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Now Loading…Your Thoughts on Games Having Issues With PS4 Pro

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Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: PlayStation LifeStyle - View all news from this site
Now Loading…Your Thoughts on Games Having Issues With PS4 Pro Now Loading…Your Thoughts on Games Having Issues With PS4 Pro

Now Loading…Your Thoughts on Games Having Issues With PS4 Pro

While the PS4 Pro makes existing games look a bit better compared to a vanilla PS4, it hasn’t been an easy transition as some might have hoped. Unfortunately, some PS4 games have seen to hit a snag when it comes to the Pro’s added horsepower.
Some games have lower frame-rate and visuals compared to its original version, while others run “slower” when played on Sony’s beefier rig. With that in mind, the PlayStation LifeStyle staff discuss what they think of PS4 Pro game issues that have cropped up in this latest edition of Now Loading.

Now Loading...Thoughts on Games Having Issues With PS4 Pro"

Zarmena Khan
I'm personally waiting until issues like these are ironed out since the main reason for buying a Pro is an upgraded experience, not a downgraded one. However, someone has to buy it for the issues to be reported, right" If you're an early adopter or in the market for a new console, consider it. But if you already have a standard console (despite owning a 4K TV) like me then you're probably going to avoid it. I'll wait for a more solid performance across titles.

Chandler Wood
One of my biggest fears for having a divided console generation was how the different architectures would impact development and the different bugs that could arrive on each. With needing to develop specifically so that it will work on the PS4 and still have increased quality on the Pro, there are bound to be issues that arise, whether it's the Pro version of the game or the standard one.   
In my opinion, most devs are going to prioritize optimizing for the larger install base, so this is why we see issues with the Pro mode on a few games. I'm sure things will get ironed out over time as developers learn effective ways to utilize and optimize for the architecture of the Pro, but until then, we might see some hiccups in the process. 

Heath Hindman

Not to make this all about me, but my interest in a PS4 Pro will only move off the 0 bar if two or three more years go by without a PS5 reveal. Disinterested as I am, I don't have many strong feelings about it. It's a generational stop-gap that I don't think will deliver upgrades worthy of the price. That said, it would completely suck for those who did buy it and expect great things to set it up and see nothing but disappointment. Games performing worse on it is definitely a clusterfuck.

Tyler Treese

It's completely unacceptable. I keep seeing people ...
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Now Loading…Your Thoughts on Games Having Issues With PS4 Pro Now Loading…Your Thoughts on Games Having Issues With PS4 Pro


Source of news: PlayStation LifeStyle
Source of publication: 29-11-2016 03:30
visto: 7

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