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[Engineering] Out Of Map Glitch

We just found a new out of map glitch.Its a bit harder to recreate since it requires a bit of bad luck and nitro boosts on your belt.Go to the Halls o...
17-03-2017 16:00

Infinite instant respawn Black Dragonscale skinning.

First off you need a hunter most likely in order to do this farm.You may be able to bring a rogue or mage. (need combat reset. feign death mechanic)Th...
15-03-2017 16:00

Game Breaking Court of Stars Boat Skip Exploit

Friend of mine showed me a neat but very powerful trick to skipping the boat ride completely in Court of Stars. This exploit is useful for Mythic +, e...
09-03-2017 16:00

Possible Legendary exploit

Hey lads! So this will only be a theory post, but a possible very good one. So last week me and the guild have been trying out different ways to reset...
09-03-2017 16:00

Name Change from/on a Banned Account

Prerequisite:Must have 1 unbanned account on a accountLog into account (character selection screen on non-banned account obv)Bring up the n...
06-03-2017 16:00

Instant Artifact Knowledge 25

So I leveled my Mage to 110 over the last 3 days, and I noticed there was a repeatable quest for the Artifact Knowledge scrolls for 500 resources (Add...
04-03-2017 16:00

Order hall followers ilvl 900 ( PTR 7.2 )

When 7.2 comes out, all followers can go up to ilvl 900 and another XP lvl. To lvl up your follower you need 200.000xp.So heres the guide:I found out ...
02-03-2017 16:00

Huge pepe over head, super fun

Steps:Summon PepeSummon one pet from the list: Jade Tentacle, Lil\' Ragnaros, Creeping Tentacle, Hungering Claw (there might be more)Use Magic Pet Mir...
24-02-2017 16:00

Talon's vengeance from neutral to max exalted in less than a

Okay so after blizzard ****ed up everything for us late comers, getting talon\'s vengeance rep to exalted can take a very very long time now. Anyway, ...
20-02-2017 16:00

Low effort Blood of Sargeras farming

I\'ve been looking for easy ways to farm blood of sargeras with minimal effort in the forums, and I haven\'t found any. I\'ve been always the AH type ...
19-02-2017 16:00

Best Lovely Charm Farming Method (4320/h)

I\'m releasing my spot here and right now.You may say, there are others which are better. I honestly don\'t care, because during this event, it was al...
17-02-2017 16:00

How to get WoW tokens much cheaper.

Heres a short little guide on how you get your WoW tokens "cheaper" than usual. I know the tokens are exactly the same price on every server, but gold...
16-02-2017 16:00

Best AFK Farm Spot for Lovely Charms - Love is in the Air (1

Best with level l100 brew master monk.Heroic Mogu\'shan Palace - Bats after first boss (if you remember the old experience exploit back in MoP)Place y...
09-02-2017 16:00

Add Permanent Fire+Smoke to any Hunter pet

My friend\'s allowed me to post this now - there\'s already been threads on this subject, but not the specifics on WHAT causes the effect. Wasted a lo...
06-02-2017 16:00

Druide Healing boost.

 Healer spec and have Mark of Shifting.  Stag form at the entrance to the under belly. Go to the underbelly. Switch to tank spec. The limitations...
02-02-2017 16:00

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Super Mario Bros. The Movie Is Getting A Blu-Ray Release

Super Mario Bros. The Movie Is Getting A Blu-...

1993’s Super Mario Bros. The Movie is infamous for many reasons. However, it’s still a piece of Nintendo’s history and should be remembered. Luckily, the film is being re-released on Blu-Ray in February 2017. Preorders for a Limited Edition... -
Forbidden Castle: Mahjong Tale

Forbidden Castle: Mahjong Tale

The greatest mobile multiplayer Mahjong with exciting game modes. Beside classic gameplay Mahjong Tale implement unique features such as weather effects and special powers which affect the tiles on the board. All this in beautiful jaw-dropping... -
Destiny Beta Launches ‘The Iron Banner’ Event Today, Sony Sending Out Free Codes (Update)

Destiny Beta Launches ‘The Iron Banner&...

Update: Bungie has extended The Iron Banner event. It is scheduled go live again at 2pm PDT and 7pm PDT today, Sunday July 20. Original Story: Today, at 5pm EST, Guardians playing Destiny beta will be able to partake in ‘The Iron... -
Lyn And Ike Win The Fire Emblem Heroes Character Poll

Lyn And Ike Win The Fire Emblem Heroes Charac...

Just like a great battle in the games, the competition in the Fire Emblem Heroes character poll was fierce. Nintendo have now revealed the final character rankings. While Ike from Path of Radiance won the male rankings, it was Lyn from The Blazing... -
Naruto Jump

Naruto Jump

Jump from platform to platform, collect coins, dodge and defeat the enemies and play with different characters in this new game to jump based on the ninja world of Naruto.Naruto Jump l Version: 1.0 | Size: 23.33MB Developers: Alado... -
Yoshinori Ono: Capcom Discussing Possible Onimusha Revival

Yoshinori Ono: Capcom Discussing Possible Oni...

While doing the press rounds in anticipation of Street Fighter V, Capcom Producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed that the company is hosting talks “at high levels” regarding a possible Onimusha revival. Word comes by way of UK tabloid newspaper... -
Battlefield 4: DICE tease future update, invite player feedback

Battlefield 4: DICE tease future update, invi...

One day, DICE will emerge from their bunker, happy that Battlefield 4 is in an acceptable state. Today is not that day. In a post to their forum “control room”, DICE’s Tommy Rydling announced a new all platform update... -
The Board Game 'Tokaido' Is Coming to Mobile Soon

The Board Game 'Tokaido' Is Coming to Mobile ...

Tokaido, the very popular board game about traveling across Japan, is coming to mobile very soon, and from what I\'ve seen so far, it looks really nice. The game will be available for both smartphones and tablets and on both iOS and Android. The... -
Stop Begging Your Instagram Followers to Turn on Notifications

Stop Begging Your Instagram Followers to Turn...

Instagram is moving to an algorithm-filtered image feed, showing users the images most interesting to them?similar to Facebook’s Top Stories feature. Quick reaction was negative, from both users (who didn’t want Instagram and Facebook meddling... -

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