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Nintendo Starts Banning Switch Hackers From Online Services

Nintendo has started banning Switch users who have hacked their Nintendo Switch system from online services. NintendoEverything reports: ?Those who a...
23-05-2018 16:02


Epic Games has announced that they will be hitting the eSports scene in a HUGE way. The company has announced that they will provide $100,000,000 (ye...
22-05-2018 16:02
19-05-2018 16:03

GO VACATION Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Welcome to Kawawii Island, a paradise resort where friends and family can enjoy 50+ co-op and competitive activities. There are all sorts of exciting...
19-05-2018 16:03

Nintendo Handing Out Special Buttons at E3 2018

If you are attending this years E3, make sure you bring your Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has announced via twitter that they will be handing out comme...
17-05-2018 16:03

Detroit Become Human Game Length Revealed

The game length has been revealed for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Detroit Become Human. The highly anticipated game (yes I consider it VERY highly ant...
16-05-2018 16:03
16-05-2018 16:03

Did Gamestop Just Leak Call of Duty For Switch"

We are only 3 days away from the official unveiling for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and apparently Gamestop is showcasing that the popular title is inde...
15-05-2018 16:03

NES Classic Edition Will Be Back In Stores On June 29th

Nintendo has announced that the very popular NES Classic Edition will be back in stores on June 29th. This system and the SNES Classic Edition syste...
14-05-2018 16:03

Free Demo Of ARMS Available Now On Switch eShop

Nintendo has announced that there is a free demo of ARMS now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. We love the new franchise over here in the MVGN...
11-05-2018 16:02

North American New Nintendo 2DS XL Summer Commercials

Nintendo has uploaded all new trailers for their New Nintendo 2DSXL handhelds, so check them out above. I think that the New Nintendo 2DS XL is one...
08-05-2018 16:03

Nintendo Shares Its Online Plans For Switch

As soon as I uploaded an all new video to my YouTube channel discussing Nintendo’s online plans, the big N drops some official information via Twit...
08-05-2018 16:03

E3 2018 Floor Plans

Here are the official E3 2018 Floor Plans. I wish I was going to the big show but alas, I will be covering it via remote. I actually don’t mind...
06-05-2018 16:02

Clueless Gamer: “God Of War” With Bill Hader

An all-new, hilarious episode of “Clueless Gamer” has hit so check it out above! I find Conan so funny and whenever these hit, I always give the...
06-05-2018 16:02
06-05-2018 16:02

Disgaea 1 Complete Debut Trailer For Nintendo Switch

Well my friends, the title says it all… Here is the Disgaea 1 Complete Debut Trailer For Nintendo Switch. With the success of Disgaea 5 for Switc...
03-05-2018 16:01
03-05-2018 16:01

Official Runner3 Trailer

Here is the Official Runner3 Trailer for your viewing pleasure. The company was nice enough to list a number of features for the game, so check them...
02-05-2018 16:01

New Trailer For Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Pack Arrives

Nintendo has uploaded an all new trailer featuring the Octo expansion pack for Splatoon 2. We still do not have a set date for when the expansion wi...
01-05-2018 16:02

Nintendo Reveals E3 3018 Plans

Nintendo’s E3 2018 is starting to take shape. The big show, which will be held in June, will feature a plethora of upcoming games and Nintendo is s...
28-04-2018 16:01

79 Million PS4 Systems Have Been Sold

This generations winner, PS4, has now sold over 79 million units. This news described hardware units sold through March 2018. The Sony PS4 has a gara...
28-04-2018 16:01

#boogiedown CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED For Fortnite

Fornite has announced the winners for its #boogiedown contest. The video, which can be seen above, showcases the top 5 winners as well as some “ho...
25-04-2018 16:02

Wolfenstein II Switch Announce Trailer…Headed to Syste

An all new trailer for Wolfenstein II on Nintendo Switch has dropped so check it out above. Bethesda has also revealed that the game will head to th...
25-04-2018 16:02

Detroit Become Human Demo Featuring First Mission Hitting PS

One of the most exciting new IP’s for the PS4 is getting a demo tomorrow!! Detroit Become Human will be receiving a full demo that will allow playe...
24-04-2018 16:01

The Official DKC: Tropical Freeze Switch Site Has Opened

Fans of the Donkey Kong franchise take note; The Official DKC: Tropical Freeze Switch site has opened. The Wii U-title turned Switch game is headed t...
24-04-2018 16:01

Valve Acquires Campo Santo

Campo Santo has revealed that it has been recently acquired by Valve. The studio, which is known for developing the critically-acclaimed Firewatch, m...
23-04-2018 16:02

Xbox Games with Gold May 2018 Lineup Announced

If you’re an XBOX Live gamer get ready! Here is the XBOX games with gold lineup for May 2018. Play together with Xbox Live Gold. May’s 2018 Gam...
22-04-2018 16:01
22-04-2018 16:01

Is Pokemon For Nintendo Switch Releasing in November"

PixelPar, a well known “industry insider”, has Pokemon for Nintendo Switch could indeed release later this year. Although nothing is currently k...
20-04-2018 16:02
19-04-2018 16:01

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Only And Battle Royale

The upcoming Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4, is now rumored to be multiplayer only AND feature a Battle Royale mode!! Activision plans to reveal the...
19-04-2018 16:01

Image of The Day….DBrand Nintendo Switch Skin

Today’s image of the day features a SEXY, NEW skin for the Nintendo Switch by DBrand. The company looks like it will be launching these Switch ski...
19-04-2018 16:01

Yakuza 6 Review

Welcome dear readers to my review of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. This is the final installment in Sega’s long running Yakuza franchise which I hate...
17-04-2018 16:02


In case you missed my latest YouTube upload, give it a watch above!!! Nintendo has recently stated some interesting comments regarding their next co...
15-04-2018 16:01
15-04-2018 16:01

Fortnite – New Item: Port-a-Fort VIDEO!

It looks like an all new weapon is headed to ...
11-04-2018 16:01

Image(s) of The Day….Splatoon 2 Concept Art

Today’s “images” of the day feature newly released concept art for Splatoon 2 for Switch. I always love concept art for video games and I hop...
11-04-2018 16:01

All New Battle Royale Game Radical Heights Incoming

An all new Battle Royale game is incoming from the developers behind Lawbreakers. We?re currently perusing the internet for more information on Radic...
10-04-2018 16:02

Direct-Feed Footage Of Wolfenstein II On Nintendo Switch

Here is some direct-feed footage of Wolfenstein II for Nintendo Switch. The good guys ...
07-04-2018 16:02
07-04-2018 16:02
07-04-2018 16:02

Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy Trailer

Spyro the Dragon is making his comeback and here is the first trailer! Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy will release on XBOX One and PS4 later thi...
06-04-2018 16:01
06-04-2018 16:01

Nintendo Switch Outsells Every Other Platform in Japan (Last

The latest Japanese Hardware Sales (followed by last week?s sales) have been revealed the Switch sits firmly on top of the charts. Nintendo’s runa...
05-04-2018 16:02


Here is a sweet FORTNITE – VENDING MACHINE REVEAL TRAILER for your viewing pleasure. I love me some Fortnite (yes, the “fortnite” bug has bit ...
05-04-2018 16:02
03-04-2018 16:01
31-03-2018 16:01

ARMS Available On Nintendo Switch eShop For $39.99 With MyNi

If you have yet to pick up ARMS for Nintendo Switch, now might be the time. The title is currently on sale via MyNintendo. If this sounds like someth...
31-03-2018 16:01


King?s Row Uprising has returned! From April 10 through April 30, experience a pivotal moment from Overwatch?s history. Journey seven years into the...
31-03-2018 16:01

PS Plus Lineup For April Revealed

The PS Plus lineup for April, 2018 has been revealed. You can find the full lineup for next month here: Mad Max (PS4) Trackmania Turbo (PS4) In Space...
29-03-2018 16:01

Fortnite With Splatoon-Like Controls"! A MATCH MADE IN

So, lately I have been playing a lot of Fortnite as well as Splatoon 2 so I thought to myself; why not combine the two games for a match made in heav...
28-03-2018 16:02


It looks like Injustice 2 is getting a legendary edition! Injustice 2: Legendary Edition is now available and includes the complete Injustice 2 rost...
28-03-2018 16:02
27-03-2018 16:01

Kirby Star Allies: Accolades Trailer – Nintendo Switch

See what the critics are saying about Kirby Star Allies for the Nintendo Switch! Take a look a the all new accolades trailer above and let us know i...
25-03-2018 16:01


It’s hard to deny the sheer number of exclusives that the PS4 has coming to the system this year. From god of war to Dreams, the system is becomin...
25-03-2018 16:01

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Freeware Pick: PUSH (Patacorow)

Freeware Pick: PUSH (Patacorow)

In Patacorow\'s Ludum Dare 28 entry PUSH, you play as an explorer who has to retrieve a golden idol from a cave full of boulders. Compared to the rest of his spelunking peers, our hero is rather weak and can only push one object per level. Making... -
Here’s The Official Trailer For The Ultimate Edition Of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Here’s The Official Trailer For The Ult...

To celebrate the recent announcement of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Ultimate Edition, WayForward has unveiled a new trailer that highlights some of the updated features included in the upcoming release. You can check them out in the video below.... -
WoW/WoD [6.2] 2k-20k/hr AQ 10 man (RNG) run

WoW/WoD [6.2] 2k-20k/hr AQ 10 man (RNG) run

Hey guys gold gold bring another gold making guide.Unlike most guides this will be going transmog so if your realm doesn\'t have much sales in the transmog market, then i suggest you dont use this guide as it will render useless on your... -
PSNStuff v3.04.01, PSNStuff+ PSN Database & Custom PeXploit v0.3.11

PSNStuff v3.04.01, PSNStuff+ PSN Database & C...

Following up on their [url= -
Wii YouTube Support Will Cease On June 30th

Wii YouTube Support Will Cease On June 30th

Those of you who have booted up your Wii console recently and have ventured over to the YouTube application will have noticed that there’s a message once you boot it stating that“This device will no longer be compatible with the YouTube... -
Watch Oxeye make Cobalt in REAL-TIME

Watch Oxeye make Cobalt in REAL-TIME

Hello! You might have heard about Cobalt – a game about rolling around and shooting fools in slow-mo. It’s being developed by Oxeye Game Studio and published by Mojang. You can buy into the PC/Mac Alpha hereor wait for the console... -
Rockstar Giving Away Custom Themed L.A. Noire Nintendo Switch Console

Rockstar Giving Away Custom Themed L.A. Noire...

Rockstar Games have stated on Twitter that they are planning to give away a custom themed L.A Noire Nintendo Switch console as well as a custom themed Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PC. You can enter in for an Xbox One X right now. All the... -
GDC 2015: Color Guardians Hands-On Preview – Colortastic

GDC 2015: Color Guardians Hands-On Preview &#...

Costa Rican developer Fair Play Labs’s Color Guardians is a fast paced, 2.5D side scroller set in a world that has had its colors taken from it. It’s up to you to guide the characters through each level to restore those beautiful... -
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Update Details Two New Enemy Types

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Update Deta...

In a new update on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night‘s Kickstarter page, producerKoji Igarashi has introduced two new foes that we’ll be fighting in the upcoming title – a harpy and a “beast-type” demon. You can check out concept art... -
TVGB Weekend Digest / Preparing for E3

TVGB Weekend Digest / Preparing for E3

The time has come again to find out the future of videogames with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) coming up in a few days. To cover the massive stream of news coming from the conference, we are setting up a liveblog, so you can get the... -

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