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Videogames News

New on PlayStation Gear: Overwatch collectibles, crash bandi

This week on PlayStation Gear, build your squad with new Overwatch collectibles, kit out your home for less with discounts on Crash Bandicoot and Call...
23-05-2018 16:02

Destiny 2 Patch 1.19 should solve PS4 and PS4 Pro frame rate

The latest Destiny 2 hotfix should remove those pesky frame rate stutters on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, Bungie has revealed. Patch 1.19 is out now on ...
22-05-2018 16:02

Could God of War be the new Last of Us"

For those gamers not particularly bothered about another cowboy Grand Theft Auto, there?s only one upcoming release waggling their proverbial joystick...
21-05-2018 16:03

GTA Online dares you to open that trap door with new Battle

Rockstar has revealed the latest Grand Theft Auto Online update will bring with it yet another new Adversarial Mode in ‘Trap Door’, the “latest ...
21-05-2018 16:03

Sony dates and details this year’s PlayStation E3 show

Sony has dated and detailed this year’s PlayStation E3 showcase, which begins on Monday, June 11th. More specifically, as outlined in Sony’s annou...
19-05-2018 16:03

Warmind’s story is pretty good, for Destiny lore nerds

Warmind, Destiny 2’s second and latest expansion, offers a short but sweet helping of new story which will last you around three hours. The campaign...
18-05-2018 16:03

Square Enix announces date for its E3 digital showcase

Square Enix will be hosting a pre-recorded video showcase of upcoming games at this year’s E3, on Monday June 11th. The event, which promises to rev...
17-05-2018 16:02
16-05-2018 16:03

Killing Floor: Incursion Review

It?s been just over ten years since the first retail instalment of Killing Floor made its debut, and over this duration, it?s received fairly positive...
15-05-2018 16:03

There’s a rumour that Walmart Canada may have leaked a

As is always the case with retailer listings, we urge caution before fully committing to this supposed leak, but if this turns out to be accurate, the...
14-05-2018 16:03

What console has the best RPGs"

I?m still making my way through Persona 5 for the PS4, but it?s one of the best JRPGs I?ve ever played (Nier:Automata was no slouch either). The Last ...
14-05-2018 16:03

Bandai Namco details Dark Souls Remastered network tests

Bandai Namco has detailed its previously announced Dark Souls Remastered network tests, which are now scheduled to run from May 11th to May 12th on Xb...
12-05-2018 16:02

Sandbox says The Last of Us: Part II has a lot to prove at E

I love The Last of Us and I can?t wait to see its successor on stage at E3 2018 next month. Long-haired director Neil Druckmann confirmed at PlayStati...
11-05-2018 16:02

Destiny 2’s new raid activity launches this week

Bungie will open the doors to Destiny 2’s next raid activity the same week as its upcoming DLC, Warmind. This hasn’t always been the case – some...
10-05-2018 16:02

Sony PSP to have 5G"

Sony just made an interesting and potentially very revealing comment which suggests that the company is planning to release a new portable PlayStation...
09-05-2018 16:03

4 big PlayStation releases you should look out for this week

This week, frantic multiplayer tank-battlerBattlezonewelcomes new pilots with the Gold Edition, allowing players with or without a PS VR headset to ...
08-05-2018 16:03

Far Cry 5 Now has a Shovel Gun

Far Cry 5 has been out for just over a month now, and while there still hasn?t been any word on when its story-based DLC will arrive, the game has bee...
07-05-2018 16:01

12 PS2 Classics set to hit PS Now This Month

To enjoy the rich range of PlayStation?s varied catalogue ? both present and past ? at the touch of a button, look no further than PS Now. The streami...
07-05-2018 16:01

PUBG PS4 Release date update

H1Z1 is coming to PS4 soon. If you’re keen to get your PUBG fix on Sony’s console, this is the closest you’re going to get in the meantime. The ...
05-05-2018 16:01

Detroit: Become Human has gone gold, game demo out tomorrow

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce today, that after four years of passionate crafting, Detroit: Become Human has officially gone gold! Du...
04-05-2018 16:02

Destiny 2’s road to recovery includes a horde mode

Next month Destiny 2 gets a big new update to coincide with the beginning of the game’s third season, as well as the launch of expansion Warmind. La...
03-05-2018 16:01

Fans think Fortnite’s meteor is the work of aliens

Update 24/04/2018, 11pm:As if UFOs popping up all over the place yesterday wasn’t enough to convince everyone that an earth-rending conclusion to F...
02-05-2018 16:01

Why its time for a PS4 Demon’s Souls remake

Developed exclusively for PlayStation 3, Demon’s Souls is arguably the most overlooked game in the Souls series. It was a revelation in 2009 and als...
01-05-2018 16:02

Spider Man PS4 gets the cool Iron Spider suit from Avengers:

The Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War is in the upcoming Spider-Man video game – but you have to pre-order to get it at launch. The pre-o...
30-04-2018 16:03

Turn your controller into a paintbrush in CoolPaintVR coming

How the painting application works Use your PS Move controller like a brush, selecting from a variety of tools to express your creativity: brushes, tu...
30-04-2018 16:03

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 to release without single player be

There are currently a lot of rumours doing the rounds that state Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will ship without a single-player campaign. Originally repo...
28-04-2018 16:01

Sonic Mania Patch Springs up Early on PS4

A sizeable update for Sonic Mania was released on PlayStation 4 in the UK last night, much to the surprise of fans. It seems that SEGA accidentally la...
27-04-2018 16:01

Defending Far Cry 5’s Story

I felt Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was messy, with a fluctuating tone and some off-putting characters. But I was won over by its sincere...
26-04-2018 16:01

Battlezone will be playable without PS VR come May 1st

More than 2 million units sold and loads of ace games on it ? what a superb 18 months PlayStation VR has enjoyed. We were delighted to be right there ...
25-04-2018 16:02

God of War Director answered all the burning questions

Sony’s new God of War is finally out now on PlayStation 4. Early reviews came online last week–and critics across the board seemed to love the gam...
24-04-2018 16:01

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 doesn’t have single player ca

Overnight, Polygon reported Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 does not have a single-player campaign. Eurogamer sources have corroborated this story. Polygon ...
23-04-2018 16:02

Upcoming PS4 Exclusives currently unavailable for pre-order

Upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives God of War, Detroit and Spider-Man are currently unavailable to pre-order from Amazon. A glance at the product pages...
23-04-2018 16:02

New fortnite skins and Spiderman reveal

Epic Games have been busy putting together a new list of cosmetics for fans to download. While many of the new Fortnite skins revealed this week can o...
21-04-2018 16:02

Some of GTAIV’s Music licenses are expiring this month

On 26th April 2018 a bunch of the licensing agreements for music featured in Grand Theft Auto IV will expire. The game was initially released worldwid...
20-04-2018 16:02

Extinction Review

There?s no game better than Shadow of the Colossus when it comes to the sheer scale of enemies. As hero Wander perilously tries to find some way to cl...
19-04-2018 16:01

New Call of Duty: WW2 update brings unlimited sprint and ove

Sledgehammer Games has released a big new update for Call of Duty: WW2 that makes sweeping changes to the game. The update, released on 10th April to ...
18-04-2018 16:02

God of War’s first impressions

I managed to get my hands on my very own copy of God of War yesterday, later than those with true review copies that have now made the game one of the...
17-04-2018 16:02

Destiny 2 DLC release fate update, Fallen Warming Bungie upd

Destiny 2’s second set of DLC is an important one for developer Bungie: it needs to win back a lot of players if it is to revive the community that ...
16-04-2018 16:02

PS4 Flash Sale on PSN Games in the US

As Sony likes to do every month or so, it has just unveiled a new Flash Sale on the PlayStation Store. Between now and April 16, you can get a good nu...
16-04-2018 16:02

PlayStation Now Games added for April

It?s the start of a new month, and, with that, Sony?s cloud-basedPlayStation Nowservice for PlayStation 4 andPChas got a number of new games being...
14-04-2018 16:02

Doom’s 4K patch on PS4 Pro

Last week, Bethesda and id software released a brand new ‘4K resolution’ patch for the brilliant Doom 2016 reboot, promising improved image qualit...
13-04-2018 16:02

Dark Souls Remastered, how much better is it"

Of all the remasters coming out this generation, Dark Souls might be the most hotly anticipated. It’s a chance to revisit one of the most beloved of...
12-04-2018 16:01

Spider-Man too launch in September

Spider-Man will launch as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on 7th September. PlayStation announced the release date this afternoon and simultaneously detaile...
11-04-2018 16:01

PlayStation VR is starting to get a little stale

The Vita might not have been ones of PlayStation’s biggest successes, but it’s certainly one of its more cherished pieces of hardware; its intenti...
10-04-2018 16:02

Best PS4 Games as of Q1 2018

The Best Around It feels just like yesterday, but PS4 launched over four years ago, and a ton of games have come out in that time. As such, it can b...
09-04-2018 16:02

Outlast 2 on Switch compared with PlayStation 4

We’ve had a lot of requests to look at Outlast 2 on Switch, principally because – on the surface, at least – it’s a remarkable facsimile of th...
09-04-2018 16:02

Dragon Quest 11 to launch in September

Originally launched in Japan last summer, Square Enix role-player Dragon Quest 11 will finally arrive in Europe and North America on 4th September. We...
07-04-2018 16:02

Call of Duty WW2 Making additions of dogfighting, Egypt and

Egypt, Dunkirk, a secret Nazi rocket base and aerial dogfighting – these are the highlights of The War Machine, Call of Duty’s upcoming second DLC...
06-04-2018 16:01

A Way Out Review

In keeping withA Way Out’stheme of co-operation, this review has been written by Senior Staff Writer Stephen Tailby and Reviewer Alex Stinton, and...
05-04-2018 16:02

Ace Combat PlayStation 4 Collection may be coming soon

Going by a recent job listing, Bandai Namco may have a remastered collection of Ace Combat games in development. The Japanese listing — as translate...
04-04-2018 16:01

Become Human PS4 pro enhancements includes 4k support

PlayStation 4 exclusive,Detroit: Become Human, is finally releasing this May. The narrative heavy, action-adventure game is poised to be developerQu...
03-04-2018 16:01

Best PS4 and PS4 Pro deals right now

Update 26/03/2018:As Easter approaches, the timely sales have begun in earnest across the world. This means savings on all things gaming, tech and el...
02-04-2018 16:02

You might want to upgrade to a PS4 Pro for God of War

No 4K" Noproblem.Butyoumightwant to upgrade your PlayStation. The upcomingGod of War,perhapsthe most anticipated PS4 game this spring, if not ...
02-04-2018 16:02

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Review

At this point the PlayStation 4 is home to many quality role-playing games. From the serious tones of The Witcher 3 and the violence of Bloodborne to ...
31-03-2018 16:01

Onrush isn’t quite what you were expecting

A press event was recently held for Onrush, and impressions and videos are beginning to boost online. What’s clear from all of them, including the a...
30-03-2018 16:02

Lego The Incredibles coming to PlayStation 4

Now, new Lego toy packaging has seen the game confirmed – for PlayStation 4. Lego Junior The Incredibles 2 toys sets include an advert for the unann...
29-03-2018 16:01

God of War PS4 Photo Mode is confirmed

The new God of War PS4 game coming this April looks superb. Arguably one of the best looking PS4 games to date. Recently we had the chance to sit down...
28-03-2018 16:02

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is real but unfort

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered is in the works – and it doesn’t have multiplayer. CharlieIntelsources indicated Modern Warfare 2 Remas...
27-03-2018 16:01

GTA 5 Online Latest Update adds new vehicles

Rockstar has at last announced their newest GTA Online event which will be thefirst in a series of massive racing updates for the game on PS4,Xbox O...
26-03-2018 16:02

God of War is PS4’s next big tech showcase

A studio with a remarkable heritage for technical excellence, Sony Santa Monica is closing in on completion of its latest God of War and this past wee...
26-03-2018 16:02

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Freeware Pick: PUSH (Patacorow)

Freeware Pick: PUSH (Patacorow)

In Patacorow\'s Ludum Dare 28 entry PUSH, you play as an explorer who has to retrieve a golden idol from a cave full of boulders. Compared to the rest of his spelunking peers, our hero is rather weak and can only push one object per level. Making... -
Here’s The Official Trailer For The Ultimate Edition Of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Here’s The Official Trailer For The Ult...

To celebrate the recent announcement of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Ultimate Edition, WayForward has unveiled a new trailer that highlights some of the updated features included in the upcoming release. You can check them out in the video below.... -
WoW/WoD [6.2] 2k-20k/hr AQ 10 man (RNG) run

WoW/WoD [6.2] 2k-20k/hr AQ 10 man (RNG) run

Hey guys gold gold bring another gold making guide.Unlike most guides this will be going transmog so if your realm doesn\'t have much sales in the transmog market, then i suggest you dont use this guide as it will render useless on your... -
PSNStuff v3.04.01, PSNStuff+ PSN Database & Custom PeXploit v0.3.11

PSNStuff v3.04.01, PSNStuff+ PSN Database & C...

Following up on their [url= -
Wii YouTube Support Will Cease On June 30th

Wii YouTube Support Will Cease On June 30th

Those of you who have booted up your Wii console recently and have ventured over to the YouTube application will have noticed that there’s a message once you boot it stating that“This device will no longer be compatible with the YouTube... -
Watch Oxeye make Cobalt in REAL-TIME

Watch Oxeye make Cobalt in REAL-TIME

Hello! You might have heard about Cobalt – a game about rolling around and shooting fools in slow-mo. It’s being developed by Oxeye Game Studio and published by Mojang. You can buy into the PC/Mac Alpha hereor wait for the console... -
Rockstar Giving Away Custom Themed L.A. Noire Nintendo Switch Console

Rockstar Giving Away Custom Themed L.A. Noire...

Rockstar Games have stated on Twitter that they are planning to give away a custom themed L.A Noire Nintendo Switch console as well as a custom themed Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PC. You can enter in for an Xbox One X right now. All the... -
GDC 2015: Color Guardians Hands-On Preview – Colortastic

GDC 2015: Color Guardians Hands-On Preview &#...

Costa Rican developer Fair Play Labs’s Color Guardians is a fast paced, 2.5D side scroller set in a world that has had its colors taken from it. It’s up to you to guide the characters through each level to restore those beautiful... -
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Update Details Two New Enemy Types

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Update Deta...

In a new update on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night‘s Kickstarter page, producerKoji Igarashi has introduced two new foes that we’ll be fighting in the upcoming title – a harpy and a “beast-type” demon. You can check out concept art... -
TVGB Weekend Digest / Preparing for E3

TVGB Weekend Digest / Preparing for E3

The time has come again to find out the future of videogames with the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) coming up in a few days. To cover the massive stream of news coming from the conference, we are setting up a liveblog, so you can get the... -

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