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Sonic Mania Plus Review – A Mighty Ray of Hope (PS4)

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Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fuente: PlayStation LifeStyle - View all news from this site
Sonic Mania Plus Review – A Mighty Ray of Hope (PS4) Sonic Mania Plus Review – A Mighty Ray of Hope (PS4)

Sonic Mania Plus Review – A Mighty Ray of Hope (PS4)

Sega?s blue hedgehog mascot has been busy lately, with a new racing game deep in development. But there?s always time for a new 2D adventure, where it all began for the blue blur. Sonic Mania released last year, and most everyone quite enjoyed the homage to Sonic?s older games. Fast-forward 11 months, and we have Sonic Mania Plus. Featuring stages both new and remixed, the return of two classic characters, plus local multiplayer options for up to four players, is this an improvement to an already solid entry" Time to find out in our Sonic Mania Plus review.
Refreshed Levels
Where to begin" Well, for starters, let’s go with the lengthy campaign. There are 13 zones to explore again, with two acts for all but the first ? 25 acts total. The zone names may be the same, such as the classic Angel Island and Green Hill Zones, and culminate with a final boss battle in Titanic Monarch Zone, but the individual acts have been remade in a new Encore mode, with special areas for this entry?s new characters. When visiting classic zones such as Hydro City, while classic sections remain intact, they are interspersed with new areas to uncover secrets from ? nothing is ever truly left alone, perhaps with the thinking that if you wanted to play the old stages exactly as they existed before, you could simply play an older Sonic game. Each zone has a transition cinematic of some sort, where the player and partner are controlled by the computer and make some sort of jump, leap, o...
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Sonic Mania Plus Review – A Mighty Ray of Hope (PS4) Sonic Mania Plus Review – A Mighty Ray of Hope (PS4)


Source of news: PlayStation LifeStyle
Source of publication: 10-07-2018 16:01
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Anthem ? Everything You Need to Know

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Snow Villiers Officially Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

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