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The Bounty(Taken from the indiegogo page: LINK BELOW)Hello!      Let me tell you a little about myself, and this project. I\'m Dave Vogt; I run Ga...
27-02-2019 16:04

Beyond The Controller - Retro Gamer Girls

Welcome back cats and kittens! I thought about trying this a long time ago and am now going through with it. Beyond the Controller is going to be a se...
27-02-2019 16:04

Beyond The Controller - Dylan C, Founder of Questicle

Welcome to the long awaited second installment of "Beyond The Controller". Thanks a ton for the support given to the interview with the Retro Gamer Gi...
27-02-2019 16:04

SIDE-QUEST - The Misadventures of Flink

(Flink, 1994, Psynosis)Welcome to Bizarro Land ladies and germs! Today we take a giant outside the normal love-in for The Big N and go as far in the o...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest - Castlevania

(Castlevania, Konami, May 1987)Leading up to May of 1987, the Nintendo Entertainment System had experienced a rash of games that were either grey squa...
27-02-2019 16:04
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest #30 - Ninja Kid

(Ninja Kid, October 1986, Bandai)Sometimes seeing the world in only 8 bits can send you into non-sensical bouts of insanity and cause you to stomp on ...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest #34 - Commando

(Commando, November 1986, Capcom)As a whole, the medium of video games can be responsible for one thing even if many of us are unaware of it and that ...
27-02-2019 16:04

Beyond The Controller - She Devil of Ladies 2 Die 4

Welcome to the third installment of "Beyond The Controller". Thanks to Retrogamergirls and Dylan of Questicle for braving the storm so far. Today, I s...
27-02-2019 16:04

SNESquest - Actraiser

(Actraiser, 1990, Enix)(My pick for Review A Great Game Day awhile back. Special thanks to Eric Bailey for helping me with the confidence to do it aga...
27-02-2019 16:04

What Does Being A Gamer Mean To Me"

What does being a gamer mean to me" Like any other passion in life, it is a bizarre amalgamation of the best of times and the worst of times. Sounds ...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest #32 - 1942

(1942, November 1986, Capcom)Ever played the classic arcade titles Pirate Ship Higemaru, Sonson, or Vulgus" Ever even fuckin\' heard of them" God kno...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest #35 - Karate Champ

(Karate Champ, November 1986, Data East)The fighting game genre didn\'t explode until around 1991, when the first of a gazillion incarnations of Stree...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest - Elevator Action

?(Elevator Action, Taito, August 1987)BACK. FOR. GOOD.Have you ever heard whispers of a legendary game out there that you\'ve never played" One day, t...
27-02-2019 16:04

SIDE-QUEST - Vampire Killer

(Vampire Killer, October 1986, Konami)Metroidvania is a well-known portmanteau celebrating the awesomeness of the non-linear side-scroller popularized...
27-02-2019 16:04

Quester vs Zombies Ate My Neighbors

(Zombies Ate My Neighbors, September 1994, LucasArts)Halloween used to be my favorite holiday, then it got too mainstream. Now my favorite holiday is ...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest #31 - M.U.S.C.L.E.

(M.U.S.C.L.E., October 1986, Bandai)So far, as it pertains to the first wave of third party offerings, Bandai has shocked me twice. Once with the aver...
27-02-2019 16:04


       IS NOW PART OF       .........any questions"...
27-02-2019 16:04

NPC - A.C.Sativa - Chiller/Baby Boomer & BONUS!

It\'s time for the review that\'s always packin\' heat (Down where" Down HERE!), the Unlicensed NES Zapper Games!I\'d NEED drugs to witness this scen...
27-02-2019 16:04

Side-Quest - Abobo's Big Adventure

(Abobo\'s Big Adventure, January 2012, I-Mockery/PestoForce/Pox Box)What better way to spend a lazy afternoon is there than with a labor of love craft...
27-02-2019 16:04


BY REQUEST!!! Something I threw on Facebook awhile back people seemed to like so HERE GOES!!!NESquester\'s ZERO-BULLSHIT Walkthrough of King\'s Quest ...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest #29 - Chubby Cherub

(Chubby Cherub, October 1986, Bandai)Hell yeah! Time to strap in and review Kid Icarus, a great little game featuring an adorable little angel who str...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest #33 - Ghosts 'N Goblins

(Ghosts \'N Goblins, November 1986, Capcom)I consider myself a firm believer that once a year, a crack team of sadistic programmers converge into one ...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest #36 - Gradius

(Gradius, December 1986, Konami)HELL TO THE FUCK YEAH! A genre I\'ve been anxiously awaiting to reach like a kid on Christmas morning, the space shoot...
27-02-2019 16:04

NESquest - Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!

(Mike Tyson\'s Punch-Out!!, Nintendo, October 1987)(An unpublished work for Retrocade that was finished awhile back as a \'fan appreciation\' review b...
27-02-2019 16:04

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