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nintendo - Videogames

nintendo - Videogames

Nintendo February 2019 Direct Impressions… What WASN?T

Hello everyone! Just in case you missed my latest YouTube video, I have decided to share it above. Check it out and let me know what you think. Ev ...
17-02-2019 16:02

The Legend of Zelda: Link?s Awakening Nintendo Switch Annou

Nintendo closed its big Nintendo Direct by showcasing a HUGE surprise in the for of The Legend of Zelda: Link?s Awakening for Nintendo Switch. Check ...
14-02-2019 16:02
14-02-2019 16:02

All New Nintendo Direct Is Coming On February 13th

It was rumored but now it is confirmed; an all new Nintendo Direct will air tomorrow, February 13th. The news was shared via Twitter and will be 35 m ...
13-02-2019 16:03

Apex Legends Getting Solo and Duo Modes

Apparently Apex Legends will be receiving a Solo and Duo mode for the recently released game. Apex Legends has taken over Twitch and has been on a ro ...
12-02-2019 16:02

Jim Ryan Is The New President and CEO of Sony Interactive En

PlayStation Europe veteran Jim Ryan is now the new president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. This new move will be effective as of April 1 ...
12-02-2019 16:02

Apex Legends Now Boasts 25 Million Players

25 MILLION people have already checked out ...
12-02-2019 16:02

RUMOR- Nintendo Direct Happening February 13th

File this one under rumor for now my friends but it is being reported (rumored) that an all new Nintendo Direct will be happening (or announced) on F ...
10-02-2019 16:02
07-02-2019 16:03

Nintendo Switch Sales For Japan Continue to Impress

The latest Japanese Hardware Sales (followed by last week?s sales) are in and the Nintendo Switch outsold every other system combined. The system con ...
07-02-2019 16:03

Kingdom Hearts III Has Already Shipped 5 Million Units

Square Enix has announced that the wildly popular Kingdom Hearts III has now shipped more than five million units globally (both physically and digit ...
06-02-2019 16:03

Mortal Kombat 11 Kabal Trailer

Well my friends, Kabal is making his return in Mortal Kombat 11. I remember playing as Kabal WAY back in the day so I will be eager to get my hands ...
06-02-2019 16:03

Apex Legends Releases Today!

Here is some satisfying news; an all new battle Royale game set in the universe of Titanfall, has released today. Electronic Arts Inc and Respawn En ...
05-02-2019 16:02

Nintendo Unveils New Nintendo Switch My Way Commercials

Nintendo has revealed a number of new Nintendo Switch “My Way Commercials” so check them all out above. The different commercials feature a nu ...
04-02-2019 16:02

Kano “Konfirmed” For Mortal Kombat 11

Ed Boon has officially announced (via twitter) that Kano is “Konfirmed” for the upcoming fighter, Mortal Kombat 11. All confirmed characters for ...
02-02-2019 16:01

Rumors For a Nintendo Switch Mini Surface

Nintendo has been HEAVILY rumored to be bringing a new addition (or two) to its popular Switch console family. An all new rumor is pointing to a revi ...
02-02-2019 16:01

Nintendo Switch Mini…. ITS HAPPENING! More Evidence Co

I have reported multiple times on my YouTube channel regarding new Switch models and today is no different. Check out my latest video above and be su ...
02-02-2019 16:01

Super Smash Ultimate: Piranha Plant Now Available

Piranha Plant is now available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ladies and gentleman. The immensely popular fighter has received a brand new update tha ...
31-01-2019 16:00
31-01-2019 16:00
29-01-2019 16:02

Nintendo Switch My Way Video

Nintendo has put out an all new 30 second advertisement showcasing the Nintendo Switch. In this video, the ad cleverly displays the uniqueness of th ...
29-01-2019 16:02
27-01-2019 16:03
26-01-2019 16:02

NetherRealm Is Looking into Cross-Play for Mortal Kombat 11

Here is some interesting news; NetherRealm is looking into Cross-Play for Mortal Kombat 11 and would like to bring it to the game sometime. MK 11 was ...
23-01-2019 16:01

Nindie Direct 2019… Is This ?THE DIRECT? We?ve Been Wa

Tomorrow Nintendo will be showcasing some upcoming indie titles for Nintendo Switch in an all new Direct showcase BUT….Will it be “the direct” ...
23-01-2019 16:01

Nintendo Indies 2019 Highlight Showcase Video Coming Tomorro

Nintendo has announced that they will be holding an all new Indie showcase tomorrow! Although it’s not the “BIG DIRECT” that we have all been w ...
23-01-2019 16:01

Here is Yo-Kai Watch 4 Running On Nintendo Switch

Level 5 has officially given us r first glimpse of Yo-Kai Watch 4 running on the Nintendo Switch. The game looks very nice and I love the art styl ...
20-01-2019 16:02

Mortal Kombat 11 Reveal Trailer

I cannot believe that I forgot to post this the other day BUT- The reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 has arrived and you can check it out above. T ...
19-01-2019 16:02

SMITE ?Team Up & Play God On Nintendo Switch? Launch Tr

SMITE is headed to Switch… Another 3rd party game is headed to Nintendo’s popular hybrid console and we have the launch trailer for everyone to ...
19-01-2019 16:02

Nintendo January Direct 2019… The Content is There, No

I uploaded another new video discussing the (rumored) upcoming Nintendo Direct for January 2019, so check it out above. In this video I discuss the ...
15-01-2019 16:02

Best Selling PlayStation Games Of 2018 Revealed

The top-selling playstation games for 2018 have been revealed and you can check out the full list below. FIFA and Call of Duty have taken the top 2 s ...
14-01-2019 16:01
14-01-2019 16:01

Nintendo?s January Direct…. BIGGER Than we Originally

I just uploaded a new video to my Youtube channel and it seems to be getting some attention. Check it out above and be sure to comment on what YOU t ...
13-01-2019 16:01

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster For Switch Release D

The release date has been revealed for Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster For Nintendo Switch. The game will arrive for Switch owners on April 16th! N ...
11-01-2019 16:01

Dragon?s Dogma Dark Arisen Headed To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has revealed that Dragon?s Dogma Dark Arisen is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch. This was a welcome little surprise to read today and I do ...
09-01-2019 16:01

Yoshi’s Crafted World Release Date Announced

Nintendo has just announced, via Twitter, that Yoshi’s Crafted World will release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on March 29th. The game, which ...
09-01-2019 16:01

Nintendo Predictions For 2019! 3 Nintendo Switch Systems&quo

In case you missed my latest YouTube video, check it out above! In this video I discuss the upcoming new year and make some predictions for Nintendo ...
05-01-2019 16:00

Coming Attractions Video For PS4 Impresses

Sony has produced a “coming attractions” video for PS4 and it is nothing short of impressive. It’s amazing to me what is coming this year for ...
05-01-2019 16:00

Playstation Plus Games For January

Here are the free games you will be able to download this month for PS Plus: Steep ? PS4 Portal Knights ? PS4 Zone of the Enders HD Collection, PS3 A ...
05-01-2019 16:00
05-01-2019 16:00
03-01-2019 16:02

Latest Podcast Now Available! What Was my Game Of The Year

Hello everyone. Check out my latest podcast and find out what MY game of the year for 2018 was and what titles we picked up over the Holiday break (h ...
03-01-2019 16:02

Happy New Year Everyone!

my Youtube Channel"  Or how about we kick up our new podcast"!  Or should we resurrect our Twitch steam"! Let me know in the comment section; it would ...
03-01-2019 16:02
27-12-2018 16:02

Nintendo: Indie Hits 2018 Edition

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you will know that there is NO SHORTAGE of indie titles. There are some of the greatest games to grace the system and ...
27-12-2018 16:02
23-12-2018 16:01

All New Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Trailer

Here is an all new trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for Nintendo Switch. This looks rather interesting to say the least and I am ver ...
23-12-2018 16:01

InkyPen Comic Book Service Available Now On Nintendo Switch

If you’re into comics, the InkyPen Comic Book Service is now available on Nintendo Switch systems. It is currently live on the Nintendo Switch eSho ...
18-12-2018 16:01

Niantic Now Worth Around $4 Billion

It must be good to be Niantic! The company, who is responsible for the immensely popular Pokemon Go game, is now worth around 4 billion dollars. Nian ...
18-12-2018 16:01

The Game Awards 2018 Had 26 Million Live Streams

The Game Awards, which took place a week and a half ago, enjoyed 26 million live streams according to recent data. This monumental number is incredib ...
14-12-2018 16:01

Nintendo Switch Pro…Reggie Comments on The Rumor

In case you missed my latest YouTube upload (you really should My YouTube Channel. ...
14-12-2018 16:01
12-12-2018 16:01


Amazon has shared the best-selling games of 2018 and Nintendo seems to have DOMINATED this year… Check out the full rundown below: Super Smash Bros ...
12-12-2018 16:01

Nintendo Applies for Metroid: Other M And Super Mario Galaxy

Nintendo has applied for some interesting trademarks lately and today is no different. The two trademarks are for the popular Wii games Metroid: Othe ...
09-12-2018 16:01
07-12-2018 16:01
06-12-2018 16:02

Swedish Retailer Inet Lists Metroid Prime Trilogy For Ninten

It looks like Swedish retailer Inet may have let the “cat out of the bag” regarding a port of Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch. A myster ...
05-12-2018 16:02

PlayStation Careers Worldwide Studios Video

Sony has put together a nice little video showcasing some of their fantastic studios, so give it a watch above. I always love to see behind the scen ...
05-12-2018 16:02

Fortnite Season 7 Starts In 3 Days!

Calling all Fortnite fans (that’s you entire WORLD), season 7 starts in just 3 days!! The next season of Fortnite will feature a winter theme and w ...
04-12-2018 16:01
02-12-2018 16:02

Player Vs Player Coming To Pokemon GO Soon

It has been (almost) announced that Player Vs Player is coming to Pokemon GO in the very near future. Developer Niantic tweeted an interesting pictur ...
01-12-2018 16:02

Nintendo Will Be Ending The Nintendo Creators Program

Nintendo has announced that they will be ending the Nintendo Creators Program at the end of this year. It seems like the company is “loosening the ...
30-11-2018 16:01
30-11-2018 16:01

Battlefield 5 Is Already On Sale For $30

If you want to pick up Battlefield V, now may be your best bet. Despite being JUST RELEASED, the game is currently on sale for $30 at Target. EA’s ...
28-11-2018 16:02

Xbox – December 2018 Games with Gold

Here are the games with gold XBOX players will enjoy next month in December. Play together with Xbox Live Gold. December’s 2018 Games with Gold li ...
28-11-2018 16:02

Check Out My Latest Podcast!

Hey everyone! Make sure you listen to buy latest podcast discussing what I picked up this year on Black Friday. It’s a quick, 10 minute show and i ...
27-11-2018 16:02

Mario Tennis Aces Petey Piranha & Shy Guy Trailers

In case you missed it, next month Petey Piranha and Shy Guy will join the ranks in Mario Tennis Aces and we have the trailers for you to check out. ...
27-11-2018 16:02

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: All Final Smashes Revealed

Here are all of the final smashes for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for your ...
26-11-2018 16:02

Next Zelda Game Coming ?Sooner Than We Think?

According to Game Informer, the next Zelda game should be coming “sooner than we think”. Now, we all know that this franchise is always being wor ...
25-11-2018 16:02

Nintendo Switch Explodes With Sales in Japan

The Nintendo Switch has recently exploded in terms of sales numbers in Japan, moving over 200,000 units! Nintendo has to be pleased with this stagge ...
22-11-2018 16:01
22-11-2018 16:01

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Overview Trailer Featuring The Ann

Here is an all new vide showcasing Super Smash Bros Ultimate Featuring The Announcer. It’s an overview trailer and will get you ready for the game ...
22-11-2018 16:01

How to Prepare a Nintendo Switch for Trade-In or Sale Video

Why is Nintendo telling us how to “trade in our Switch systems”" Could this be getting everyone ready for a more powerful Switch system"! Me th ...
20-11-2018 16:01
19-11-2018 16:01

Sony Will be Skipping E3 2019

It appears as though Sony will be skipping E3 2019. The Entertainment Software Association (the good people who run E3) confirmed the news today, as ...
16-11-2018 16:02

Paladins Update Brings Gyro Controls To Nintendo Switch

The all new Paladins update is bringing Gyro Controls To Nintendo Switch version of the game. Apparently players can adjust the gyro controls to thei ...
16-11-2018 16:02

Here Are The Game Awards 2018 Game Of The Year Nominees

This year’s Game Awards is quickly approaching and the list for “Game of The Year” has been revealed. I personally think that the new god of wa ...
14-11-2018 16:02

Sea of Thieves The Arena Announce Trailer

As announced at X018, The Arena is the latest content update from Sea of Thieves. Prove your worth to the Sea Dogs as you battle to the top of The Ar ...
11-11-2018 16:01
11-11-2018 16:01
11-11-2018 16:01

Super Mario Party Switch Joy-Con Bundle Coming November 16t

Why here’s a nice little bundle Nintendo just announced… On November 16th, Nintendo will be releasing a Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle that fea ...
09-11-2018 16:02

YouTube Is Now On Nintendo Switch

Today Youtube has officially launched on the Nintendo Switch, so check out the popular video app right now on your hybrid Nintendo device. The app sh ...
09-11-2018 16:02

Pokemon GO Made $73 Million In Revenue During October 2018

MyNintendoNews has reported that the always-popular Pokemon GO mobile game has made $73 million in revenue last month alone. ...
08-11-2018 16:01

Fortnite NFL Outfits Incoming

If you want to sport your favorite NFL team in Fortnite, you’re in luck! A brand new partnership with the National Football League (NFL) has been a ...
06-11-2018 16:02

New Podcast LIVE…Who Will Win This Holiday Season"

I have uploaded an all new podcast for you all to enjoy. In this episode, I discuss which company I expect to “win” this Holiday season and why I ...
06-11-2018 16:02

PS4 Has Officially Outsold PS3

Sony has reveled that the PS4 has officially outsold the PS3 in terms of lifetime sales. The system, which is still very popular, is headed into a bu ...
05-11-2018 16:03

Is YouTube Coming To Nintendo Switch On November 8th"

The official Nintendo site has put up a placeholder for ...
05-11-2018 16:03

Yellow And Red Super Mario Maker Nintendo 2DS System Headed

The Black Friday ad for Target has arrived and there will be a Yellow And Red Super Mario Maker Nintendo 2DS System available for purchase for early ...
03-11-2018 16:02
03-11-2018 16:02

Nintendo?s Holiday Strategy… A Ton of Switch Bundles F

I have recently uploaded an all new video to ...
03-11-2018 16:02

Here is The Full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 11.1.2018

In case you missed out on today’s Nintendo Direct that showcased Super Smash Bros Ultimate, check out the video above. Nintendo blew the doors off ...
02-11-2018 16:02
01-11-2018 16:02

Nintendo Switch Has Officially Outsold Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo Switch has now sold nearly 23 million consoles. This means that the Nintendo Switch has now outsold the Nint ...
01-11-2018 16:02
30-10-2018 16:03
30-10-2018 16:03

A Slew Of Resident Evil Titles Headed to Switch

Capcom has shared that a number of Resident Evil games are headed to the Nintendo Switch in 2019. The games we are getting on the system include Resi ...
27-10-2018 16:02

New Filters Added To Snapshot Mode In Super Mario Odyssey

This just in; Super Mario Odyssey has added all new filters for its snapshot mode for the Nintendo Switch. The new filters include Manga, Tile, And K ...
24-10-2018 16:02

Fortnite: Free-To-Play For Save The World Delayed Till Next

It has been announced that the “Save The World” “free” portion of Fortnite has been delayed until next year. Epic went on record stating that ...
23-10-2018 16:02

Huawei Claims Their Tablet Is A ?Better Portable Game Machin

The good folks over at MyNintendoNews shared this interesting information and we just had to pass it along. Technology manufacturer Huawei has announ ...
18-10-2018 16:02

Nintendo Switch Diablo III Limited Edition Trailer

Nintendo has uploaded an all new Nintendo Switch Diablo III Limited Edition Trailer for everyone to check out. The dock for the Switch as well as th ...
16-10-2018 16:03


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