting a little bonus because Sony is celebrating 10 years of th ...
30-06-2020 16:02

The Last of Us II Has Sold Over 4 Million Copies

The Last of Us II has already sold over 4 million copies worldwide. This makes the newly released title the fastest selling PS4 exclusive ever. Here ...
27-06-2020 16:02

Ninjala Surpasses One Million Downloads

Despite being JUST released, Ninjala has already surpassed 1 million downloads for the Nintendo Switch. This news was announced via the games officia ...
27-06-2020 16:02

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adds Swimming Next Month

In case you missed the news, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is adding swimming on July 3rd. Players who wish to take a refreshing dip into the water i ...
26-06-2020 16:03

Oivo Switch Pro Controller Clip Review

Have you ever said to yourself, Why the heck didn’t someone think of this sooner"! I have said that a number of times playing with different periphe ...
26-06-2020 16:03

Introducing Pokemon Unite

An all new Pokemon title was announced for mobile and Nintendo Switch platforms and it’s called Pokemon Unite. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company re ...
25-06-2020 16:02

Min Min Joins The Battle And Joins Smash Bros Ultimate

It was revealed today Min Min will be joining the massive roster of fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Mr. Sakurai has announced the ARMS fighter ...
23-06-2020 16:03

Microsoft is Shutting Down Mixer And Partnering With Faceboo

Microsoft has revealed that they will be shutting down Mixer (its streaming service similar to Twitch) and will now be partnering with Facebook Gaming ...
23-06-2020 16:03

Super Smash Bros News Incoming

All new Super Smash Bros Ultimate news will be incoming tomorrow on June 22nd as the company will be hosting an all new showcase featuring an ARMS cha ...
22-06-2020 16:03

Apex Legends Looks Awesome And Runs Smooth on Switch

According to all new reports, Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch looks awesome and runs smooth on Nintendo’s system. EA announced this past week t ...
22-06-2020 16:03

Cyberpunk 2077 Has Been Delayed Again

One of the most highly anticipated titles has once again been delayed. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed and will now come out on November 19th 2020. T ...
19-06-2020 16:03

Japanese Software Sales (Nintendo TAKES OVER)

Here are last weeks Japanese Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales). As we can see, Nintendo has completely taken over and have taken the top 10 ...
19-06-2020 16:03

All New Pokemon Snap Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced that an all new Pokemon Snap is coming to Nintendo Switch. Grab your camera, and get ready to photograph a bevy of Pokémon whi ...
18-06-2020 16:03


In the latest Nintendo Minute video, the popular duo unboxes all the upcoming Lego Super Mario sets for your viewing pleasure. The LEGO Super Mario ...
17-06-2020 16:03

Ratchet And Clank For PS5 Was All Real Time Gameplay

All footage we showed was captured in real time from a PlayStation 5. This quote was shared from Insomniac games regarding Ratchet and Clank for PS5. ...
16-06-2020 16:03

A Closer Look at Paper Mario: The Origami King

Nintendo has uploaded an all new video showcasing a closer look at Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch. Paper Mario: The Origami King ...
14-06-2020 16:03

PS5 Size Comparison: PS5 is HUGE

The PS5 is huge. There is no way around that…. Sony’s upcoming home console will weigh in pretty hefty when compared with other home consoles th ...
14-06-2020 16:03

Here is What The PS5 Looks Like

Ladies and gentlemen, here is what the PS5 will look like. At launch, Sony will also be offering two options for the system: a PlayStation®5 console ...
12-06-2020 16:03

PS5 Reveal Live Stream

Here is the live stream for the Playstation 5. Sony is set to showcase the first PS5 games and you can watch it all right here. Make sure you enjoy ...
12-06-2020 16:03

Here is The Last Of Us Part 2 Launch Trailer

Talk about an intense trailer…. Check out this launch trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 and get ready for its global launch in just over a week. ...
11-06-2020 16:03

PS5 Games Showcase Will be 2 Hours

Tomorrow’s big PS5 event will be a hefty 2 hours in length. Sony will showcase what they intend to bring to the party come later this year and tomo ...
11-06-2020 16:03

Nintendo Summer Game Sale Arrives

Nintendo has announced that they will be hosting an all new Nintendo Summer Game Sale! Get ready to save some money on some major games for the Ninten ...
10-06-2020 16:02

PS5 Reveal Will Happen on June 11th

Sony has announced that they will reveal the PS5 this Thursday, June 11th at 1pm PST (4 EST). Last week Sony was supposed to showcase the games for t ...
09-06-2020 16:02


Apparently an all new character will be added to Mario Kart Tour and it will be Gold Dry Bowser. Along with that, gold drivers, karts, and gliders fr ...
08-06-2020 16:03

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Demo Now Available

If you want to test out Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics, Nintendo gamers could download a free demo now. That’s right friends, just head to ...
06-06-2020 16:02

Fortnite Season 3 Has Been Delayed

Season 3 for Fortnite has been slightly delayed. The new release date for season 3 is now June 17th. Here?s the full statement from their website: ...
05-06-2020 16:03

Godfall For PS5 & PC Gets New Teaser Trailer

One of the few next gen titles received an all new teaser trailer today, so give it a watch below. The 30 second spot shows off the character Silverm ...
03-06-2020 16:03

Sony Pulls Classy Move And Decides to Postpone PS5 Reveal

Sony has decided to delay the reveal event for the PS5. This classy move was shared via twitter and is a very smart and much needed move by Sony. I ...
02-06-2020 16:02

Nintendo Minute: Animal Crossing: New Horizons Spin The Whee

It looks like the good folks at Nintendo Minute had some fun with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so be sure to watch the video above. These two just ...
01-06-2020 16:03

New Pokemon TCG Expansion Announced: Sword & Shield?Dar

An all new expansion for the Pokemon TCG has been announced and is called Sword & Shield?Darkness Ablaze. Today, The Pokémon Company International ann ...
30-05-2020 16:02

You?re Invited: A Look at the Future of Gaming on PlayStatio

The PS5 reveal event has been announced and will take place next week on June 4th! I am THRILLED with this news and I will be watching with eager eye ...
30-05-2020 16:02


The new season of Fortnite is set to release on June 11th. Fortnite chapter 2 season 3 is getting ready to drop and Epic games took to the Internet t ...
29-05-2020 16:03

PS Plus Games For June Include Star Wars Battlefront II and

Star Wars Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII are your PS Plus games for the month of June my friends! Sony announced that these two high profile t ...
29-05-2020 16:03

Dixie Kong Headed to Mario Kart Tour

Mobile racers get ready; Mario Kart Tour will add Dixie Kong to their roster! Here is what Nintendo had to say regarding this news: It’s time to g ...
28-05-2020 16:03

The Last of Us Part II – State of Play

In case you missed today’s The Last of Us Part II State of Play, here is the video for everyone to watch. The 25 minute video showcases the game ve ...
28-05-2020 16:03

Minecraft Dungeons Release Trailer

Here is is the release trailer for Minecraft Dungeons! Minecraft Dungeons just released today and is now available on all major platforms. From what ...
27-05-2020 16:03

All New State Of Play Will Focus on The Last of Us Part II

Sony is gearing up for yet another State of Play show and this time they will be showing off The Last of Us Part II. The all new broadcast will take ...
26-05-2020 16:03

Amazon Opens Pre-Orders For LEGO Super Mario Adventures

Amazon is now taking preorders on the upcoming LEGO Mario crossover, LEGO Super Mario Adventures. The LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter C ...
21-05-2020 16:03

Club House Games 51 Worldwide Classics Overview Video

One of the Switch titles that I think shows a lot of promise is Club House Games 51 Worldwide Classics. When Nintendo showcased it earlier this year ...
20-05-2020 16:03

The Last of Us Part II – Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundl

Sony has announced that they will be releasing a limited edition PS4 Pro bundle celebrating The Last of Us Part II. The Limited Edition The Last of ...
20-05-2020 16:03

Pikmin 3 For Switch Rumors Emerge

New rumors are suggesting that Pikmin 3 is headed to the Nintendo Switch in the very near future. Sources close to the subject have been sharing that ...
17-05-2020 16:02

Overwatch Turns 4! Anniversary Event Detailed

Can you believe that Overwatch will already be 4 years old"! Where has the time gone my friends" To celebrate, Overwatch is going to be celebrating it ...
16-05-2020 16:02

Paper Mario: The Origami King Announced; Amazon Opens Preord

Seemingly, out of nowhere (Although it was heavily rumored), Nintendo announced that an all new Paper Mario is headed to the Nintendo Switch. will ar ...
15-05-2020 16:03

Ghost of Tsushima – State of Play Video

Who says that next gen starts later this year"! Ghost of Tsushima looks utterly OUTSTANDING! This all new State of Play showcases the PS4 exclusive ...
15-05-2020 16:03

?Inside The Last of Us Part II? Video Series

An all new video series showcasing The Last of Us Part II has landed and it should help hold us over until next months BIG release. Check out the vi ...
14-05-2020 16:03

Check Out Unreal Engine 5 Running on PlayStation 5

Here is an incredible tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 running on a PlayStation 5. While we eagerly await Sony to announce ANYTHING regarding PS5, the go ...
14-05-2020 16:03

Animal Crossing Tetris 99 Maximus Cup Begins This Week

This week, the Tetris99 game for Nintendo Switch system teams up with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game for the Tetris 99 13th MAXIMUS CUP event! ...
13-05-2020 16:03

Upcoming Sony State of Play is All About Ghost of Tsushima

There will be an all new State of Play incoming on Thursday and it will focus solely on Ghost of Tsushiuma. The upcoming PS4 exclusive looks absolutel ...
13-05-2020 16:03

Ubisoft Holding Digital Event in July

Ubisoft has announced that they will be hosting an all digital event on July 12th 2020. The company has stated that they will show off exclusive game ...
12-05-2020 16:03

The Ascent: Watch 12 Minutes of Next-Gen Gameplay XBOX Serie

The good folks over at IGN got a chance to actually play (yes, PLAY) The Ascent for the XBOX Series X and captured some footage for everyone to check ...
10-05-2020 16:02

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Now Sold Over 13.4 Million

Nintendo has revealed that sales for Animal Crossing: New Horizons have now reached over 13.4 MILLION copies! That figure is a monumental number and ...
08-05-2020 16:03

Inside Xbox Presents First Look Xbox Series X Gameplay ̵

Here is the live stream for today’s XBOX Series X gameplay presentation. I will be live tweeting my impressions of the show, so be sure to follow m ...
08-05-2020 16:03

Nintendo: Switch Barely Halfway Through its Life Cycle

Nintendo has shared that they believe that the Nintendo Switch is “barley halfway through its life cycle”. This information was shared during a r ...
08-05-2020 16:03
08-05-2020 16:03

Is This The PS5 Release Date"

Sony has yet to tell the gaming public when the Playstation 5 will release but an all new rumor may indeed point to a specific release date for the co ...
07-05-2020 16:03

Here is The New The Last of Us Part II Story Trailer

Here is the all new The Last of Us Part II Story Trailer for everyone to watch. The game will arrive next month for the PS4 and, as expected, looks a ...
07-05-2020 16:03

Top Selling Games From Last Week (US)

Here are the top selling games from last week. As expected, Animal Crossing continues to be a phenomenon at retail and Call of Duty follows close beh ...
06-05-2020 16:03

All New Trailer Incoming For The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog has revealed that they will be showing off a brand new trailer for The Last of Us Part II tomorrow, May 6th. This news was shared via Twi ...
06-05-2020 16:03

Ghost of Tsushima Will Feature A Reversible Cover

It has been revealed (via Twitter) that the upcoming PS4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, will feature a snazzy reversible cover. The game has a set ...
04-05-2020 16:02

Latest Japanese Hardware Sales

Here are the latest Japanese Hardware Sales (followed by lifetime sales) below. The Nintendo Switch takes back their top spot moving over 100K in uni ...
02-05-2020 16:02

No Nintendo Direct Planned For June"

Venture Beat has reported that Nintendo will not be holding a traditional Nintendo Direct presentation in June due to the company?s work at home poli ...
01-05-2020 16:02
30-04-2020 16:03
30-04-2020 16:03

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Overview Trailer

An overview trailer for Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics has arrived, so check it out above. Call me crazy but I think this game looks OUTSTAND ...
30-04-2020 16:03
29-04-2020 16:02
28-04-2020 16:02
26-04-2020 16:01

More Animal Crossing Sales News

The digital sales for Animal Crossing New Horizons has been nothing short of staggering. Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold five million digital copi ...
24-04-2020 16:01

PS5 Heatsink Patent Is Now Public

The good guys over at PSU had the following to say regarding the PS5 system and its heatsink patent. The PS5 is due later this year and we are still ...
24-04-2020 16:01

Animal Crossing Sells BIG

As expected, Animal Crossing New Horizons is proving to be a MAJOR hit for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch exclusive took the top spot in te ...
22-04-2020 16:01

Final Fantasy VII Remake Sales Top 3.5 Million in 3 Days

Final Fantasy VII Remake has already sold over 3.5 million copies since its global release. The game is now available on the PS4 and is already a MAS ...
22-04-2020 16:01

Super Mario Maker 2 World Maker Update Trailer

Super Mario Maker 2 received a HUGE update that allows gamers to create their own worlds… So, basically, gamers can now make and create their own ...
22-04-2020 16:01

Indie Title GRIS Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies

It has been revealed that the indie title GRIS, a gorgeous platform-adventure game, has now sold over 1 million copies worldwide. The game was create ...
21-04-2020 16:01
20-04-2020 16:02
19-04-2020 16:01

Gamescom 2020 is Cancelled, Digital Event to Replace Live Sh

It has been revealed that this years Gamescom show will indeed be cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Earlier this year, E3 2020 was also cancelled ...
18-04-2020 16:01
17-04-2020 16:02

More Evidence of A New Nintendo Switch Model

All new evidence of a new Nintendo Switch model has popped up recently in the latest update for the Nintendo Switch’s firmware. In the latest updat ...
15-04-2020 16:02

Sony Announces The Play at Home Initiative

Sony has announced an all new ?stay at home and play? initiative and is giving gamers 2 free games during this quarantine time. The two titles tha ...
15-04-2020 16:02

Is VALVE Still “In The Game”" New Controlle

VALVE has filed an all new controller patent featuring swappable parts. Not much is known past this new patent but maybe VALVE has something in mind ...
13-04-2020 16:01

XBOX Tweets Friendly Animal Crossing New Horizons Tweet

If you want to adorn some sweet XBOX clothes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’re in luck! Microsoft has tweeted out some friendly XBOX shirts ...
13-04-2020 16:01
10-04-2020 16:01

Microsoft Talks About the Technology of Xbox Series X

In this all new video, Microsoft talks about the technology inside of the Xbox Series X. Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think. As ...
09-04-2020 16:02
08-04-2020 16:02

Sony Reveals PS5 Controller; The DualSense

Sony has officially revealed the upcoming controller for the PS5 entitled “The DualSense”. The news ...
08-04-2020 16:02
06-04-2020 16:02

Amazon Opens Up Preorders For Xenoblade Chronicles Definitiv

Amazon has now opened preorders for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Works Set. The Nintendo Switch exclusive is set to hit on May 29th. The Xenoblade ...
03-04-2020 16:02

The Last of Us 2 Delayed Indefinitely

Sony has announced that The Last of Us 2 has officially been delayed “indefinitely”. This news comes from the ...
03-04-2020 16:02

Nintendo Switch: Ninjala – Gameplay Trailer 1

An all new trailer for Ninjala has arrived, so check it out above. Tell me that Ninjala doesn’t look like a combination of ARMS and Splatoon! I t ...
02-04-2020 16:02

Here Are The Games With Gold for April 2020

XBOX has announced the new games with Gold titles for April 2020 and here they are below. Xbox Live Gold members will be able to check out 4 all new ...
02-04-2020 16:02

Nintendo Celebrating Mario in a BIG Way (RUMORS GALORE)

This year is Mario’s 35th anniversary and Nintendo may be celebrating things in a BIG way. According to new rumors, a slew of Mario titles will be ...
31-03-2020 16:02

Amazon Opens Pre-Orders For Borderlands Legendary Collection

During the Nintendo Direct Mini, it was revealed that 2K would be brining Borderlands to the Nintendo Switch in the form of . Well my friends, retail ...
29-03-2020 16:01

GameStop to Close At Least 320 Stores This Year

Gamestop has revealed that they will be closing more store in 2020. At least 320 stores will indeed close this year from the gaming-focused chain. Ga ...
28-03-2020 16:02

All New Nintendo Direct Mini Arrives

Everyone around the gaming community has been waiting for an all new Nintendo Direct and the company has finally delivered (sort of). Above is an al ...
27-03-2020 16:02

PS Plus April 2020 Lineup Leaked

The lineup for April 2020 for PS Plus has been leaked and the games are straight FIRE (yes, I said straight FIRE)…. Uncharted 4 AND Dirt Rally 2.0 ...
26-03-2020 16:02

Here is The Wonderful 101: Remastered Trailer

Here is The Wonderful 101: Remastered trailer for everyone to check out! Also- here is a list of what to expect with this remastered edition for the ...
26-03-2020 16:02

Animal Crossing New Horizons Sells 1.88 Million in Japan

Animal Crossing New Horizons has already sold over 1.88 million copies over in Japan. The game has only been out for 3 days but has managed to shift ...
25-03-2020 16:01


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