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news-games - Videogames

news-games - Videogames

Visual Out Is A Metroidvania Adventure Through A Dying, Glit

In recently released metroidvania Visual Out, an adventure awaits within the files and code of an rotting mainframe. As a rogue program, you descend ...
21-03-2018 16:00

How SYNTHETIK Makes Meaningful Changes To The Roguelite Shoo

SYNTHETIK is a roguelite arcade shooter with randomized levels and fast-paced gameplay. These kinds of games feel awfully familiar by now. And yet, t ...
20-03-2018 16:00

Armed To The Gears Combines Tower Defense Strategy With Mech

From Brigador to Tesla vs Lovecraft, rumbling through levels within the heavy armor of a mech never ceases to be satisfying. Maybe it\'s the sense of ...
20-03-2018 16:00

Neo Impossible Bosses Aims To Capture The Feel Of Challengin

Neo Impossible Bosses pits players against colossal, punishing bosses in matches that might feel a little bit like those MMOs often toss players int ...
20-03-2018 16:00

Football Game Promises An Unsettling Night For A Local High

Football Game is an adventure game about a strange, discomforting night for Tommy, a high school football star who finds himself at the center of so ...
18-03-2018 16:00

The Way Of Life Shines Light On Each Stage Of Life

The Way Of Life highlights moments from childhood, adulthood, and old age, examining moments of existence from perspectives of characters at each of ...
18-03-2018 16:00

Hey, Friendo. Paratopic Is An Eerie Fever Dream Worth Having

There is an air of wrongness to Paratopic, a feeling that reality is just a thin layer and there\'s something underneath, wriggling, trying to break ...
17-03-2018 16:00

The Long Reach Lets You Walk Among Your Dreams And Nightmare

Science does a lot of good for humanity. Unfortunately, sometimes experiments can have some hiccups, like, say, having nightmares manifest themselve ...
17-03-2018 16:00

Ghost Of A Tale Serves Up A Big, Stealthy Adventure To A Tin

In Ghost Of A Tale, you\'ll be in control of Tilo, a mouse minstrel, on a quest to find their true love, Merra. As such a tiny rodent, your defences ...
16-03-2018 16:00

Take A Serene Black & White Flight With Bird Game

Bird Game offers a calming flight through pretty black and white woods, having players swoop among the insects and flowers along their way. Not th ...
16-03-2018 16:00

Pipe Push Paradise Turns Plumbing Into A Challenging Puzzle

As Mario might attest, it\'s not easy being a video game plumber. But at least he only has to jump over pipes. In Pipe Push Paradise, you need to...p ...
15-03-2018 16:00

Science Fiction Meets High Fantasy In Azure Saga: Pathfinder

Spacefaring scientist Synch crash lands on an unknown planet with his robot companion Noide. Things are taking an interesting turn when they are draw ...
15-03-2018 16:00


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News most viewed Today

New Super Mario Bros. U + Luigi U Wii U Bundle Apparently Coming November 8th

New Super Mario Bros. U + Luigi U Wii U Bundl...

reporting that French store Carrefour will be stocking the New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U Wii U hardware and software bundle on November 8th. The bundle with New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U is set to retail for ?279. The... -
Fairly Private Spot to Kill Huolon" (Timeless Isle -- sigh)

Fairly Private Spot to Kill Huolon" (Tim...

Well, I had a horrible time tonight trying to kill Huolon solo with a 510ish Shadowpriest.But there was useful stuff learned.When Huolon spawn on my server tonight, he bugged out and became caught in terrain between the small round mountains where... -
Here Are the Trophies for Farpoint

Here Are the Trophies for Farpoint

There?s less than a week until the launch of Farpoint, the latest game for the PlayStation VR, and the game?s roster of Trophies have already been published over at Exophase. Here?s the overview of the game: Farpoint is a riveting VR space... -
Bubble Shooter Review

Bubble Shooter Review

Whenever we discover a new bubble game that lives up to our standards, we go ahead and include it in our website. Our latest addition is called Bubble Blobs, a fairly colorful game with well over 50 levels which can be played on the map. The... -
Terminator Genisys: Future War

Terminator Genisys: Future War

Terminator Genisys: Future War is a free-to-play mobile strategy game where the human Resistance is locked in a never-ending war with the machine army. Genisys is destroyed and Skynet is offline, but the future war is far from over. Terminator... -
Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.43 Out Now, Read the Patch Notes

Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.43 Out Now, Read ...

Grand Theft Auto V update 1.43 is now available to download. The major update adds 10 races to GTA Online, five new vehicles, and major changes to the Creator. Check out the full Grand Theft Auto V update 1.43 patch notes below: Southern San... -
Super easy [Brood of Alysrazor] !!!

Super easy [Brood of Alysrazor] !!!

Hello people, here is how to get [Brood of Alysrazor] in 5 mins before the fix:Stay near quest giver/logouttalk with the npc "ready to fly!"fall down (just dont do anything)cancel the logout (when you are on the ground)repeat everything Now every... -
Mobile Game Roundup: Combo Quest 2, MOBA Legends and More

Mobile Game Roundup: Combo Quest 2, MOBA Lege...

Are you looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend" There are lots of new games available for you to try, including Farm Heroes Super Saga, the latest match-three puzzle game from King. The sequel to the original Farm Heroes Saga features... -
A Wii Retrospective Part 1:  Platformers

A Wii Retrospective Part 1: Platformers

There is a lot to be said about the original Nintendo Wii.  Being one of the most unexpected and unconventional success stories in gaming history, there is naturally quite a bit of controversy surrounding it.  Countless articles could be written... -
Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance, Adding Hotfix To Address Iron Banner Access

Destiny 2 Servers Down For Maintenance, Addin...

The Destiny 2 servers are down for scheduled maintenance this morning. The maintenance is scheduled to start at 7 AM Pacific and conclude at 12 PM Pacific. Starting at 7 AM Pacific, players will no longer be able to log in to Destiny 2. At 8 AM... -

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