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nintendo - Videogames

nintendo - Videogames

Mario Golf: Super Rush ? Golf With A Mushroom Kingdom Twist

Nintendo has produced an all new commercial for their upcoming Switch release, ...
24-06-2021 16:04

Overwatch Cross Play is Officially LIVE

A few short weeks ago, Blizzard shared that Cross Play was headed to Overwatch and it has officially arrived ladies and gentlemen! That’s right fri ...
23-06-2021 16:04

Pokemon Unite Release Date Has Been Announced

Pokemon UNITE has finally been given a release date. Pokémon UNITE will be available next month, July 2021 on Nintendo Switch and September 2021 on m ...
18-06-2021 16:03

Here Are The E3 2021 Award Winners

This years E3 2021 awards are in and you can check out the list below. Forza Horizon 5 took top honors and won the most anticipated title for the big ...
17-06-2021 16:03
16-06-2021 16:04

Here is The Full XBOX & Bethesda Games Showcase From E3

Microsoft has wrapped up its E3 2021 press conference and in case you missed it, be sure to Halo Infinite (although I felt like it had a pretty short ...
14-06-2021 16:04

Here is The Wizard With a Gun – Announcement Trailer

An all new indie title is headed to the Nintendo Switch and it’s called Wizard with a Gun. The game looks like it will fit nicely with my other Swi ...
13-06-2021 16:04

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is Coming to Switch in 2022

The sequel to the critically acclaimed ...
13-06-2021 16:04

Cross Play Is Coming to Overwatch

It has been revealed that Overwatch will finally be receiving an update that will allow gamers to play across any system of their choosing. This awes ...
10-06-2021 16:04

Here is The First Trailer For Battlefield 2042

The first trailer for Battlefield 2042 has ...
10-06-2021 16:04
09-06-2021 16:05

Far Cry 6 Will Offer A Third-Person Mode Throughout The Game

The good people over at GameInformer have reported that the upcoming Far Cry 6 game will offer a Third-Person Mode throughout the entire game. I ...
08-06-2021 16:05

Summer Game Fest 2021: Hype Reel Video

An all new video has been released hyping up the Summer Game Fest 2021 and we have posted it below. The video shows a number of high profile titles a ...
08-06-2021 16:05

PS Indies Montage – Discover Great Indies Video

Sony has uploaded an all new video showcasing some amazing indie games for the PS5 and PS4, so check it out below. I cannot wait until Kena: Bridge o ...
08-06-2021 16:05

Nintendo Monthly Rewind Video ? May 2021

Nintendo has put out an Game Builder Garage and will be picking that one up in the coming weeks. Check out the recap video below and let me know what ...
05-06-2021 16:04

Here Are The Latest Japanese Hardware Sales From Last Week

Usually every week, I like to share the latest hardware sales in Japan, so here is your weekly update. The Nintendo Switch was the top selling platfo ...
04-06-2021 16:04

The Sequel to God of War Has Been Delayed

It has been revealed that the sequel to the excellent God of War PS4 game has officially been delayed. The new release date for the hotly anticipated ...
03-06-2021 16:04

Nintendo’s E3 2021 Plans Have Been Revealed

Nintendo has finally announced what they will be doing for E3 2021. The company has announced that they will host an all new Nintendo Direct on June ...
03-06-2021 16:04

All New Halo Infinite Artwork Arrives Before E3 2021

All new Halo Infinite artwork has arrived before this years E3, so check it out above. Halo Infinite has been in hiding but we expect a MAJOR BLOWOUT ...
31-05-2021 16:04

Monster Hunter Rise Has Now Shipped Over 7 Million Copies Wo

The sales for Nintendo Switch exclusive, twitter account, so be sure to log into the title and receive your bonus items. Have YOU picked up Monster ...
29-05-2021 16:04

SEGA Officially Announces Sonic Colors Ultimate

Today was a good day if you are a Sonic fan! SEGA has officially announced that Sonic Colors Ultimate is headed to systems all over the world. SEGA ...
28-05-2021 16:04

Horizon Forbidden West – State of Play Gameplay Reveal

In case you missed the all new Sony State of Play showcasing Horizon Forbidden West, take a look at the video below and be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY! ...
28-05-2021 16:04

Here Are The Playstation Plus Games For June

The free games for Playstation Plus have been revealed for June, so here they are. Those who are PS Plus members will be able to enjoy the following ...
27-05-2021 16:03

The June Games With Gold Lineup is Here

Here is a list of what you can expect to download for free next month with XBOX Games with Gold. On Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, experience captivat ...
27-05-2021 16:03

Discover The Forbidden West The Next State of Play

Sony has announced that their next State of Play will focus on the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West for the PS5. The all new PS5 is getting ready to r ...
26-05-2021 16:04

Bandai Namco Europe and Level-5 Have Confirmed Ni No Kuni 2

Ni No Kuni 2 is headed to the Nintendo Switch my friends. Bandai Namco Europe and Level-5 have officially confirmed that Ni No Kuni II: Revenant King ...
22-05-2021 16:03

The Last of Us Part 2 Has Been Upgraded For PS5

This just in my friends, The Last of Us Part 2 has been upgraded for the PS5. The game will now run at a silky-smooth 60 FPS on Sony’s latest conso ...
20-05-2021 16:04

The Zelda & Loftwing Skyward Sword HD Amiibo Will Relea

The newly announced Zelda & Loftwing Skyward Sword HD amiibo will be releasing on July 16th. The all new Amiibo figure will run gamers $25 and has so ...
20-05-2021 16:04

All New DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Trailer Arrives

An all new trailer for DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power has arrived and you can view the 30 second spot below. DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is set ...
18-05-2021 16:03

Nintendo Minute: Nintendo Switch Name that Game Challenge

Nintendo Minute recently played a nice little game of “Nintendo Switch Name that Game Challenge” so check it out below. I always find these vide ...
16-05-2021 16:04
14-05-2021 16:04

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart New Gameplay Video Arrives

In case you missed it, the good people Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Launch Edition is set to dazzle the PS5 June 11th. Only 1 more month to go friends ...
13-05-2021 16:04

EA Play Live is Coming Back on July 22nd

EA has just announced, via Twitter, that EA Play Live is coming back on July 22nd. The upcoming EA Play Live looks like it will take place AFTER E3 2 ...
12-05-2021 16:04

Sony Has Officially Sold 7.8 Million PS5 Consoles

It has been revealed that the PS5 console has now sold over 7.8 million units according to recent reports. Sales of the system have been extremely im ...
12-05-2021 16:04

Here is The New Returnal Accolades Trailer

An all new accolades trailer has just arrived for Returnal, so be sure to check it out below. The newly released PS5 title seems to be garnering a bi ...
12-05-2021 16:04
10-05-2021 16:04

GameStop to Offer Exclusive Mario Golf: Super Rush Gift

Everyone who is thinking about picking up Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch may want to get it at GameStop when the game releases. The c ...
08-05-2021 16:03

Nintendo Wants YOU to Make Games; Game Builder Garage Announ

Nintendo has once again decided to lift the veil on a quirky new title for the Nintendo Switch and it has YOU making the next great game. That’s ri ...
06-05-2021 16:04

All New Podcast Arrives

Hello again everyone. I have released an all new podcast, so be sure to give it a listen. Since I last posted, I have probably uploaded a number of ...
06-05-2021 16:04

Here Are The Games Leaving XBOX Game Pass in May

Here are the games that will be leaving XBOX Game Pass in May. The following titles will be removed from the service on May 15th, so if any of these ...
03-05-2021 16:04

Japan Absolutely Loves The Nintendo Switch

Typically ever week, I post the latest Japanese hardware sales and today is no different. Speaking of “no different”, guess what system has once ...
30-04-2021 16:04

The PlayStation Plus Games For May Have Been Revealed

The Playstation Plus Games for May have been revealed and here are what gamers can download come next month. Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last for PS5, ...
29-04-2021 16:04

PlayStation Boss Says The PS5 Will Have More Exclusives The

The good folks over at IGN just posted an interesting article regarding PS5 and exclusive software. According to the big boss from Playstation, the P ...
23-04-2021 16:04

Will Sony Introduce Video With PlayStation Plus Video Pass&q

An all new rumor is suggesting that Sony will be adding video to its Playstation Plus subscription in the form of “PlayStation Plus Video Pass”. ...
22-04-2021 16:04

New Leadership For Overwatch Emerges As Jeff Kaplan Leaves C

We want to let you know that Jeff Kaplan has decided to leave the company after a long and storied career here, and that Aaron Keller, a Blizzard vete ...
21-04-2021 16:04

All New LEGO Luigi Set Has Leaked

Following the popularity of the Super Mario Lego sets, it looks as though a new Luigi set has officially been leaked. This all new rumor stems from A ...
19-04-2021 16:04

Nintendo Has Once Again Dominated Japan

The Nintendo Switch not only managed to take top honors in terms of hardware sales, but the system also managed to take all 10 spots in terms of softw ...
16-04-2021 16:04

Indie World Showcase Live Stream For April 14, 2021

Here is the live stream for the Indie World Showcase live stream – April 14, 2021. The show will run 20 minutes in length and feature some amazing ...
15-04-2021 16:04

Nintendo Announces All New Color For Switch Lite

Nintendo took to twitter today and announced that they will be releasing an all new Switch Lite color next month for potential new Switch consumers (o ...
14-04-2021 16:04

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Ru

It is being rumored that Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn could be coming to Switch in the form of remakes. That’s right f ...
12-04-2021 16:04

Sonic Colors Remaster is Rumored to be Incoming

An all new rumor has been circling around the internet and it states that there will be a remaster for Sonic Colors. That’s right friends, apparent ...
11-04-2021 16:03

New Pokemon Snap Gets an All New Trailer

If you are like me, you are eagerly awaiting the arrival for ...
10-04-2021 16:03

Deathloop Has Been Officially Delayed

In case you missed the news, Deathloop, one of PS5’s exclusive titles, has officially been delayed. The development team has decided that the new r ...
09-04-2021 16:03

Here is The PAC-MAN 99 – Announcement Trailer For Nint

Nintendo has just announced that an all new Pac-Man title is headed for the Nintendo Switch and is entitled Pac-Man 99. Pac-Man 99 is set to release ...
07-04-2021 16:04

E3 2021 Will Be an All Digital Event

Much to no-ones surprise, it has been revealed that E3 2021 will indeed be an all digital event. A number of big companies have already pledged their ...
07-04-2021 16:04

Monster Hunter Rise Surpasses 5 Million Units Globally

Capcom has just revealed that Monster Hunter Rise has now surpassed 5 million units globally in overall shipment. The game, which was just released, ...
06-04-2021 16:04

All New Mario Kart Tour Update Incoming

Mario Kart Tour is already getting ready to update as they wrap up The Yoshi Tour. This news was shared via Twitter and they also announced that the ...
04-04-2021 16:04

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Has Officially Been Delay

It has been revealed that LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has been delayed. The game, which includes all 9 films in the Skywalker saga, now has no ...
03-04-2021 16:03

Nintendo Monthly Rewind Video – March 2021

Want a refresher as to what Nintendo release on the Switch last month" Well take a look at the video above and get up-to-date. Late last month, Capc ...
03-04-2021 16:03

Monster Hunter Rise Sales Absolutely EXPLODE on Nintendo Swi

Monster Hunter Rise is going to go down as one of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest titles ever. Congrats to Capcom.The post Monster Hunter Rise Sa ...
30-03-2021 16:03

Nintendo Once Again DOMINATES Japan Hardware Sales

Are you getting tired of that headline" I feel like I post that every single week BUT Nintendo has, once again, DOMINATED Japan in terms of hardware ...
27-03-2021 16:04

Will The Nintendo Switch Pro Cost $400"

Bloomberg is at it once again reporting news and rumors regarding a next generation Nintendo Switch. According to the latest info, it is being sugges ...
24-03-2021 16:04

All New Podcast Has Arrived

In case you missed my latest podcast upload, be sure to give it a listen right below. In my latest show, I discuss what system I ended up purchasing ...
22-03-2021 16:04

Gamescom 2021 Will Be A Hybrid Event

Just like E3 2021, it has been revealed that Gamescom 2021 will be a “hybrid” event the year due to the global pandemic. Gamescom has posted a f ...
21-03-2021 16:04

The Among Us Airship Map Release Date Has Been Revealed

Get ready for an all new map my imposter friends! The Among Us Airship map is set to release on March 31st. That’s right crewmates, you will be ab ...
19-03-2021 16:04

Sony Reveals PSVR 2 Controller And it Looks Outstanding

Sony has revealed the all new PSVR 2 controller (take a look above) and I am LOVING the new design. The PSVR 2 seems to be moving along very nicely a ...
19-03-2021 16:04

10 FREE Games to Download This Spring on Playstation

Sony has announced that gamers will be able to download 10 FREE indie games starting on March 25, 2021. This news was shared via the Playstation Blog ...
18-03-2021 16:04

Outriders is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One

Outriders, Square-Enix’s upcoming shooter, will arrive on XBOX Game Pass on Day One to coincide with the games release. That’s right my friends, ...
16-03-2021 16:04

Little Nightmares 2 Surpasses 1 Million Copies Sold

The team behind the indie game Little Nightmares 2 has announced that the title has already sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide! The game is on mult ...
14-03-2021 16:03

Crash Bandicoot 4: It?s About Time Launch Trailer For Ninten

The launch trailer for Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has arrived and you can check out the video below. Crash has officially mad his way onto ...
13-03-2021 16:04

Bethesda Posts ?Here?s to the Journey? Video Following Micro

Today makes the Microsoft purchase of Bethesda “officially, official” (we knew it was coming but today marked this momentous occasion) and the com ...
10-03-2021 16:04

Amazon Finally Opens Up Pre-Orders For Pokemon Brilliant Dia

Amazon has officially opened preorders for the newly announced Pokemon Shining Pearl. Both titles were recently announced during a previous Nintendo ...
10-03-2021 16:04

Apex Legends For Nintendo Switch Runs Smooth At 30FPS

Apex Legends has just released on the Nintendo Switch and it is being reported that the hotly anticipated title runs at 30 FPS on the hybrid device. ...
10-03-2021 16:04

The Genshin Impact Windblume Festival is Coming on March 17

Genshin Impact, one of the most interesting games to be released last year, is getting all content in just 10 days. That’s right friends, The Gensh ...
08-03-2021 16:04

Epic Games Purchases Media Tonic, The Company Behind Fall Gu

Epic Games has purchased Media Tonic, the company behind the popular multiplayer title Fall Guys. Fall Guys, which made a HUGE splash on PS4 last yea ...
04-03-2021 16:03

First Gameplay Trailer For Apex Legends on Switch Arrives

The first gameplay trailer for Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch has been released and you will be able to check it out below. Apex Legends will ar ...
03-03-2021 16:03

Don’t Forget, Certain Mario Titles Are Going Away This

Nintendo has took to twitter to remind everyone that a number of Mario titles will be going away later this month. Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros sys ...
02-03-2021 16:04

Here is The First Trailer For Pokemon Legends Arceus

Today was a great day for Pokemon. Not only was it announced that there will be remakes for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl headed to the Nintendo Switch b ...
27-02-2021 16:03

All New Pokemon Presents Presentation Has Been Announced For

Get ready Poke-fans; an all new Pokemon Presents presentation has been announced for tomorrow, February 26th. Rumors have been running rampant as to ...
26-02-2021 16:03

Amazon Has Opened Preorders For Deathloop Deluxe Edition

Amazon has officially opened its DEATHLOOP Deluxe Edition will include  Soundtrack Selections, 2 Trinkets, Transtar Trencher (PS5 Excusive), .44 Karat ...
26-02-2021 16:03

Here is The Live Stream For Sony’s State of Play

Here is the live stream for today’s Sony State of Play showcase. The show will clock in it at 30 minutes or so, give or take and will display some P ...
26-02-2021 16:03

Nintendo Dominates Japanese Hardware And Software Sales With

Typically I post the latest Japanese hardware sales from last week but today I decided to also post the latest software sales as well. If you take a ...
26-02-2021 16:03

All New Sony State of Play Arrives This Thursday

Sony has announced that they will be hosting an all new Sony State of Play this Thursday, February 25th. This all new State of Play broadcast will se ...
24-02-2021 16:04

Are Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Headed to The Nintendo Switch&

You read that headline right everyone; according to recent rumors, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl may indeed be headed to the Nintendo Switch. As you read ...
24-02-2021 16:04

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Sees Huge Bump in Sales Due to Recent

Out friends over at MyNintendoNews are reporting that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is enjoying a healthy sales bump due to the recent announcement of Smash ...
23-02-2021 16:04

Overwatch 2 News Arrives in All New Behind The Scenes Video

If you want Overwatch 2 news my friends, look no further than the video below. An all new video showcasing the hotly anticipated title has arrived an ...
21-02-2021 16:03

Nintendo Announces A Bevy of All New Nintendo Switch Games

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a slew of new and great video games that will be headed to the Nintendo Switch. From Zelda to an ...
18-02-2021 16:04

All New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow, February 17th

FINALLY; an all new Nintendo Direct has been announced for tomorrow, February 17, 2021. That’s right my friends, the wait is finally over! The all ...
17-02-2021 16:03

Major Leak Reveals 4 Upcoming Games For Nintendo Switch

According to new rumors, 4 upcoming games for Nintendo Switch have been leaked. It seems like every day, we hear of rumors of Nintendo Switch titles ...
16-02-2021 16:03

Amazon Opens Preorders For Ratchet And Clank A Rift Apart

Following yesterdays announcement of Ratchet And Clank A Rift Apart releasing in June, Amazon has now officially opened preorders for the game, so be ...
13-02-2021 16:04

Japanese Hardware Sales; Nintendo Dominates

Nintendo has once again DOMINATED the Japanese hardware sales. The official numbers are below but the Switch has proved, once again, it is not a ...
12-02-2021 16:04

MyVideoGameNews Podcast

Hello friends; lately I have moved a lot of the websites content to my podcast, so be sure to check it out here and give it a listen. The website has ...
05-02-2021 16:04

Here is Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Frame Rat

The frame rate as well as the resolution has been revealed for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and the game looks like its going to run buttery ...
01-02-2021 16:03

Destruction AllStars – State of Play | PS5

The post Destruction AllStars - State of Play | PS5 first appeared on MVGN. ...
28-01-2021 16:03

Here Are The PlayStation Plus For February 2021

Here are the FREE, Playstation Plus games for February 2021. There are a number of great games on this list and include Destruction AllStars, Control ...
28-01-2021 16:03

Apex Legends Season 8 ? Mayhem Gameplay Trailer

The post Apex Legends Season 8 ? Mayhem Gameplay Trailer first appeared on MVGN. ...
27-01-2021 16:04

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Sells Over 3.5 Million Copi

Koei Tecmo has released their FY3/21 Q3 Earnings and have shared more information regarding the sales for . The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild p ...
26-01-2021 16:04

HUGE Update on Xbox Live Gold Pricing

Microsoft has come out and announced that there will be a price change moving forward for XBOX Live Gold. You heard that correctly gamers; going forw ...
23-01-2021 16:03

Resident Evil Village Release Date is May 7

It has been announced that the much anticipated, Resident Evil Village will release on May 7th, 2021. This news was shared during a Capcom event show ...
22-01-2021 16:03

Is Apex Legends Headed to Switch On February 6th"

We know one thing my loyal readers; Apex Legends is headed to Nintendo Switch…. When, on the other hand, hasn’t been so clear but things may have ...
20-01-2021 16:04


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