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Hitman Year One Stats: Over 70 Million Challenges Completed, Fixer Was the Toughest Elusive Target

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Hitman Year One Stats: Over 70 Million Challenges Completed, Fixer Was the Toughest Elusive Target Hitman Year One Stats: Over 70 Million Challenges Completed, Fixer Was the Toughest Elusive Target

Hitman Year One Stats: Over 70 Million Challenges Completed, Fixer Was the Toughest Elusive Target

IO Interactive’s Hitman celebrated its first anniversary last week, and to mark the occasion, the studio just released an infographic containing various player statistics.
We’ve learned that over 70 million challenges have been completed to date and two percent of players managed to kill Ken Morgan with a coconut! Of all the Elusive Targets released thus far, The Blackmailer was the most pursued one but The Fixer was the toughest with a success rate of only 23 percent. Additionally, players have created over 250,000 contracts thus far, the majority of which were located in Sapienza.
IO also revealed some interesting facts about the game itself. We’re told that “the AI dialogue alone in Hitman contains more words than The Lord of the Rings Trilogy of books!” In the same blog post that revealed these stats, IO outlined some new changes to the Contracts mode for those who haven’t tried them out in a while. The studio wrote:
There is a search and share system plus there are now tags so you can quickly select the type of contract you want to play – so if you love Sapienza and sniper rifles, then you can quickly find a Contract to your liking and with over 250,000 Contracts available to play today that?s a good thing. 
You can get further details and some more interesting stats via the source link below.
[Source: Hitman]
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Hitman Year One Stats: Over 70 Million Challenges Completed, Fixer Was the Toughest Elusive Target Hitman Year One Stats: Over 70 Million Challenges Completed, Fixer Was the Toughest Elusive Target


Source of news: PlayStation LifeStyle
Source of publication: 20-03-2017 16:00
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