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Moribund - Post Apocalyptic Multiplayer Friend Killing Fun!

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Moribund - Post Apocalyptic Multiplayer Friend Killing Fun! Moribund - Post Apocalyptic Multiplayer Friend Killing Fun!

Moribund - Post Apocalyptic Multiplayer Friend Killing Fun!

After the apocalypse takes out most of the planet's population, you would think that people would find something else to do besides kill each other. But people aren't really all that bright, so it only makes sense that they'd grab stun and harpoon guns and start mowing each other down in four-player local multiplayer matches in Moribund.
To keep from getting bored as the world burns, you can join one of four factions, each with two characters representing it. To promote your ideology, you'll have to go around killing anyone who doesn't back your belief system. Or maybe if they do, if you choose free-for-all instead of team mode. No hard feelings to your partner, though. They can enjoy the view across the game's sixty stages as the life winks out of their eyes, though.

Eliminating the last of the life on this planet IS entertaining, though, as you have a gun with two firing modes: stun and harpoon. Stun freezes the struck player in place, leaving them dazed, at which point you use your harpoon to leave them as a messy smear. Trouble is, three other people want to do the same thing to each other, which results in a lot of stunned people and harpoons flying everywhere. And all the while, stage mechanics are making things harder, people are taunting each other, and ragdoll effects are keeping things goofy.
Maybe getting rid of the rest of humanity isn't such a bad idea. Sounds at least a little fun, really.

Moribund is available for $9.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Traptics, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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Moribund - Post Apocalyptic Multiplayer Friend Killing Fun! Moribund - Post Apocalyptic Multiplayer Friend Killing Fun!


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Source of publication: 20-03-2017 16:00
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