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Gods and Monsters Release Date Revealed by Ubisoft

Videogames News
Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: PlayStation LifeStyle - View all news from this site
Gods and Monsters Release Date Revealed by Ubisoft Gods and Monsters Release Date Revealed by Ubisoft

Gods and Monsters Release Date Revealed by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has unveiled a new action adventure game called Gods and Monsters. The game is being made by Ubisoft Quebec, the team behind 2018?s Assassin?s Creed Odyssey. It will be released on February 25, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC. (PC players will also be able to play it if they subscribe to Uplay+.) Gods and Monsters will take place in a wide open world and will allow players to use powerful abilities granted to them by the Gods of Olympus themselves to battle well known mythological creatures.
Have a look at the trailer for Gods and Monsters!

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Gods and Monsters Release Date Revealed by Ubisoft Gods and Monsters Release Date Revealed by Ubisoft


Source of news: PlayStation LifeStyle
Source of publication: 11-06-2019 16:02
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